Food Trends To Watch If You Dropship in 2020

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One of the challenges of dropshipping is that you need to stay abreast of any new trends and innovations. This especially applies to food products. One year, the “go-to” beverage for organic food lovers is matcha tea. The next, kombucha.  Knowing what the new trends are in organic foods puts you ahead of the competition. More customers will gravitate to your e-commerce website as they will begin to turn to you for the latest in new organic products and new food trends.

New Trends To Look Out For if You Sell Food Online

Products in high demand are good for business. In addition to working with a good supplier, it also helps to do a little sleuthing on your own. Wholefoods releases an annual list of food predictions for the upcoming year. Here’s an abbreviated version of the list to give you an idea of what the supermarket chain thinks will be the hot food items for 2020. Products listed below are items you can dropship on your e-commerce store. You can find all these items on the GreenDropShip website.

Regenerative Agriculture Food Products

Regenerative agriculture is a system used in farming in which practices such as biodiversity, enriched soil and improved watersheds are the objective. These practices have a positive effect on impacting climate change and the farming ecosystem. Crops and products produced by regenerative agriculture are certified via packaging. This is more of a brand-centric new trend so you can find regenerative agriculture certified products across the spectrum of food goods.

Brands like Annie’s and Alter Eco products have been regenerative agriculture certified for years. You can find a variety of Annie’s and Alter Eco products on the GreenDropShip website.

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Flour Reinvents Itself

While alternative flours have caught on, the demand for even a broader selection of flour products has not. Consumers have already started seeking out even more adventurous flour products for their cooking and baking needs. Now it’s all about “super flours” which offer more protein and fiber. What’s going to be hot in 2020?

  • Teff Flour
  • Tigernut Flour
  • Coconut Flour
  • Paleo Flour

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West African Foods

Another predicted hot item to dropship is West African foods as this cuisine is on the rise in popularity among U.S. consumers. Several foodie blogs and food magazines have been predicting West African food as the new ‘it’ cuisine for 2020. Superfoods and seasonings are expected to lead the market for West African products.

Here are West African foods to dropship in 2020:

  • Moringa Vegetable Powder
  • Ginger Juice
  • Millet

KULI KULI MO Pure Moringa Vegetable PowderGINGER PEOPLE Ginger SootherARROWHEAD MILLS Organic Whole Millet

Plant-Based, Beyond Soy

While soy has been a vegan staple for a while now, “no soy” is the next move for 2020. Soy has long dominated the plant-based protein market. But plant-based Beyond Soy products will serve as an alternative to soy. This will be especially evident in supplements. Instead of just soy-based vegan powders, some brands will feature mung bean, hempseed, and other varieties.

MANITOBA HARVEST Protein Powder Plant VanillaORGAIN Organic Unsweetened Protein Powder

Seed-based Butter

So many nuts have been made into butter.  There’s almond, cashew, and of course peanut. But in 2020 the organic butter industry aims to shake things up even more.  Seed-based butter is the new thing.  Expect to find a nice variety of these alternative butter items that will feature paleo and keto-friendly attributes.

NUTTZO Power Fuel Seed Butter SmoothNUTTZO Seed Peanut Butter Pro Smooth

Sugar Alternatives

You have sugar. And then you have sugar alternatives such as stevia, honey, and so many more to choose from. However, 2020 is going to bring in a new crop of sugar alternatives such as monk fruit, dates, and even sweet potato.  These flavors will serve as unique additions to dessert recipes, meat glazes, and marinades.

LAKANTO Sweetener Golden MonkfruitDVASH ORGANICS Nectar Sweet Potato Organic

The Best Food Wholesalers For Dropshipping?

Finding new trends can be work. This is why it’s imperative that you work with a good wholesaler who routinely introduces new products to their inventory. What that means for you is that you’ll have the opportunity to feature the best product to sell for dropshipping on your e-commerce store.


One of the largest natural food wholesalers and distributors in the country, KeHE offers a massive range of natural food products. They have locations all over the U.S., to service retailers in all states.


Another big natural food wholesaler and distributor, Unfi has over 60 distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Greendropship is a natural and organic food specialist with an inventory of over 20,000 products. The company uses both KeHE and Unfi as its distributors. Inventory is stored in GreenDropShip warehouses. Serving as the central supplier, we offer dropshipping services to our members who are online retailers.


Bangalla features a huge range of natural and healthy goods. The national wholesale distributor offers both retail and dropshipping services.

GreenDropShip carries over 20,000 products in our inventory. Get ready for 2020 and sign up for our catalog that features all of the trends above!