Hottest Natural Hair Care Trends Every Beauty Business Owner Should Follow

Hottest Natural Hair Care Trends Every Beauty Business Owner Should Follow


In this article, we will be discussing and learning about specific natural hair care trends that every beauty business owner should follow. Being aware of any and all exciting trends is super important because that vital information can always be used to your advantage. This article will also be providing some specific examples of natural hair care trends that are both impressive and popular.

Using Oils in Shampoos

One of the main items of the natural hair care trend is oils. Adding different types of oils to shampoos continues to be a growing popular trend! Hollywood Beauty’s Friedman has said that the oils that are on-trend right now are sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and grapeseed oil. As far as the products are concerned, the market is divided into shampoo, color, conditioner, styling products, and oil. Shampoo is used for the removal of environmental pollutants, dirt, dandruff, oils, skin particles, and to eradicate the unwanted build-up without flaking out much sebum so as to make the hair unmanageable.

In addition, increasing air pollution coupled with a high adoption rate of shampoo in daily use is attributed to the largest market share. Furthermore, rising consumer awareness on the benefits of organic and natural shampoo in developing countries such as Africa, China is estimated to propel the market growth. Organic hair care market products are produced using various natural ingredients including neem, eclipta prostrata, coconut oil, aloevera, gandhak, honey, extra virgin oil, vegetable glycerine and castor seed oil owing to their characteristics which nourishes the scalp with no side effects. Among these, neem, elipta prostrate and coconut oil are widely used in making shampoo and hair oil due to the cool mint essence and their outstanding properties removing dandruff & itching from the scalp.

Demands for Natural & Organic Products

There has been a steady increase in demand for natural and organic products for the consumers. The increase in awareness amongst the millennial generation for a healthy lifestyle has exalted their inclination for products without chemicals. Industry players have also started developing customized solutions in order to enhance the outcome of the solutions that are offered to the audience. Manufacturers of hair care products are focusing more on developing and launching new and innovative products to meet consumers’ demand. The focus on product premiumization and product line extension is increasing with consumers’ willingness to pay more for innovative products. Several players in the market are also coming out with products that offer daytime smoothing and overnight smoothing treatments. These products are free of sulfate, phthalate, and paraben and protect against frizz and humidity. Thus, with such innovative offerings, products are undergoing premiumization which is driving the growth of the overall market.

Rise of The Male Grooming Industry

Organic and natural hair products appeal to the male grooming industry because they are the main gender that use a lot of hair care solutions. The male grooming industry have definitely grown a lot over the past five years. This is because of hairline receding challenges, and early balding have accentuated the need for hair care procedures amongst the male community. In addition to the medical needs, the millennial men are exposed to professional requirements which necessitate hair care solutions. Owing to today’s lifestyle and environmental conditions; hair care has become a part of personal well-being across communities and markets. There has been a pivotal shift in male pampering culture during the last decade. Men’s toiletries used to consist of maybe three or four very simple things. But now, the bathroom cabinets of middle-class homes now brim with moisturizers, facial cleansers, eye serums, bronzers, concealers, anti-agers and even mud masks all designed specifically for men.

Men have begun to spend more cash on male-specific toiletries than on shaving products. Sales of skin care, in particular, boomed; and there is no going back now. More and more men are putting higher stock into looking good. It is about self-confidence as much as anything else, and the desire to feel more attractive, more successful, and, increasingly, more youthful.

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