Natural Products Expo West 2018: HeyDay Coffee

HeyDay Coffee

Between March 8-11, I was lucky enough to attend the biggest natural, organic product show in the world. Anaheim Convention Center was bustling with enthusiastic exhibitors, big crowds, and a lot of yummy samples. A record-breaking 85.000 people attended Natural Products Expo West 2018. 3,521 exhibiting companies joined the event, including more than 600 first-time exhibitors.

Hunting for Coffee 

For a coffee enthusiast like me, there is nothing better than sampling lots of different coffee products all day. Don`t take me wrong. I did not attend the show just for coffee. However, it is impossible for me to write about every category in such an enormous show with thousands of products. Hence, I tried to focus on natural coffee products and I had such a great time talking to coffee exhibitors and trying new products.

HeyDay Coffee: Millennial Energy

Kelly Driscoll, President and Founder of HeyDay Coffee, on the Left.
Kelly Driscoll, President&Founder of HeyDay Coffee, on the Left.


I was in Level 2 of the North Halls in my search of the show`s best Cold Brew coffee (At the end, I was unable to pick a favorite). As I was walking among the crowds, I heard uptempo electronic dance music. When I looked toward the direction of the sound, I saw high-energy young exhibitors in a particularly crowded booth.

Their booth had colorful and well-designed bottles that read “HeyDay Cold Brew Coffee”. I must be one of those people, who sometimes judge a book by its cover. I really wanted to taste what`s inside these nice looking cans.

Their sampling cups were little red plastic cups that you see in every American teenage party. It almost seemed like they were ready to play beer pong. It was not hard to conclude that they were trying to appeal to millennial consumers. I thought to myself, “I am an old soul but I am not going to miss a chance to taste a cold brew coffee that I had not tasted before”. I understood later that it was a wise decision.

From Her Kitchen to the Shelves

I had to wait about 2-3 mins for to be able to sample and taste their coffee. Their booth was particularly busy. When I could finally make it to the booth, three nice ladies welcomed me with high energy and smiles.

I was happy that they offered me samples. I chose the original cold brew with no sugar. It had a super smooth taste that was so easy to drink! As I was impressed by the taste, I wanted to ask a few questions to learn more about the brand and its background. I had a chance to speak briefly with the founder, Kelly Driscoll.

Here is some interesting fact I found out about HeyDay with my little chat with Kelly Driscoll:

  • She used to work in the coffee industry as a sales director, which inspired her to try and make her own coffee beverages.
  • She started to experiment in her kitchen and eventually launched HeyDay in 2015.
  • It is based in Austin, Texas.
  • They only use %100 fair trade beans.

Overall, HeyDay cold brew coffee is very smooth tasting and worth trying. Their commitment to using fair trade coffee bean is something that I appreciate. HeyDay coffee with its high energy, great taste, and well-designed cans certainly attract the millennial consumers. I only expect more success in the following years. logo is a supplier of 20.000 natural, organic, specialty products. As a member of, you can take advantage of our fast shipping, blind shipping, up-to-date inventory data, and high-resolution images. Whenever you receive an order from customers, we will fulfill the order. Your customers receive the order within 3-5 days wherever they are in the United States.

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Author: Ugur Ozturk
Ugur Ozturk is a 23-year-old Penn State graduate, who is a Content Writer at Multiple futile interventions from his friends could not stop his hopeless addiction to writing and drinking coffee. He has a long-held passion for writing short stories or blogs, watching soccer, and having cold brew coffee in a hot day. His biggest fears are trypophobia, having to drink decaf coffee or non-alcaholic beer!