Wholesale Skin Care: Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

In this article, we will be discussing specific toxins and chemicals that can be found in many common beauty products. These harmful toxins and chemicals can cause neurological issues, reproductive disorders, cancer, and many other terrible health problems. It is necessary to be knowledgeable and fully aware of all the risks when buying wholesale skin care products. I have compiled a list containing some of the most dangerous ingredients that can be found in many common beauty products today. These are the ones to make sure you stay away from at all costs.

Risky & Toxic Ingredients in Wholesale Skin Care

Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. You can easily inhale formaldehyde during a Brazilian hair blowout smoothing treatment, even if they claim to be formaldehyde-free. There are also many formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in products, including baby shampoos. Most studies have studied the effects of inhalation of formaldehyde versus skin application, but the clear link to cancer from inhaled formaldehyde is enough to make you want to completely avoid any product that contains this compound.


According to the Food and Drug Administration (The FDA), “Parabens are used in a wide variety of cosmetics, as well as in foods and drugs. Cosmetics that may contain parabens include makeup, moisturizers, hair care products, and shaving products, among others.” Many major brands of deodorants do not currently contain parabens, although some may. Parabens are added to something in order to keep it from growing bacteria. Parabens are known endocrine disruptors, which means that they mimic estrogen in the body and can cause hormonal imbalances, and possibly even lead to breast cancer. If a product that is already on the market cause a health or medical problem that is when the FDA might do something.


Resorcinol is a popular ingredient in bleach, restricted in federal government buildings, but is used freely in so many hair color products? That probably doesn’t sound right to you, and that’s because it isn’t. Resorcinol is a known skin irritant that has been shown in studies to disrupt healthy thyroid function in animals. It’s also a common cause of dye allergy that so many women find themselves bothered by.

To avoid any of these harmful ingredients, beauty business owners should consider switching to natural and chemical-free wholesale skin care products. To find out more about the brands that offer non-toxic cosmetics, take a look at Greendropship’s catalog now!

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