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Greendropship connects emerging natural product brands with online resellers. No more bottlenecks. No more wasted time and money. Seamless scaling and hassle-free automation.

How it works?

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Why sell with us?

Six reasons why you should choose us as your selling platform in the US.

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Gain brand exposure

Make your products visible to thousands of dropshipping merchants who are looking for new products to sell. Your listings are made easily accessible to retailers to add their storefront

Improve sales with store analytics

Gain insights about your store performance with detailed statistics and reports

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Enjoy a seamless payment process

No more payment hassles. Payments and refunds are processed through Stripe. All you need to do is setup a payment account and you will be notified instantly when retailers pay for their orders

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A fast and easy way to sell your products online

Bulk import product listings with a CSV upload, including descriptions, pricing, and inventory count.

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Brand management

Product data feeds, inventory updates are synced across all reseller accounts. Rich product pages and high res images bring your brand to life.

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Control over inventory

There is no limit on how many products you can publish. Create as many variants as you like for a product and give your customers the diversity of options that they are looking for.

The most products sold in

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Beauty and
body care

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Health and



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Who are you?

GreenDropShip is a premier supplier of Natural Grocery, Bodycare and Supplement products that carries over 800 brands and 20,000 SKUs with members from all over the world. We have opened up a marketplace to give emerging brands an opportunity to sell their products to our growing community of online merchants.

GreenDropShip has been serving online merchants since 2017 and has been in grocery distribution since 2012.  We have a growing base of over 70,000 merchants that vendors can sell to and are adding almost 2,000 merchants per month!

Who would I be selling to?

Vendors would be selling primarily to online merchants that have their own independent stores as well as marketplace sellers. In some cases, we have merchants with their own brick-and-mortar stores or merchants in the food service business.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace is where you as the Vendor can create your own store, add your brand identity and list them on our site. You set your own policies, prices, shipping rates, and lead time.

What is a Vendor?

A Vendor is the brand owner of the product or, in the case of internationally based products, the lead importer that wishes to sell to our expanding network of online merchants.  Vendors must officially represent the brand they are selling. We do not accept liquidators or other resellers as Vendors.

What products can I add to my store?

We welcome vendors in the natural product category who are there to build their brand. Some of the categories we offer include grocery, body care, supplements, cosmetics, baby products, home products and pet supplies.  Other categories may be added upon request. All the products listed are subject to review to make sure they fit into our natural product standards.

What fees do you charge?

Sign-up is free. We charge an 8% commission per sale. We do not charge any fees for your store or any other additional fees.

What else is included?

By creating your store, you will be able to also purchase from other vendors. This would work well if you have an independent store and are looking to diversify your product offerings.

Also, our network of Shopify merchants will be able to import your products directly from your store if you have the Shopify App

What is full integration with Shopify?

This means when you publish your products, participating Shopify merchants will be able to instantly import your products and market them to their audiences.

What carriers can I use?

Currently, are integrated with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Your buyers can use track their orders with the mentioned carriers. If you’re shipping through another carrier, you would need to select ‘Other’ and input the tracking number. Additional carriers may be added upon request.

Where can I ship to?

You can ship anywhere in the world subject to your Country’s regulations.

When can I start?

To start, you simply fill out your profile, register your account details and payment information and submit your products to the catalog.

Why a marketplace?

Over the years we have amassed thousands of interested merchants looking to market natural products. Likewise, we have also had many inquiries from potential vendors who are looking to grow their businesses. What better way to make this happen than by opening a marketplace where Vendors can connect directly with interested buyers?

Why should I choose the GreenDropShip Marketplace?

The marketplace extends your reach to additional audiences through our merchant network. We have thousands of merchants eager to sell natural products which can mean thousands on your side helping you sell your line of products

How do I register?

Click on ‘Become a Vendor’ at the bottom of the homepage and follow the instructions.

I’m based outside of the US. How can I sell to US customers?

You can ship directly to the customers, use a 3PL to store and ship your products or contact us to arrange for fulfillment services. We have locations in Lebanon, PA, Los Angeles, CA

How do I get paid?

Our payments are powered by Stripe. After you register for payouts, you will be placed on a 2-week payout cycle. What this means is that if you register for payouts on the 3rd of the month, you can expect a transfer of funds to your bank account on the 17th of the month and future payouts would occur every 2 weeks. Note, you may experience delays depending on your bank’s policies.

How do I add my products?

You can add them manually by going into the catalog or uploading them through a CSV file.

How does GreenDropShip protect vendors?

We aim for a fair marketplace that offers you peace of mind. In the event of a dispute, if you are unable to resolve your disagreement with a seller we will help you through our dispute resolution system.

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