FBA: Fulfillment by Amazon

Use our FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services for your online store and sell to 100 Million+ Amazon Prime members.

Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA prep services allow Amazon resellers to get their orders fulfilled by Amazon. You purchase wholesale products from GreenDropShip. We’ll send your items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, then Amazon will pack and ship the products to your customers when you get an order. For more information, visit our help center

Our FBA Prep Services Include:

  • Kitting – Use this popular technique to bundle several products together into a single purchase.
  • Poly Bagging – An Amazon requirement for certain types of products to prevent spills or keep bundles together.
  • Product Bundling – Group items to create “bundles” with no quantity limits.
  • Package Prep – We ensure each package is secure so it is delivered to your customer in perfect condition.

Start Selling with FBA

After getting an order in your online store, follow these steps to use FBA prep:

1. Select products you want to sell on GreenDropShip’s member dashboard.
2. Choose “FBA” as your shipping method on the checkout page.
3. Tell us how you want the order to be packaged.
4. Send us shipping labels for the order.
5. GreenDropShip sends your labeled packages to Amazon.
6. Amazon delivers the packages to your final customer.

Why Choose Fulfillment by Amazon

Running an online store with FBA prep allows you to take advantage of all the benefits that Amazon has to offer. This includes the following:

Tap into Amazon’s huge customer base.
Amazon handles customer service and returns.
Leverage existing shopper trust and loyalty.

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