Flat Shipping Rates

(Effective June 1, 2021)

Effective June 1, 2021 we will be switching over to a flat shipping schedule. Eligible shipments up to 0.5 Cubic Feet in volume will ship USPS Priority Cubic based on the rates below.

Shipments which do not qualify for USPS Cubic Pricing will ship USPS Priority or FedEx Ground/Home Delivery based on weight. Please see our help center for more information.

*Important update: In accordance with the decision of the U.S. Postal Service to temporarily adjust rates during the holiday season, effective October 3, packages 10 pounds and less will have an $0.80 surcharge. This holiday surcharge will be in effect until December 26, 2021.


Weight (lbs.) Shipping Rate
< 1 $4.99*
1-2 $8.99*
2-4 $10.99*
4-6 $13.99*
6-10 $16.99*
10-12 $19.99
12-15 $24.99
15-20 $29.99
20-30 $34.99
30+ $1.00/lb.

Cubic Pricing Rates

Packages Eligible for USPS Cubic Pricing Qualify for the Following Rates

Cubic Volume Range Up To (cu. ft.) Shipping Rate
0.1 $8.99
0.2 $9.99
0.3 $11.99
0.4 $13.99
0.5 $16.99

FROZEN/REFRIGERATED: Frozen and Refrigerated Shipments are Subject to an $8 surcharge per box. A box is defined as 2.3 Cu Ft.

IMPORTANT: The main data feed will be modified to exclude the estimated shipping price column. If you are running a script to pull data or signed up with a third-party integrator, you must plan accordingly.

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