Best Drop Shipping Products to Sell in Spring 2018

Best Drop Shipping Products to Sell in Spring 2018

Selling products for ecommerce is quite different from a traditional brick-and-mortar store. People can buy anything on the internet and have it delivered directly to them. Because of this, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors by offering something they can’t. Being on top of your inventory and adding new and interesting products is one way to do this.

Spring is a great opportunity to freshen up your product list with a greater variety of goods. There may be some ideas here that you never even considered. Open your mind to all the possibilities that the new year can bring once all the snow clears and the grass is starting to grow again. This is the time where people are looking forward to warmer weather and making changes to their homes and wardrobes.

Here are some of the best drop shipping products to begin selling in your online store. Hopefully you can get some good ideas from this to inspire you to offer new items for your customers.

Why Do a Complete Overhaul for Spring?

Spring is a fantastic time to consider revamping your inventory. You can start by removing specifically holiday-themed items so that visitors to your site don’t think you’re behind. There’s nothing that looks more sloppy than having Christmas items listed in January. Consider making those items “limited edition” and scheduling them to be removed from your website by a certain time.

Every new season is a good time to consider new product listings so that you can stay on trend. Spring is especially important to do this, because it is associated with renewal. This is when people do their spring cleaning, they get rid of or donate unused things, and they open the windows to let out the stale air of winter. Consumers are looking for fresh products to coincide how they feel about the new season. By breathing new life into your inventory, you are fueling customers’ desire to start anew.

Spring Cleaning!

The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think of spring is spring cleaning. For some, this sounds like an arduous task that takes a lot of time and effort. For others, it is a relief and a way to shake off the winter blues that the cold season always seems to leave behind.

Either way, people need the supplies to get their houses cleaned up. If you want to set yourself apart, then you can consider offering a new kind of cleaning product other than traditional, store-bought ones. Natural and organic products are becoming more popular, and they are making their way into the cleaning sphere, as well. There is a lot of potential for profit.

There are also a few unconventional items that can be advertised as cleaning products that your customers might be interested in.

Grab Green

Grab Green all purpose cleaner

Making cleaning products with plant-based ingredients is a respectable cause. Grab Green is a company that dedicates themselves to natural ingredients that are non-toxic. They don’t use any phosphates, ammonia, or formaldehyde.

It’s perfect for parents of small children and pet-owners who worry about the effects that chemicals have on the body. Having naturally-derived ingredients also assures that the product is safe for the environment and will not cause air or water pollution. It makes for a guilt-free product that cleans as it says it will while smelling of tangerine and lemongrass.


Weiman lemon oil furniture polish

Furniture polish is a must-have for spring cleaning. Buying one that is natural is a priority for conscious shoppers. Weiman offers a polish that is almost entirely made of lemon oil. It’s biodegradable and even the packaging is recyclable. The formula also contains a sunscreen so that your furniture doesn’t get any sun damage, which can be a concern for expensive hardwood pieces.

Nature’s Answer

Nature's Answer lavender essential oil

Some people like to go the route of making their own cleaning products. In that case, essential oils are very commonly used. Essential oils don’t typically come in bulk amounts, the fluid ounces are pretty low. However, a little bit goes a long way. There are tons of recipes online that use essential oils for cleaning purposes. Most recipes require a certain number of drops of the oil, then it is diluted with water and vinegar.

The best part about using these oils for cleaning is that you can customize it however you want. Citrus oils are popular for cleaning, but if you want a different scent, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils are just as effective.


Beauty products are popular for any time of the year, but the motivation for a pretty face and healthy skin is renewed after the dry months of winter have passed. You can add new beauty products to your inventory to encourage people to look their best for the new season.


Jason anti-aging serum

Anti-aging products will never go out of style, and this one by Jason is no different. Eye creams were popular for a while (and they still are), but serums seem to have taken over as the preferred method of brightening and improving skin. Using them daily before bed and after waking up is the best way to see results.

Many serums have questionable ingredients and preservatives that are not the best for your skin. This one primarily uses vitamin C-packed ingredients and no parabens or phthalates to ensure the healthiest way to achieve younger-looking skin.

Opi Nail Powder

Opi nail powder

It’s refreshing to break out fresh, light nail colors for the springtime. Neutrals and reds will always be in style, but pastels are where it’s at for this time of year. Opi is a popular brand, and they offer hundreds of colors in polishes, gels, and now dipping powders.

Nail dipping powders are great for people who don’t want to take the time to paint their nails or the money to have them done. These powders don’t smell as strong as polish, they dry quicker, they last longer, and there’s no chance of getting the color on you skin. You simply put on a thin base coat, stick your nail in the powder, and you’re ready to go after a clear top coat.


These last few items don’t fit into a category, but they are still good options for adding to your product list. Finding top selling products can be hard for a new online seller, but there are a lot of different things to choose from. If you don’t stick to a strict category of goods, then here are a few items to consider.


Gerinly floral scarf

Lightweight scarves are a fun way to dress up an outfit in the spring. Light colors and floral prints are on trend for the season. This particular scarf is by Gerinly; they offer a variety of patterns, colors, and designs.

Products like this are great to sell because they don’t weigh much, so shipping should be cheap. Accessories are also a great way to get into the clothing category because they don’t have different sizes, which means there would be less returns compared to most online clothing sales.

Puzzle Boxes

Trekbest puzzle box

Puzzle boxes have the same allure as fidget spinners have. They keep the hands busy and they’re good for stress relief. Some are purely for entertainment, but some actually have a prize once you solve them. This one by Trekbest is meant for adults to put money inside and give to kids as presents. It’s a unique way to gift money rather than in the predictable card that most people end up doing.


PopSocket with peace mandala design

PopSockets have been very trendy recently. You can stick it to the back of your phone or tablet to make it easier to hold. It also doubles as a stand, and you can push it flat when you’re not using it so your device doesn’t feel bulky.

They come in a ton of different designs to choose from so anyone can find something they like. They have everything from neutral colors to wacky prints. The only hard part might be to decide which designs to go with!

Time to Decide!

Adding new products to gain interest is a great way to start a new season. You just have to decide which items will fit in with your existing inventory but still be new and interesting enough to grasp people’s attention. You probably have an idea of what your customer base wants, so go with your gut as to what you think will be a good seller.

Keeping things fresh for a new season is always a great idea. It’s an opportunity to take some risks on different products. You may be surprised by the results brought on by your efforts.

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