Drop Ship Products to Sell: Luxury Bath Products

Drop Ship Products to Sell: Luxury Bath Products

Are you looking for new products to sell in your online store? It can be difficult to predict what items will get you the most sales before trying your hand at selling them. There are many drop ship products to sell that have potential to be successful, but not all of them will be right for you and your business.

Finding a niche in a category can be a good way of setting yourself apart from competitors and becoming known for a particular kind of product. A good example is organic products. Organic can cover then span of any category: food, beauty, cleaning, etc. Deciding on one can give your store a focus.

Why Bath Products?

Sometimes going with luxury items can be very profitable. When consumers have expendable income, they tend to buy things that are self-serving as a sort of reward. There are a ton of products that can fulfill this purpose, but this article will be concentrated on bath products.

Bath products are tempting because technically people do need them to be clean, but there are so many that are truly just meant for pampering. Anyone can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath or skin treatment as a way to unwind. Here are some bath and body products that provide opportunities for online sellers.

Bubble Bath

When you were a kid, your parents would put you in a bubble bath so that you wouldn’t scream during bath time. Now you’re grown and the idea of a bath has turned from one of fun to one of relaxation. Whatever reason people have to take a bath, they are usually associated with positive experiences.

Bubble baths with natural ingredients feel especially luxurious because you know exactly what is in it so you don’t need to question the concoction you’re soaking your body in. Here are few organic options for bubbly bath products.


Everyone bubble bath

As the brand name implies, this bubble bath is meant for everyone. It is made with essential oils like lemon, orange, and eucalyptus. All of the scents are from plant extracts so none of them are artificial. As long as you have the tub and the hot water, this bubble bath is all you need for a soak.

If you’re not fond of the citrus scents, Everyone has a few other options available like cedar wood or black pepper.

Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia foam bath

Aromatherapy is a hot button word in the beauty community. Using aromatherapy products is meant to trigger your senses through smell. This foaming bath dissolves and creates a ginger and mint scent that energizes your body. After a bath with this, you should feel refreshed.

It has the added benefit of softening your skin, and it can be used in spas and whirlpools. Foam has a slightly different texture than bubbles, but it’s still just as fun.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are a lot like bubble bath, except they somehow seem more for adults. While bubbles are more for fun or relaxation, bath salts are usually only for relaxation. Regardless, they are popular products that not only make you smell good, but also having some soothing and healing benefits.

The Epsom salt in bath salts causes fizzing which you can feel when you’re soaking in it. It’s magnesium sulfate, which can exfoliate your skin, ease stiff muscles and aches, and cleanse your skin.


Batherapy bath salts

The main ingredient of bath salts is always Epsom salt, but adding essential oils to it can add another dimension. These bath salts by Batherapy have Siberian fir oil added so that the combination of that and the salt itself will rid you of tension while energizing you. The overall effect will relieve fatigue.

Baths aren’t just meant for relaxing. Sometimes people are looking to shake off a rough day by soaking in ingredients that will strengthen and revitalize them. These bath salts will help you achieve that.

One With Nature

One With Nature dead sea bath salts

“Dead sea” doesn’t sound like something you want to soak in, but it has become a popular ingredient for many beauty products. It refers to minerals that are found in the Dead Sea, because it has higher amounts than other bodies of water.

There are many advantages to using it for skin product. It can exfoliate and detox your skin, leaving you feel smooth and clean. Dead Sea minerals can actually nourish you skin and help to renew skin cells.

This particular bath salt is also fragrance free, so you can customize the scent by using a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin that does not do well with fragrances, then you can use it as is for a safe bath.

Face Masks

Soaking in a bath is relaxing and self-gratifying. To further enhance your me-time experience, you should pamper your entire body. While your body is busy being enriched by essential oils, you can treat your face to a mask.

You can choose a mask based on whatever improvements you want to make. There are masks that treat acne, even skin tone, soften and hydrate skin, and prevent wrinkles.

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals honey pumpkin face mask

Andalou Naturals uses fruit stem cells to repair and regenerate skin cells. This mask has pumpkin and honey in it to brighten your skin, which is great for dark circles under your eyes. Masks are really simple to use and they make your face feel great. You just have to spread it on your face, wait 10-20 minutes, and then rinse it off.

With natural ingredients that are non-GMO and cruelty free, Andalou Naturals offers a whole line of masks that are great alternatives to products that contain harsh chemicals.


Pacifica cherry lava face mask

Treating yourself with a purifying mask will make your skin look and feel beautiful. Pacifica is an entirely vegan and cruelty-free brand, so buyers can know that they are getting the best ingredients. This one in particular is great for clearing your pores. It also has cocoa in it to act as an antioxidant, which makes it smell delicious.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have become wildly popular and are overshadowing bubble baths and salts. A lot of hype surrounds them because of how they work. There’s something fun about tossing a bomb into a tub of running water and watching it fizz and dissolve. Depending on the bath bomb, it may also turn the water a different color or have glitter inside of it.

Anjou Naturals

Anjou Naturals bath bomb set

Having sets of bath bombs like this one are convenient for people who like variety. If you were to buy some bubble bath or bath salts, you would be stuck with the same scent until you run out of it. Since bath bombs are single-use, you can treat yourself to a variety of color and scent options.

This bombs by Anjou Naturals are vegan and they use essential oils to achieve their scents. These are great to buy either for yourself or as a gift for that person who seems to have everything.


Brubaker bath bomb set

There are some bath bombs that have fun twists, like these ones by Brubaker. They’re made to look like baked goods, and they smell just as sweet. With scents like “Strawberry Cheesecake,” “Berry Milkshake,” and “Pink Champagne,” they make for adorable additions to your bath. They also claim to be vegan and organic, so anyone can use them and trust the ingredients.

Novelty bath bombs like these are always good sellers. You can find all sorts of interesting ones. Some look like food, some turn the water different colors, some even have pieces of jewelry or other trinkets to find in the middle. Having a little something extra like that can go a long way.

Shower Tablets

Not everyone likes or has the time for baths. For people who prefer showers, or maybe only have a shower stall in their bathroom and no tub, they can still have a relaxing aromatherapy experience with shower tablets. You simply run your shower and place a tablet where the water falls. The steam of your shower will carry the scents of the tablets so you feel like you’re in a spa.

Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia pack of lavender shower tablets

Aura Cacia is a popular brand for anything dealing in essential oils. They offer these shower tablets in a variety of scents so you can choose the effect you want, whether it be for relaxation, revitalization, or purification.

Since the scent is from essential oils, there are no artificial fragrances. It’s reassuring to have a natural product with no unnecessary additives.


Everyone needs lotion from time to time, especially during cold seasons. Keeping your skin soft and supple can help to prevent it from signs of aging. Having a reliable lotion is a necessity if you don’t want cracked and damaged skin.

It seems like such a simple product, and it is; everyone is familiar with lotion. However, there are some that are even more convenient than conventional lotions.

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face spray on lotion

After spray-on sunscreen became popular, it was only a matter of time before regular lotion got a spray-on version. Kiss My Face is a natural brand that relies on plant-based ingredients. This lotion moisturizes with olive and aloe, and it is fragrance-free (although they have scented options).

One concern that may come with a spray is if the product uses aerosol. However, you don’t have to worry with this spray, because it is air-powered which deems it safe for the environment.


Jergens wet skin moisturizer

Another convenient way to apply lotion is during a shower. Not all lotions are made to moisturize while your skin is wet, so you need a specific lotion to get the job done. For some in-shower lotions, you put it on while showering and then rinse it off. This one by Jergens is for after you’ve turned off the water but before you towel off. There’s no need for rinsing it, and it doesn’t feel sticky like some lotions do.

So Many Options!

There are a ton of bath and body products that do well for online sales. You can choose which ones will be the best for your store. Catering to the market for an at-home spa experience definitely has potential for profit. Consumers like to treat themselves to luxury goods like these, and they are frequently given as gifts.

Offering a variety of bath products for any occasion is the way to go. These products have a lot of different uses: relaxing, energizing, hydrating, cleansing, etc. Some people may want these goods for the aromatherapy effect, and some may just want to soak in bubbles. Providing different kinds for different people will be advantageous in the long run.

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