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Looking for more products to sell on Amazon? This is an article concerning why you should start reselling Tazo Tea on Amazon as well as tips for success. You can drop ship with a Tazo Tea wholesale distributor on Amazon to make extra income from home. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. With a reliable drop shipping supplier and successful strategies, you can make a lot of profit.

1. Why Amazon?

Amazon is an enormous marketplace with millions of customer ready to purchase with one-click with their credit cards in the system. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest advantage that comes with being a seller on Amazon. Because you already have access to a very large audience, you do not have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to drive traffic to your online stores with marketing and search engine optimization techniques. If you can beat your competition, you can create a successful home business.

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2. Why Tazo Tea?

Tazo tea offers pure tea products with the highest quality. Before we get to the economics side of things, it is important to note that Tazo tea is actively supporting social sustainability in their communities of growers.

As Amazon sales rank data below shows, Tazo tea can reach a very high volume of sales. It is a hot product with a very high demand. However, you have to beat your competition to be able to enjoy a high volume of sales. Here it is important to have a dropshipping supplier that offers fast shipping and true wholesale prices.

Tazo Tea Amazon Sales Rank Data
Tazo Tea Amazon Sales Rank Data

2.1. Fast Shipping, Seller’s Rating, and Amazon Buy Box

With fast shipping, you will please your customers, which will keep your seller’s rating high. When your seller’s rating is high, you can stay ahead of your competition to attract more sales. You can even have a chance to win the Buy Box, which will bring you a very high revenue as you would be the default buying option on Amazon for that product.

2.2. Supplier’s Wholesale Prices and Competition

With true wholesale prices from your suppliers, you can keep your retail prices as low as possible. This will bring you more sales and will keep you ahead of your competition. Considering that Tazo tea is such a popular product, you can still make a good profit because of the high volume of sales and repeat orders. Most consumers do not but Tazo tea only once. As long as they are happy with your store, they will keep coming back to you whenever they run out.

3.Why Drop Shipping?

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If you are not familiar with it already, drop shipping is an order fulfillment method that allows online retailers to resell products without purchasing an inventory up front. Instead, they partner up with a drop shipping distributor to use their inventory. When they receive an order on Amazon, the supplier ships the product directly to the end customer. While the retailers never handle the product that they are selling, the end customer never finds out that it is the supplier, who shippied the product, thanks to the blind shipping method.

3.1. Dropshipping Does not Mean Buying from China

Amazon drop shipping is a popular home business but drop shipping grocery items from U.S suppliers is a different story. Many Amazon sellers attempt to drop ship products from Chinese suppliers such as Alibaba. E-commerce stores all over the world are filled with Chinese products because of their low prices.

They often face frustrating results because of very long shipment times, unreliable suppliers, and fake goods. Additionally, many suppliers from China are hard to communicate. This doesn`t reflect well on you as a reseller. It makes it harder for you to offer good customer service to your own customers. Moreover, with the Chinese suppliers, blind shipping is not possible. Customers always know that their products are coming from China. Even if you attempt to hide, they will see Chinese postages on the package.

3.2. Amazon Dropshipping with U.S Suppliers

Drop shipping grocery items with U.S suppliers, on the other hand, leads to high re-orders rates, fast shipping, and happy customers. When you are reselling trusted brands such as Tazo Tea on Amazon, you do not have to worry about marketing. As long as you beat your competition, you can enjoy a high volume of sales and repeat orders.  This is because customers will keep coming back to you when they run out. Who goes to the grocery store when they can buy Tazo Tea with one click and have it delivered to their doors.


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