How Environmentally Friendly Products can Increase Profit

The Appeal of Environmentally Friendly Products and How they Increase Profit

Consumers are concerned with the environment. It has become more common to support businesses based on their policies and how they affect the ecosystem. Taking the environment into consideration should be a top priority for business owners.

Customers Want Green Products

People are interested in going green for various reasons. They want to fix the damage their ancestors caused or they want to create a better Earth for future generations. They most likely have both on their mind. Not only does sustainability make for a better world, it also makes for better businesses and increased profit.

When selling products, retailers should pay special attention to certified labels on packaging. Customers look for certain labels that appeal to their values. Labels such as “non-GMO” and “cruelty-free” can directly link into a customer’s morals on what they consume. Tapping into this can be a valuable resource for wholesalers and drop shippers.

Green products are a selling opportunity

Once you have figured out what customers are looking for, it is easy to adjust your inventory to suit their needs. Keeping environmentally friendly products in stock will satisfy them and set you apart from other companies. Overall, it is a good idea to be inclusive when it comes to the green items you sell.

Why People Want Green Products

Sustainability has become a hot topic. It affects everyone whether they realize it or not. Those who see the dangers of ignoring it tend to try their best to lessen their carbon footprint. Sometimes people are willing to spend a bit more on eco-friendly items because they feel obligated to so. It feels good to do good.


Bringing awareness to harmful products is one way to convince people to go green. Appealing to people on an individual level is how many forms of media get them interested. Images of affected animals seem to be a marketing tool. Some companies also use the future of children to relate emotions to their products. Seventh Generation is a good example of a brand that is green and uses the idea of bettering future generations in order to sell their products.

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Personal Benefit from Buying Green

This is not to say that people wanting green products is only because they want to feel charitable. Consumers can also personally gain from choosing these goods. Buying products made with recyclable materials can help to decrease the costs of disposing of them. It can even be a way to make money. Biodegradable materials are also beneficial in creating less waste.

There are some specific items that can lessen monthly expenses. Although these can sell at a higher margin, they end up saving money in the long run. An example is energy saving light bulbs. They are a little pricier compared to other bulbs, but they can save on electricity costs. It goes to show that even money-conscious customers can benefit from the sustainability movement.

How to be Sustainable

There are a few different ways to identify your company as being eco-friendly. It is mostly a matter of how in-depth your dedication goes. It can typically be classified into three levels of “green commitment:”

  • “Light Green” businesses advertise their products as green, but the company itself does not get involved in sustainable practices.
  • “Deep Green” businesses have a campaign dedicated to selling green and practicing a sustainable business model.
  • “Mid-Green” businesses are in the middle of the first two. Perhaps they sell some green products, but it’s not the majority of what they offer. They may or may not involve the ecosystem into their business plan.

Even taking the step into becoming “Light Green” can be beneficial to a business.

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How your Profit will Increase

Some business owners may be wary to go into natural and organic products for fear of the cost. Is the demand enough to make up for offering these goods at a premium price? Many retailers have stated that they do make a sizable profit off of these items.

Another benefit of going green is waste management. Inevitably, some products will be damaged or somehow unusable. Having biodegradable or recyclable materials will be easier to handle. Even upgrading the boxes in which you deliver items to a recycled material can help to save money.

Being green is a trend that is likely to last for a long time. Joining the companies who have already become a part of the movement is a step in the right direction. It will also set you apart from the competition if they have not yet upgraded their policies.


Making an effort to be sustainable can be very beneficial. Yes, it helps to give back through good practices, but business owners are allowed to be self-interested for their own possible gains. Sustainability has a lot to offer for the good of the environment, consumers, and business owners.

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