Fair Trade Shopping: A New Way to Buy Ethically

Fair Trade Shopping: A New Way to Buy Ethically

Selling natural and organic foods is a step in the right direction in becoming a green-conscious business. But have you considered fair trade products?

Fair trade shopping is yet another way for customers to state their opinions through their choices. This statement is all about treating people fairly. Paying the price of fair trade goods means that farmers and producers get a living wage, children are not exploited, and employees have safe working conditions. Business models like free trade do not always meet these basic rights. To ensure that consumers are offered humane products, selling fair trade is the way to go.

More and more, companies have been adding fair trade labels to their products. There is a wide variety of items that boast this certification, and they are worth adding to your stock. In no particular order, here are some promising products for wholesalers to consider advertising.

Wholesome raw honey


Honey is a staple for any household. Whether you’re sweetening your tea, spreading it on toast, or soothing your throat, everyone has the occasional need for honey. Because this is raw honey, you may wonder if any one brand is truly better than the others. Wholesome! is a great choice since they not only advertise as organic, but they are also certified fair trade.

Himalania chia seeds


A craze is surrounding chia seeds and many people consider them a “superfood.” They are high in fiber, protein, and vitamins which have prompted many studies to prove their uses for skincare and digestion. Chia seeds can boost energy, speed up your metabolism, and even fight cancer. Himalania only made it better by making it free trade!

Cafe Altura Coffee

Cafe Altura

You can hardly talk about fair trade goods without mentioning coffee. Since the beans require a certain climate, many coffee producers come from developing countries who benefit the most from fair trade policies. Cafe Altura is certified to ensure that farmers are being paid fairly for their work.

Kelapo coconut oil


Coconut oil is another product with many uses. It is not only for cooking. People use it on their face, in their hair, and for other types of home remedies. It’s the same product whether you keep it in the kitchen cupboard or on your vanity. Kelapo took the extra step to offer a high-quality, fair trade item.

Tera's Whey protein

Tera’s Whey

Whey protein is a popular dietary trend for people looking to get fit and stay in shape. It isn’t just for active people anymore, though. People with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians or vegans may find that they need more protein in their daily consumption. A quick and easy way is through powder substitutes like this one (although this particular product is vegetarian, not vegan). Buyers can feel good about this product not just for its bodily benefits, but for its fair trade label.

Steaz green tea


Drinks are finding their way into the fair trade sphere, as well. This refreshing iced green tea by Steaz is both organic and fair trade certified. Consumers can feel good when purchasing this because of its health benefits and their impact by choosing fair trade.

Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organics

Even snacks can be organic and fair trade. Heavenly Organics created a very simple, 3-ingredient treat that no one has to feel guilty about. With a recipe like that on top of being ethically sourced, it’s perfect for any sweet tooth.


There are many options for fair trade products. Consumers will be happy to have the choice. When given the chance, goods that are certified fair trade can stand up to or even exceed the sales of non-certified items. There are so many reasons to begin stocking fair trade and virtually no risk.

Knowing that you and your customers are making humane choices in everyday purchases is a step forward in becoming a respected and ethical business.

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