Useful Home Cleaning Remedies Customers Will Want

Useful Home Cleaning Remedies Customers Will Want

You can sell multi-purpose items to reach different groups of people and gain more customers. Some products that have traditional uses you can manipulate to use for other tasks.

This opens up buying potential to consumers who may not have considered those products before. For example, if you only sell items in the grocery category, you can advertise your products as both useful in recipes and in cleaning or skin care. Versatile goods can give you an opportunity to reach new markets and customers.

There are many home cleaning remedies that involve common food items that may already be in your inventory. Perhaps people are already buying these goods from you, but they may just be using them as expected. Advertising them as multi-use can increase their sales. If there is anything people like, it’s convenience. If they can buy one item that they can use for many things, you will interest them.

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Before you are able to sell your products as home remedies, you first have to know all the different things you can use them for. Here are a few common items that you can expand to satisfy consumers’ needs in ways they hadn’t thought of before.


People use vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, in many DIY cleaning products because of its antibacterial qualities. It also has a high acidic content which makes it tough on stains and grime. Because it is such a strong liquid, some remedies will call to dilute it with water first, which will prevent harmful contact to sensitive skin, but it will also make the product last longer.

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Some examples of different uses of vinegar include mouthwash, acne treatment, dish detergent, weed killer, hair mask, and facial toner. For any of the uses involving the body, you first have to dilute it with water so you do not expose your skin to the concentrated acid.

It is also used as an all-around cleaning product, from the kitchen to floors and bathrooms. One helpful trick is to tie a bag of vinegar to the shower head to destroy the grime. Then you can pour it down the drain to unclog it. You can even microwave a small bowl of vinegar so that you can easily wipe the dirt from the inside of your microwave. With all the potential purposes of vinegar, it is a must-have for around the house.


Lemons have many household uses. Like vinegar, its acid content can help with various forms of cleaning and sanitizing. Squeezing lemon juice onto a cutting board and rinsing it after a few minutes will sanitize and deodorize it. A wedge of lemon will do the same if you put one on a dishwasher rack. Combining lemons and hot water is an easy way for you to remove stains and whiten clothing.


Soaking your nails in lemon juice can remove any discolorations. You can cut up a lemon and toss it in the garbage disposal to clean it and give off a pleasant smell. You can even take half a lemon to polish silverware to remove any tarnish, along with any other metals around the house.

Coconut Oil

You can use coconut oil for a variety of things including cooking and skin care. Just like any oil product, you can use it to grease a pan or fry food in. In terms of beauty concerns, coconut oil can help moisturize skin, prevent wrinkles, heal chapped lips, act as deodorant, remove makeup, reduce cellulite, sunscreen, and even shaving cream. These are just a few ways that coconut oil can assist in everyday life.

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Coconut oil can also have medicinal benefits. It can fight fungal infections and cold sores because it acts as an antibiotic. You can also put coconut oil in your hair as a conditioner against dandruff, or on body hair to treat ingrown hairs.

Surprisingly, you can also rub coconut oil on leather or wood to shine it. In many ways, coconut oil is an all-in-one product that is super handy to keep in stock. Once you know about everything it can do, it’s hard to think of a reason not to have it.


Honey is a wonderful product because not only is it entirely natural, but it also cannot spoil. Raw honey is a magnificent resource that people have used for thousands of years. It can be a natural sweetener for foods, but it can also be used to treat wounds. Before modern medicine, people commonly spread honey on wounds to speed up healing. There are antibiotic properties in honey that help to clean wounds and promote an immune response.

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Other benefits of honey include softening your skin, getting rid of a hangover, getting rid of frizzy hair, giving you energy, and preserving food. There are a bunch of DIY products to try with honey, like making your own lotion or lip balm. The possibilities stretch on. Honey is known as a super food, but it is so much more than just a food.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a lot like vinegar in that it is used to clean just about everything. There are also quite a few benefits to those who ingest it. This includes improving digestive issues, stomach pain, muscle pain, and sore throat. A simple trick is to mix a teaspoon in a glass of water to help with these problems.

It has many skincare uses, as well. People who don’t like to use traditional deodorants that use aluminum replace their antiperspirants with baking soda to prevent sweat and odors. Putting baking soda on your skin (after mixing with water) will create a paste that can soften skin, soothe sunburn, cure toenail fungus, and stop any itching.

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Around the house, you can use baking soda for many things. Sprinkle it on the rug and vacuum to deodorize carpets. Spread it on countertops and appliances and wipe away bacteria. You can clean your entire bathroom with it, from floor to shower. You can even put it to use on grease stains or stains on pots and pans. Baking soda will also put out a grease fire if you pour it over the flames!

What Else?

This list is only scratching the surface of what these products can be used for. If you go into further research, you will find so many more ways that they can make everyday life easier for the average household. There are also many more products that have the potential to be just as versatile.

If you look through your inventory, you will find so many items that are like this. Open your mind to the possibilities and then open the minds of your customers, as well. There is opportunity for profit in selling and promoting items that are convenient for consumers in new and interesting ways.

Once you carry on your research and find information about the different uses of your products, don’t keep it to yourself! Let your customers know their potential and pique their interest to get them excited about buying items that are usually just thought of as common household items. You may find the sales on those items to be better than ever.

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