Non GMO Coffee: Spotlight on Coexist

Coexist: Conscious Non-GMO Coffee

 Conscious consumers crave non-GMO coffee, or coffee without genetically modified ingredients.

  • Customers are also increasingly conscious of ethical trade issues.
  • Many want to ensure that companies pay fair wages to farmers.
  • Others want to minimize the impact that their coffee has on the environment.

That’s where Coexist comes in. 

  • All of the company’s coffee is Non-GMO  Project Verified. But, there’s much more involved.
  • Coexist has a moving story of strengthening communities behind it, all while striving to bridge cultural and religious gaps.
  • It’s about more than livable wages for farming. Most importantly, it’s about improving lives as a whole.
  • Thus, Coexist is a smart, ethical coffee choice to sell in your store.

Coexist: The Beginnings

Coexist is much more than a non-GMO producer of coffee. Explore the slideshow to find out more about how Coexist got started. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the mission of intercultural understanding that grounds the company.


Coexist: A Community-Based Coffee Model 

Coexist sustainably and ethically sources its coffee. The company uses direct trade in communities of conflict. In other words, it buys coffee straight from farmers so the farmers receive the greatest benefit. Then, the profits from the non-GMO brews return to these communities, to help further education.

Click through the slideshow for an in-depth look at how Coexist helps communities around the world.

Coexist: High-Quality Coffee Without GMOs

Your consumers can enjoy Coexist Coffee with confidence. After all, it’s non-GMO. Farmers also grow it in ways that are healthiest for consumers and environmentally sustainable.

Find out more using the slideshow.


Ready to sell coffee that’s non-GMO? Inspired by the mission of Coexist? Interested in dropshipping Coexist’s non-GMO beans? Learn more.00

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