Non GMO Coffee: Spotlight on Kicking Horse

Non-GMO Coffee: Turn to Kicking Horse

Your customers want coffee that’s not genetically modified.

And more and more consumers are making purchasing decisions based on ethical views.

So, you’ll want to sell non-GMO coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee is a reliable, popular non-GMO brand to add to your store. After all, it’s perfect for adventurous customers, or for anyone looking for a boost to help them conquer the day.

Crucially, Kicking Horse puts ethics over profit. They make decisions holistically— they choose what will bring the most benefit to all involved. Also, they prioritize the world’s well-being.

  • Kicking Horse Coffee’s based in British Columbia, Canada, in the Canadian Rockies. It has always stayed true to its local roots.
  • Most importantly, all of the company’s coffee varieties are Non-GMO. Also, they’re Certified Organic (USDA and Canada Organic Certified). This is the best choice for consumer health and the environment.
  • In addition, all coffee Kicking Horse uses is Fair Trade. Thus, coffee farmers receive livable, ethical wages.

So, to learn more about Kicking Horse Coffee and its non-GMO brew varieties, explore the slideshows below.

The Kicking Horse Coffee Story: How It All Began

Kicking Horse Today: Trusted and Popular

Kicking Horse: Details On The Gourmet Coffee

Find out more about Kicking Horse’s organic coffee here.

  • First, you’ll see how much care Kicking Horse packs into these beautiful Non-GMO beans.
  • Just as importantly, you’ll also learn what Kicking Horse leaves out of the coffee process. These omissions both reduce the impact on the environment and protect coffee workers and drinkers alike.
  • Most crucially, you’ll also discover how firmly Kicking Horse remains committed to its core principles, proving that a transfer of ownership won’t change what’s important.

Premium Coffee, Premium Standards

Kicking Horse: Delicious Coffee Varieties

Interested in selling coffee that’s non-GMO? Enthusiastic about the standards of Kicking Horse Coffee? Want to drop ship Kicking Horse Coffee’s non-GMO beans? Learn more.

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