Non-GMO Food List: Focus on Coffee

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Wake Up And Smell the Non-GMO Coffee

A white cup of coffee releases steam. Brown coffee beans are scattered underneath the coffee cup.

To start a long day of work or study, nothing beats the smell and taste of coffee. Unfortunately, this morning wake-up call may contain unwanted ingredients.  What if you want to make sure that the coffee you sell or drink has no genetically modified ingredients? Not to worry—there are plenty of options out there for the conscious consumer. Adding coffee to your non-GMO food list is a smart and easy decision, especially if you are making a list of products to drop ship. Coffee in its pure form is non-GMO, as no commercially produced coffee exists that is genetically modified. However, that does not mean that every coffee product has no GMOs. After all, many additives used in coffees can be GMO. Given this, select your coffee carefully!

The eight coffees included here appeal to a variety of tastes. Whole bean coffee, instant coffee, and even a grab-and-go coffee beverage make appearances. Also, light, medium and dark roasts all feature. And this article doesn’t forget about latte or espresso lovers, either.

Crucially, every coffee on this list is either verified by the Non-GMO Project or USDA Certified Organic (Certified Organic food cannot contain any GMOs). Be assured that drinking these coffees will not expose you to any GMO ingredients!

Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso (Canada and USDA Organic Certified)

Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso whole bean coffee.

  • Can’t decide between a fruity coffee and a cocoa-filled espresso? You don’t have to when you pour a cup of this Kicking Horse blend of Arabica coffee. It includes smooth cocoa and wild berry syrup, which make for “bright, heavenly flavors” and “a bold, happy ending.”
  • Hang out with this non-GMO coffee today, because it’s a reliable companion for the start of the day.
  • This “silky,” “complex,”  and “smooth” medium-roast blends African, Indonesian and South American whole beans.
  • Further, Notes of blackcurrant, brown sugar and milk chocolate feature in the taste. Satisfy your sweet, chocolate cravings!
  • The blend works well with a traditional drip machine, the pour-over method, or a French press, as well as with an espresso machine.
  • The USDA and Canada Organic have both given this Canada-roasted blend their organic, non-GMO seal of approval. Moreover, it is also Fair Trade Certified and Kosher.

The Organic Coffee Co. One Cup Breakfast Blend

The Organic Coffee Co. One Cup Breakfast Blend

  • Made for your morning buzz, this blend of expertly selected Central and South American Arabica coffees will provide a bright and flavorful start to your day. Wake up with the Organic Coffee Co.!
  • With USDA Certified Organic approval, you can be sure that no GMO ingredients have found their way into this coffee.
  • The single-serve cup is ultra-convenient. It is compatible with all single-cup brewers, including the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0.
  • With a plant-based formula, the cup is also 97% biodegradable.

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee Dark Roast Decaf

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee Dark Roast Decaf

  • Cafe Altura Dark Roast Decaf’s Arabica beans were grown on family-owned farms around the world, all at altitudes above 3000 feet.
  • This dark coffee offers a smooth, full-bodied, aromatic choice for any time of day.
  • Flavor-charged, heated Mountain Water decaffeinates the beans without compromising on taste. The USDA has approved this process as an acceptable organic decaffeination method.
  • This coffee is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Kosher.

Cafe Altura Organic Fair Trade Freeze Dried Instant 

Cafe Altura Organic Freeze Dried Instant coffee.

  • For those who want a more portable Arabica coffee, turn to this global blend from Cafe Altura, including beans from Africa, Asia, and South America.
  • Freeze dried using an organic process, this mildly roasted coffee delivers all the taste and aroma of freshly ground beans. Brew it instantly using hot filtered water.
  • Hot or iced, this coffee is a satisfying option with or without milk or sweetener.
  • Want to add a coffee buzz to your baked goods? The USDA Certified Organic blend will easily mix into your batter. It won’t contaminate your health- and environment-conscious baking projects with GMOs.
  • This organic, non-GMO Coffee is also Fair Trade certified.

Coexist The Diplomat (Medium)

Coexist The Diplomat Medium Roast Coffee


  • Like the title it’s named after, this Coexist Coffee blend of Ugandan beans negotiates and helps others come to an agreement—on a coffee choice. The medium roast is carefully designed to appeal to diverse palates.
  • Complex flavor notes of “chocolate, citrus rind, blueberries and vanilla” are vital.
  • The chocolatey taste makes this coffee perfect for those who want a darker brew “without the bitterness or acidity of an espresso.”
  • Juice notes and a cinnamon spiced aroma bring even more depth to this cornucopia brew.
  • Craving the taste and smell of freshly ground coffee? Pick up the whole bean variety. In a hurry? The coffee also comes in a ground version.
  • Non-GMO Project Verification affirms that this coffee has no unwanted GMO ingredients.
  • Feel good knowing that your purchase assists charitable efforts. Coexist, the organization behind the popular blue bumper sticker, funds education for children in conflict zones. It also sources the coffee from farms in these zones to improve farmers’ livelihoods.


Coexist The Peacemaker (Light) 

Coexist Coffee's The Peacemaker whole bean coffee.

  • For those frantically looking for the perfect light roast, Coexist Coffee’s artisan light Ugandan blend is here to bring you much-needed peace.
  • This “delicate” blend combines “floral” and “red berry” taste with “buttery” elements of “kettle corn,” putting a unique but reliable twist on the fruity aromatic coffee type.
  • Whole Bean and Ground options make The Peacemaker a versatile choice no matter how much time you have in the morning.
  • Just like the Diplomat, purchases of The Peacemaker support the Coexist charity’s education and farmer support efforts in conflict zones.
  • No GMOs here— this blend is Non-GMO Project Verified, making it a perfect conscious coffee choice for those who prefer the lightest brews.

Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sisters 

Kicking Horse Three Sisters medium roast coffee.

  • Do you have trouble deciding between light, medium, and dark roasts? Are you searching for a new take on the medium roast? Look no further than Kicking Horse Coffee’s Three Sisters whole bean brew. Although it’s classified as a medium roast, the coffee is really “a triple punch of light, medium, and dark roasts.” It is named after three famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, paying homage to the country where the beans were roasted.
  • In another use of the power of three, Indonesian, Central American and South American whole beans combine and complement each other for a satisfying taste.
  •  “Sweet dried fruit, toasted coconut, and chocolate malt” bring complexity to the coffee’s aroma.
  • The combined tastes of “sweet tobacco, stone fruit and cocoa” make this a coffee like no other.
  • USDA and Canada Organic seals certify that the Three Sisters blend is non-GMO.
  • Use a drip machine, the pour-over method, or the French press to satisfy your morning preference. This blend works extremely well with all three.

Califia Farms Iced Coffee Cafe Latte with Almondmilk

Califia Farms Iced Coffee Cafe Latte with almond milk.

  • This sweet cold brew latte quickly comes through to satisfy your coffee craving, especially in hotter weather.
  • Almond milk makes this grab-and-go latte a friendly choice for vegan, dairy-free and soy-free diets.
  • Also, it is Kosher, gluten-free and carrageenan-free, so it’s perfect for a variety of dietary preferences.
  • One other benefit of the almond milk: it’s non-GMO, unlike most traditional kinds of milk. While many cows eat feed that contains GMO corn, GMO has never touched the almonds used in Califia Farms’ convenient beverage. The Non-GMO Project has given this blend its seal of approval.


Want to drop ship these non-GMO coffees? Learn more here so you can add these and other coffees to your non-GMO food list.




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