Organic Feminine Hygiene Products To Start Using Now

Organic Feminine Hygiene Products to Start Using Now

There are so many reasons to switch to organic feminine hygiene products. Traditional products use potentially harmful chemicals. Items like pads and tampons are made from a mix of cotton that was treated with pesticides and synthetic material that may not agree well with everyone.

Organic alternatives are much better because they are hypoallergenic, and women who are prone to skin rashes no longer have to worry about whatever chemicals or fragrances were causing them issues.

They are also much better for the environment. 100% cotton products are biodegradable. You don’t have to worry about contaminating water or soil because they do not use chlorine to bleach them or other unnatural methods of sanitation.

If you are considering selling feminine products online, you can tap into this growing market for organic personal care goods. It’s not just a craze for food, anymore. People are looking to buy ethically in every category.

There are so many alternatives to regular, non-organic menstrual products. You don’t even have to stop at pads and tampons; there are tons of sustainable options.

Here a few popular products you can consider adding to your online stock.

Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation tampons

Seventh Generation has a good variety of menstrual products. Pictured above are their organic tampons with applicators. They also have ones without applicators and with varying absorbency. They are advertised as being comfortable and made without any harmful chemicals, deodorants, or dyes.

The different varieties allow for women to choose what is best for their needs. Using organic does not mean having to compromise.

Seventh Generation ultra-thin pads

Seventh Generation also carries organic pads. Just like their tampons, they are chlorine-free. They also have many different sizes to choose from. Ultra-thin pads are perfect for lighter days, but they also offer overnight pads for leak-proof and long-lasting protection.


Natracare tampons

Natracare has become a very popular brand for organic tampons. Unlike Seventh Generation who has many different kinds of products, Natracare only makes feminine hygiene products. This can reassure every customer that this brand is dedicated to offering organic and safe goods for women.

Natracare pads

Natracare has a huge variety of menstrual necessities. They have all different sizes of pads, tampons, and liners. From ultra-thin, mini liners to super plus tampons, you can get anything you need for whatever kind of flow you have.

The DivaCup

The DivaCup menstrual cup

Menstrual cups are becoming a lot more popular lately as women become more interested in having a sustainable period. This product is perfect for those who are environmentally-conscious.

It is a silicone cup that is worn internally to collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it as a tampon would. You can wash it and reuse it as often as you please. This drastically reduces a consumer’s plastic-use.

Using this instead of typical tampons and pads that are made with a large percentage of plastic is a great way to lessen their impact on the earth.

This product also has two different sizes to accommodate any woman. The model 1 is for women under 30 who have not given birth. Model 2 is for women over 30 or who have given birth (whether vaginally or by caesarean). They’re a slightly different size to provide the best comfort.


DivaWash cleanser

The DivaCup also offers a cleanser to go with the cup called DivaWash. There are specific ways you can wash your DivaCup. You don’t want to use heavily scented soaps, bleaches, peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, and a bunch of other things that can either cause decay or discoloration of the silicone. Of course, you also don’t want a product that would cause irritation to your genitals.

The company recommends to use their wash because it is plant-based and safe for the silicone and your body. However, they say that you could use a water-based and scentless soap instead.


woman modelling Thinx panties

As if your period could be any more unpredictable, Thinx decides to create a period panty. With this specially designed underwear, women can wear them without any pads or tampons. They can hold up to two tampons worth of liquid which means you could wear them for a full day without having to change.

These are another wonderful sustainable option for women. They are reusable as long as you care for them properly by washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry. Like the menstrual cup, these could save a lot of plastic waste.

The Thinx panties may seem a bit daunting. The company does recommend that women use a tampon or cup along with the underwear for heavier days. Regardless, these panties are intriguing and potentially really helpful for light days or as a supplement to other menstrual products.

So Many Options!

Now that you are aware of alternatives to the usual drugstore menstrual products, you can choose a selection of sustainable goods to offer in your online shop. Organic personal care items are rising in demand and it would be a mistake not to take advantage of it.

With the potential for making profit, caring for the environment, and providing a safer product for women’s bodies, there’s hardly a reason not to be selling these products.

For the women who are looking for better menstrual products than what they are currently using, you don’t have to fear trying different products to find the right one. In the long run, you can use whatever you feel the most comfortable with. It is your body, after all, and you can choose what to do with it.

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