Secrets to Natural Hair: Wholesale Opportunities

Secrets to Natural Hair: Wholesale Opportunities

Seeing women in shampoo commercials with thick, luscious hair is enough to make anyone jealous. But are those shampoos really the answer to getting locks like theirs? Of course not. They aren’t using drugstore shampoo and boxed hair colors. They have extensions made from natural hair. Wholesale prices allow for anyone to get this gorgeous layered affect to create the illusion of having naturally thick hair.

The true secret to long and beautiful hair is to have extensions and then take care of them properly. For the most part, you can treat hair extensions just as you would treat your normal hair. However, there are a few extra precautions that wearers should take. After you payed for the installation of your extensions, you should want to treat your new hair as carefully as possible to get the most use out of it.

There are quite a few tips and products that can be marketed to people with natural hair extensions. Although you can also use all of these products on anyone’s hair, they are especially useful for caring for clip-ins or semi permanent installments. Here are some natural hair wholesale products to consider to improve shine and durability for real or fake hair.

woman with gorgeous hair


Shampoo is one of the first important choices to make when caring for hair. You might think that any product would work on natural hair extensions, but there are a few distinctions. Because the hair is not growing from the scalp, the ends of your attached hair will not get your natural oils. You have to make sure that the shampoo is hydrating so it makes up for those oils.

There are also a few additives in some hair products that are not good for extensions. Mostly, these are sulfates and parabens. They aren’t particularly good for hair growing on your head, but they are especially damaging for fake hair. Otherwise, the hair could be easily broken and could lose its shine. Luckily, there are many options of organic shampoos that do not have these harmful additives.

Nature's Gate herbal shampoo

Here is an example of one shampoo without sulfates or preservatives like paraben. Nature’s Gate is also vegan and cruelty-free, so buyers know that it is derived from plants and gentle enough for all types of hair care.

Desert Essence shampoo

Desert Essence is another brand that offers organic beauty products. Organic items like these are great for gentle hair care, because they are plant-based and have gentle formulas.


Pairing shampoo with a good conditioner is essential to an effective routine. For the most part, you should get the coordinating conditioner that goes with the same brand as your shampoo because that is how the manufacturers made them for people to use. To get the full effect, you should use the same line of products together.

Just like shampoo, you want your conditioner to be sulfate- and preservative-free to better care for hair extensions and make them last longer.

Everyone hair conditioner

Here is a conditioner by Everyone that claims to be sulfate-free, making it a good option for any hair types. If you pair it with the nourish shampoo by the same brand, you will make sure that your hair extensions will remain strong yet soft.

Andalou Naturals conditioner

Andalou Naturals is another reliable, natural brand that always uses gentle ingredients for the best results.

Styling Products

You never want to apply heat directly to your hair, let alone your expensive extensions without using a protective product. For all styling products, you want a little assistance to make sure that you don’t damage your hair in the process. Gentle, sulfate-free formulas are key.

Desert Essence defrizzer and heat protectant

Hair extensions can take heat just like normal hair for styling, but you want to take extra precautions because you can’t grow back your extensions! That’s why using a heat protecting spray can help to save your hair from damage. Making sure your hair is completely dry before using tools like straighteners or curlers is also important for keeping the shine and strength of your hair.

Giving your hair a break from heavy heat exposure is also a good idea. It may be difficult not to style your extensions on a daily basis when you got them for the purpose of looking great, but giving them a day off every now and then will do wonders for their durability.

Giovanni Cosmetics hair styling gel

If you are looking for more control in your hair styling, then you will need a gel. This styling gel by Giovanni Cosmetics is organic and has no sulfates, parabens, or dyes. It gives hair even more body while adding shine. Using it in conjunction with other natural products can help to perfect your hair routine.


There are a few tools that will work better on extensions than other products would. You would not want to accidentally rip out your hair with an improper brush. Some are better to use than others, and for different purposes.

wide tooth wooden comb

A wide tooth comb is perfect for after washing. It can untangle any knots without pulling hair as a fine tooth comb would. It is also better for distributing product to hair evenly. Ideally, having one comb for untangling and another for applying product is the way to go.

For regular brushing, there are a few good options for extensions. Any brush with soft bristles would do well for gentle untangling.

Spornette brush with looped bristles

There is also an odd brush design with looped bristles made by Spornette which is specifically made for hair pieces. Using it will result in less tearing and shredding. The looped ends do not allow knots to catch on them, which makes it perfect for any kind of fake hair. The innovative design allows for safe untangling.

When brushing hair extensions, you should also consider your technique. Separating hair into many sections and working at each one is what works best. Starting at the bottom and working your way up wards is also the best way to get out stubborn knots, just like natural hair.

Other Tips

Unfortunately, hair extensions are not your real hair when it comes down to it, so you can’t do everything you would as if they were growing from your scalp. For example, you should not go swimming with extensions in. Whether you want to step into the ocean or a pool, the salt or the chlorine will damage them and lead to dull, weak hair. In cases like those, you may want to consider wearing a swim cap to protect them.

Another simple precaution to take is not sleeping on wet hair. All hair, but especially extensions, needs to breathe. Otherwise it could end up in a tangled, musty mess.

With all these tips and products in mind, you can take proper care of your hair extensions. As long as you use gentle and natural products, you should have an easy time with hair care of any type.

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