Selling Frozen Food Online: Beef Entree Spotlight

beetnik meatballs

Selling Frozen Food Online: Beef Entrees from Humanely Raised Cattle 

Beef cutsbeetnik meatballs

Selling frozen food online? You’ll want to make sure you stock wholesome frozen entrees. After all, consumers want healthier food options without artificial chemicals. Natural and organic entrees will satisfy their needs.

This definitely applies when it comes to beef entrees.


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It’s What’s Not Inside The Beef That Counts

Many large, conventional beef producers use practices that have fallen out of favor with consumers.

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  • Consumers don’t want beef from bulls injected with artificial growth hormones.
    • After all, these hormones may cause unwanted health effects, such as hormone imbalances, child developmental harm, and reproductive interference.
    • The artificial hormones may even be linked to diseases like diabetes and cancer (more studies are needed).
  • Also, consumers want to avoid beef treated with chemical antibiotics.
    • Chemical antibiotics, when overused on animals, cause bacteria superbugs to develop.
    • These superbugs threaten humans more than traditional diseases because they resist antibiotic treatment.
    • One noxious superbug is a version of salmonella.

So, Consumers Choose Natural And Organic

  • Conscious meat consumers would rather eat humanely raised beef from natural and organic producers.
  • If a beef entree’s organic, it contains no artificial ingredients. That means the beef contains no antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Organic beef cattle must be free to roam in pastures outside. These pastures must be organic: treated with no synthetic chemicals.
  • Also, organic beef can only eat organic grains, corn, and grasses.
  • In addition, if possible, some consumers want strictly grass-fed beef.
    • They view grass-fed beef as healthier because it’s leaner.

The natural and organic frozen beef entrees below are perfect for busy, conscious lifestyles.

  • Your customers will love the nutrition and convenience of these foods. No time-consuming meal preparation here!
  • More importantly, they’ll appreciate the ethical practices used to raise the beef, practices that don’t threaten human health.
  • So, sell these frozen beef entrees online with confidence!


Beetnik Organic Thai Grass Fed Beef with Coconut Rice

Beetnik Thai Grass Fed Beef

  • Like all Beetnik products, this frozen food is USDA Organic. Thus, the beef wasn’t treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Also, made from ethically raised, grass-fed beef.
  • Your consumers will enjoy Thai-style ground beef with bell peppers, herbs, spices, and coconut rice.
  • A certified gluten-free food, just like every Beetnik product.
  • Provides 80% of daily Vitamin A needs, and 11g protein per serving.
  • Frozen to keep the natural goodness in, and to eliminate the need for preservatives.
  • No MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors.
  • Add this frozen choice to your web store today!


Feel Good Foods Mongolian Beef

Feel Good Foods Mongolian Beef


  • The sweet and slightly spicy flavors of this beef and broccoli combo transport your online consumers to Mongolia.
  • Scallions add texture and bite.
  • Made from beef raised without antibiotics.
  • Also, made without artificial ingredients.
  • An excellent choice of protein—14g protein per serving.
  • A milk-free and Certified Gluten-Free food.

Texas Tamale Homestyle Beef Chili

Texas Tamale Homestyle Chili: Beef

  •  Your consumers will love to pour this chili on top of tamales, for a scrumptious Tex-Mex combo.
  • Or, they can heat up the frozen chili separately—it stands on its own.
  • An authentic Texas recipe with no tomatoes or beans.
  • The chili’s a lard-free and gluten-free food.
  • Also, the chili contains no MSG.
  • Perfect to warm your online customers up on a cold day.

Evol Fire Grilled Steak

Evol Fire Grilled Steak

  • Your consumers will devour these fire-grilled steak strips, expertly paired with black beans, white rice, bell peppers, roasted corn and cheese.
  • A signature cilantro lime pesto rounds this dish out.
  • Made with humanely raised beef. The American ranchers who raise the beef never use antibiotics or hormones.
  • Also, the ranchers raise the beef on a completely vegetarian diet.
  • In addition, this frozen dish is packed with protein and fiber—20g protein and 8g fiber per serving!
  • This flavorful frozen food is perfect for your online store.


Beetnik Organic Grass Fed Beef Stroganoff and Egg Noodles

Beetnik Grass Fed Beef Stroganoff

  • Tender beef in a sour cream sauce with pappardelle pasta makes for a hearty taste consumers love.
  • Like all Beetnik products, this frozen food is USDA Organic. Thus, the beef wasn’t treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Also, made from ethically raised, grass-fed beef.
  • Just like every Beetnik food, it’s certified gluten-free.
  • An excellent source of protein—15 grams protein per serving.
  • Since it’s frozen, there’s no need for preservatives.
  • No artificial colors, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or MSGs.
  • Pick this nutritious, convenient option to sell online.

Boomerang Steak/Potato Pies

Boomerang steak and potato pie

  • All natural steak, potatoes, and gravy in an Australian-inspired puff pastry.
  • Made with beef raised without antibiotics.
  • Free of milk, eggs, and cheese.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • 10g protein, and 20% the daily value of iron, per serving.
  • Add these frozen steak pastries to your online store today.

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