Selling Frozen Food Online: Fruit + Vegetable Opportunities

Selling Frozen Food Online: Freshest Organic Frozen Food Options

Berries are a great frozen food option to sell."California Blend" of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

Planning on selling frozen food online?

  • Remember that consumers are increasingly looking for fresh, healthy choices.
  • They want simpler, purer food more than heavily processed and artificial food.
  • And no food category satisfies these criteria better than natural and organic frozen fruits and vegetables.

If you have a grocery store online, make sure you add natural and organic fruits and vegetables to your product list!

With these products, frozen is a mark of freshness.

  • Most crucially, freezing doesn’t remove any health benefits of organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Instead, it stores their nutrients until consumers are ready to eat, simply giving the produce a longer shelf life.

And selling frozen fruits and vegetables is a smart choice, given market growth statistics. 

  • Selling natural frozen fruits and vegetables lets you reap benefits of two segments: produce and frozen.
  • U.S. natural and organic produce sales reached $15.6 billion in 2016.
  • And as of 2017,  sales of natural and organic frozen fruits and vegetables have a value of over $540 million in the United States.

Read on for popular frozen fruit and vegetable choices from hot natural and organic brands. Then, you can sell what’s fresh online.

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Popular Frozen Fruit Choices

Blender with fruit from Earthbound FarmEarthbound Farm Organic logo

Earthbound Farm is a hot-selling brand of frozen fruit and vegetables. All of the brand’s products are USDA Certified Organic. Thus, they are grown on farms that do not use dangerous pesticides, synthetic chemicals, or harmful artificial modifiers. So, make sure you add plenty of Earthbound Farm food products to sell in your online store.

Let’s take a look at three popular Earthbound Farm fruit varieties.

Earthbound Farm Organic Berry Basket Blend

Earthbound Farm Organic Berry Basket Blend

  • This blend of berries is USDA Certified Organic.
  • Premium blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries satisfy with peak flavors. After all, Earthbound Farm picked and froze them in their summer prime.
  • So, they’ll bring the taste of summer to your customers’ tables year-round.
  • Layer them with yogurt for a fruit parfait, or mix them to make a quadruple-berry smoothie.
  • Also, they pack 45% your daily value of Vitamin C per serving.
  • In addition, they come in a stay-fresh resealable bag.

Earthbound Farm Organic Mango Chunks

Earthbound Farm Organic Mango Chunks

  • These mango chunks are also a USDA Certified Organic food.
  • Tangy and sweet, they’ll bring sunny tropical flavors to the table.
  • Also, they provide 60% of your daily Vitamin C needs and 20% of your Vitamin A needs.
  • Your customers will love to eat them alone, serve them with other fruits, or blend them into a smoothie. These chunks will even work well as part of a homemade salsa.
  • In addition, they come in a stay-fresh resealable bag.

Earthbound Farm Organic Sliced Peaches

Earthbound Farm Organic Sliced Peaches

  • Frozen at their peak for heightened freshness. These ripe, juicy peaches are also a USDA Certified Organic food.
  • Packed with an absolutely impressive 190% of the daily Vitamin C value.
  • A great choice for baking pies or making smoothies.
  • They play well alone or with other fruits, like the mangos above.
  • In addition, they come in a stay-fresh resealable bag.

Hot Frozen Vegetable Options 

Looking for popular-selling frozen vegetable brands of natural and organic food? Turn to Seapoint Farms and Woodstock for your online store.

Seapoint Farms Logo

Seapoint Farms is known for frozen edamame (green soybeans, harvested when immature). In fact, they’re the largest edamame company in the U.S., and the first to bring edamame into the American food market. The protein in edamame makes it a great option for vegans and anyone looking to eat more plants.

Woodstock Logo

Woodstock makes many categories of natural and organic food, but their frozen fruits and vegetables are especially popular. In everything they do, they stay driven by the belief that simple ingredients from reliable, trusted farms make the best food. So, “keep it simple and eat because it’s good!”


Seapoint Farms Edamame Shelled Soybeans (Steam Bag)

Seapoint Farms Shelled Soybeans

  • Enjoy the health benefits of edamame (soybeans), a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids.
  • In addition, edamame’s a good source of fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids.
  • Steam bags provide convenience. So, pop a bag right in the microwave, and it’ll be ready in minutes.
  • Also, it’s a low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat and low-sodium food, with no cholesterol. Thus, it’s heart healthy.
  •  A Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher food.

Woodstock Organic Cut Green Beans

Woodstock Organic Cut Green Beans

  • These tender cut green beans taste like you picked them fresh from the garden!
  • Only organic green beans—nothing else added.
  • In addition, a BPA-free and sodium-free food.
  • Also, a USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified food.
  • Only 30 calories per serving. Add this healthy food option to your online store today.


Woodstock Organic Sugar Snap Peas

Woodstock Organic Sugar Snap Peas

  • Only organic sugar snap peas—nothing else added.
  • With these sweet peas, “eating healthy is a snap!”
  • They’re a USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified food.
  • Also, they’re a BPA-free and sodium-free food.
  • In addition, they’re a vegan and Kosher food.
  • They provide 50% of your daily Vitamin C needs per serving.
  • Only 60 calories per serving. Make sure to choose this nutritious food option for your online grocery business.

Interested in selling these frozen produce items and other frozen food online? Looking to drop ship? Turn to’s innovative food shipping method. Request a catalog.

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