Selling Frozen Food Online: Hot, Healthy Snacks

Brazi Bites frozen bread balls

Selling Frozen Food Online: Health-Conscious Consumers Still Want Snacks

Alexia frozen natural organic french friesBrazi Bites frozen cheesy bread snacks

Selling frozen food online? Natural and organic snacks are hot-selling. Why? It’s a mix of health-consciousness and an urge to snack away.

Consumers want healthy food.

  • So, when they buy frozen food, they often turn to natural and organic products.
  • These products contain only simple, wholesome ingredients. No artificial chemicals or dangerous additives!
  • Thus, consumers identify these foods as fresher and healthier than conventional food.

But their desire for healthy food doesn’t stop the snacking. They just want healthier frozen snacks! 

  • Over a third of U.S. households buy frozen snacks, per a Packaged Facts report.
  • Crucially, 2017 U.S. sales of natural and organic snacks reached over $220 million!

Why natural and organic snacks? Consumers use them to…

  • Entertain guests
  • Satisfy cravings while watching the big game on TV
  • Start or add to their lunch or dinner
  • Provide a quick meal— with just the snacks!

So, make sure you’re selling natural and organic frozen snacks in your online store!

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In this article, I’ll present frozen snack options for online selling. They’re from popular natural and organic brands, and they’re organized in 5 categories:  fries, meat-based, cheese-based, veggie-based, and vegan-friendly. Read on to learn more!

Category 1: Fries

The classic fried (or baked) crispy potato snack. Perfect for dunking in a variety of dips.

Alexia Seasoned Waffle Fries

Alexia Frozen Natural Seasoned Waffle Cut FriesLoaded Alexia Waffle Fries

  • Lightly seasoned with sea salt, pepper, onion and garlic for a unique blend of flavors. Leave conventional fries behind!
  • Also, no trans fats or cholesterol. These fries are much healthier than fast food!
  • Non-GMO Project Verified. So, customers know they’re made without genetically modified food ingredients.
  • Enjoy the warm crunch, dip them in favorite sauces, and forget they’re a frozen food. They’ve got a restaurant-quality taste!
  • Add them to your online store. Alexia’s a super-popular natural fry brand!

Category 2: Meat-Based

Frozen snack foods in this category center around wholesome meats.

Ian’s Popcorn Turkey Corn Dog Bites

Ian's Natural Foods Gluten Free Uncured Popcorn Corn Dog BitesIan's Turkey Corn Dog Bites

  • Think outside the stick. These bite-size corn dogs are healthier, more dippable versions of the carnival classic.
  • Popcorn style crispy breading wraps around uncured turkey dogs.
  • No artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives in this food.
  • And, the turkey never had any antibiotics or growth hormones added.
  • Also, this turkey contains no added nitrates or nitrites (except those naturally occurring in sea salt). So, say goodbye to unhealthy “mystery meat” and trust Ian’s pure, real meat turkey dogs!
  • As a company, Ian’s Natural Foods prides itself on being allergy-friendly.
  • These bites, like most Ian’s offerings, are a gluten-free food.
  • In addition, consumers won’t find any wheat, milk, casein, eggs, nuts, or soy in these tasty corn dog bites.

Category 3: Cheese-Based

Cheese drives the flavor in this category. No meat here. There’s obviously plenty of dairy, though!

Brazi Bites 3 Cheese Pizza

Brazi Bites 3 Cheese Pizza Frozen Cheese BreadA great white shark. Brazi Bites presented their frozen food on Shark Tank!

  • Based on the Brazilian classic “Pao de Queijo” (crispy cheese bread with a  fluffy inside). Now, they’re frozen and ready to heat for snacking in the U.S., thanks to Brazi Bites!
  • Brazi Bites has enjoyed great success after presenting products on Shark Tank in 2015.
  • In fact, Brazi Bites is now the fastest-growing food company owned by a woman in the U.S. (Junea Rocha’s the CEO)!
  • Take them straight from freezer to oven, and enjoy the pizza-style blend of parmesan, cheddar, and mozzarella cheeses.
  • Made with tapioca flour. So, they’re naturally gluten-free.
  • Also, made with a short list of only wholesome, natural food ingredients. No preservatives or artificial food ingredients here!
  • In addition, they’re a food free of sugar, soy, and trans fats.
  • Selling them in your online store will let you enjoy the strength of a Shark Tank backing!
Category 4: Veggie-Based

Veggies are the stars of these healthy snacks. (No snack foods in this category contain meat. But, some may contain dairy or other animal products.)

Ian’s Tempura Green Beans

Ian's Natural Foods Organic Tempura Green Beans

  • A USDA Certified Organic frozen food. In fact, the green beans are 100% organic!
  • Enjoy allergy-friendly goodness. These green beans are a gluten-free food.
  • Also, a food free of wheat, milk, casein, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.
  • Plus, they’re made in a dedicated nut-free facility.
  • In addition, no preservatives, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, or artificial flavors here!
  • No cholesterol or trans fats, either.
  • An excellent source of whole grain—17g or more per serving!
Category 5: Vegan-Friendly

Frozen snack foods in this category don’t contain any animal-derived food ingredients. So, vegan consumers can heat and eat them with confidence. Plant-based meat and cheese alternatives are key.

Starlite Vegan Chicken-Style Taquitos

Starlite Frozen Vegan Chicken-Style TaquitosStarlite taquitos on plate with guac and salsa

  • An all-natural choice, with hand-rolled corn taquitos and seasoned veggie protein.
  • Soy substitutes for chicken, but tastes like chicken.
  • No trans fats or cholesterol allowed!
  • In addition, it’s a non-GMO food.
  • Also, a vegan and gluten-free food.
  • Easy for consumers to heat in the microwave. Sell them online today!

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