Selling Frozen Food Online: Revolutionary Pizza

A supreme pizza

Selling Frozen Food Online: Unique Pizza Choices

Supreme Pizza. Natural and organic pizzas are great frozen food choices to sell online.

Selling frozen food online? Choosing entrees to sell? Pick natural and organic pizzas.

Natural and organic frozen food is already mold-breaking.

  • After all, it brings freshness and health to consumers’ tables.
  • In addition, it represents a return to the roots of food production. After all, producers focus on pure food ingredients instead of artificial ones.
  • Producers don’t sacrifice convenience, though. Freezing food locks in nutrients longer and cuts out meal prep times.


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Why These Pizzas?

Frozen pizzas are a classic quick meal. But natural and organic pizzas bring a much-needed healthy twist to this staple. So, turn to natural and organic frozen pizzas for your online store!

If you’re selling frozen food online, the natural and organic pizzas on this list provide even more revolutionary options. Each pizza has unique qualities that set it apart.

  • Some break away from the typical crust.
  • Others are gluten-free.
  • One includes vegan meat alternatives.
  • Another completely omits cheese.

Read on to find out why you should add these unique frozen pizza choices to your store’s lineup!


Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza (Margherita)

Tandoor Chef Naan Frozen Pizza (Margherita)

Why It’s Notable: Instead of traditional crust, Tandoor Chef uses naan, a South Asian flatbread, as a pizza base. Pizza makers at Tandoor Chef hand-stretch this artisan crust and bake the pizza in a tandoor oven. Your customers will devour this food!

Other Features:

  • This frozen pizza is covered with tomatoes and spices, and topped with mozzarella cheese.
  • All-natural, with no preservatives or trans fats.
  • Perfect for vegetarians.

Against the Grain Gourmet Gluten-Free Three Cheese Pizza

Against the Grain Gourmet gluten-free frozen pizza (three cheese)

Why It’s Notable: It’s gluten-free, but consumers rave that this delicious choice tastes just like pizzas with gluten. Your wheat-eating customers will love this frozen pizza as much as your gluten-free customers! So, add it to your online food store today.

Other Features:

  • Made with clean food ingredients and “the finest tomatoes and cheeses,” on an Against the Grain gluten-free pizza shell.
  • Cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses come together in a careful blend.
  • Also, Against the Grain locally sources food ingredients from Vermont tomato and cheese producers.

Daiya Supreme Pizza 

Daiya Supreme Frozen Pizza (Vegan and gluten-free)

Why It’s Notable: This frozen pizza is Certified Vegan! Daiya uses its famous Mozzarella-Style Shreds, along with Beyond Meat’s meatless sausage. Sell this food online and meet the needs of your vegan customers.

Other Features:

  • Includes mushrooms, colorful peppers, and onions. Beyond Meat Italian Sausage-Style Crumbles tie this frozen pizza together.
  • Also, a crispy gluten-free crust makes it perfect for any fans of thin-crust pizza.
  • Plus, there’s no trans fat or cholesterol.
  • In addition, it’s a dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, fish-free, and soy-free food.


Amy’s Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Pizza 

Amy's Single Serve Rice Crust Roasted Vegetable Frozen Pizza ( No Cheese)

Why It’s Notable: Amy’s has eliminated cheese from this frozen pizza. Your customers won’t miss the dairy, though. Instead, Amy’s covers this pizza with caramelized roasted vegetables and sweet, smoky sauce. It’s a great food to sell online.

Other Features:

  • This single-serve frozen pizza provides a quick and convenient meal.
  • Made with organic shiitake mushrooms, sweet onions, and roasted red peppers.
  • Organic olive oil and tomatoes are essential to the delicious sauce.
  • A gluten-free food, thanks to the rice crust. Also, completely dairy-free.
  • In addition, it’s a Non-GMO food, with no cholesterol.


Annie’s Homegrown  Mini Pizza Bagels (Uncured Pepperoni)

Annie's Homegrown Frozen Mini Pizza Bagels (Uncured Pepperoni)

Why They’re Notable: Your customers and their kids will love this healthier version of the classic frozen pizza bagels, with natural and organic ingredients! No added nitrates or nitrites are in the uncured pepperoni. Plus, Annie’s uses organic flour and tomatoes. So, pick this frozen food option for your online store.

Other Features:

  • These bite-size frozen bagels are an extremely kid-friendly food.
  • 10g protein per serving.
  • Made with 100% real cheese, as well as whole grains.
  • No artificial colors or flavors—only simple food ingredients.
  • The perfect hot snack for busy families. Your customers can heat these pizza bagels in a conventional oven, toaster oven, or microwave.
American Flatbread Roasted Tomato and 5 Cheese Pizza

American Flatbread Roasted Tomato and Five Cheese PizzaAmerican Flatbread Roasted Tomato and 5 Cheese frozen pizza

Why It’s Notable: Artisan ingredients plus a super-thin, crispy crust make this frozen pizza a gourmet choice to sell online! Your customers will enjoy the flavor combinations of vine-ripened tomatoes and small-batch cheeses carefully crafted in Vermont.

Other Features:

  • This American Flatbread pizza is all-natural and baked in a wood-fired oven.
  • “Creamy, fresh-made mozzarella,” maple-smoked Vermont cheddar, Vermont sage cheese and flavorful asiago cheese come together, along with parmesan and fresh herbs.
  • Also, the crust features 100% organically grown wheat.
  • In addition, the cheese contains no artificial growth hormones.


Table5 Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Table5 Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Why It’s Notable: A crispy cornmeal crust and “the finest all-natural ingredients”  provide the foundations of this savory handmade pizza. Plus, Table5 uses uncured pepperoni—no added nitrites! Add it to your store’s list of foods today.

Other Features:

  • An excellent source of protein, at 13g per serving.
  • Also, an excellent source of iron, and a good source of calcium.
  • A three-cheese blend of mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan complements the pepperoni.
  • Works well when your customers are hosting friends.

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