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tea wholesale suppliers with organic tea

a cup of tea wholesale distributorsYou never miss a beat when it comes to drinking tea. Like clockwork, every morning at 6:00 AM you begin your work. With a piping hot cup of tea by your side, it helps you stay calm and focused while you do your studies.

Did you know that you can turn your passion for tea into a profitable business idea? Dealing with tea wholesale suppliers like GreenDropShip make selling tea online easy. As a tea drinker, you are willing to research the best-tasting tea brands to drink. Other people just like you are searching the internet for the next best leaves.

If college marketing has taught you anything, you have to get creative. Dropshipping tea online can be a great way to help pay off your student loans. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Tea Wholesale Suppliersnimi teas tea wholesale suppliers

If you are looking for unique dropshipping products to sell online, look no further.

Customers will love how great Numi Teas Organic Aged Earl Grey Black Tea tastes.

Its robust, citrusy character will have your customers drinking this tea twice as often. Likewise, the USDA organic seal will give you a competitive advantage over other non-organic tea brands.

Using real Italian Bergamot, the organic Assam black tea is aged for several weeks so the tea absorbs the orange scent. This process gives the black tea subtle citrus notes without the physical addition of an orange oil or flavoring.

This gives the tea a truly unique zest that casual sippers and tea snobs will both love.

Sell Organic Tea

In addition to Earl Grey, Numi Teas also makes a delicious Chocolate Rooibos tea as well.

This ultra-smooth tea is unrivaled in taste. The creamy real vanilla beans, sweet honeybush and rich cacao pair with the organic African Rooibos tea leaves to create a truly delicious drink. This tea is so smooth, it almost melts in your mouth.numi tea wholesale suppliers

These 12 count boxes can be bundled together with different flavors for the dedicated tea drinkers who buy their tea in bulk.

As if this tea couldn’t be any more elite, the bags are non-GMO and are biodegradable. This is great for customers who care about the impact their tea drinking has on the environment.

Tumeric Wholesale Organic Tea

For the tea drinkers who also care about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Numi Teas makes a truly unique product.

Their organic Tumeric Tea is combined with soothing chamomile and lemon myrtle to create a healthy, smooth blend.numi-teas-tea-turmeric-fields-gold-12-bg-front

Taste aside, the tea leaves that are sourced from Madagascar are also Fair Trade Certified. Meaning, that this product wasn’t made using unethical labor.

People are looking for tea options that taste good and are sourced ethically. They will also be willing to pay a little more knowing that the tea they buy from your website is fair trade, organic, and non-GMO.

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