Things to Sell Online: Opportunities After Holidays

The winter holiday season has come and gone. Your online electronics business has done well for the season and now you find yourself in a bit of a slump. After the holidays, electronics sales seem to dip off which can strike panic into the hearts of any online entrepreneur.

The big question is, what can you do to make some extra money online after the holidays? Here are a few words of advice for anyone who is looking for new things to sell online after the holiday rush.

Depending on how different these ideas are from your original online electronics store, it might be worth creating another brand to sell during the off-season. Nonetheless, here are a few suggestions for you to make some additional revenue after your peak season.

Health Food Products

A great way to make some extra cash after the holidays is to sell health food products. When you think of the holiday season, cakes, pies, and other sweets come to mind. What better products to sell than healthy food products?Gimme Chips: Organic Seaweed Chips with Sesame Teriyaki

Organic and natural foods are growing in popularity, especially among the millennial generation. Since millennials tend to shop for electronics online, it makes sense to sell health food products on your new or existing online store.

Health food products can be considered pre-packaged snacks, vegan protein powder, and organic fruit snacks.  Truly, the sky is the limit.

Foods that are labeled “certified organic” tend to be hot sellers. They also have the unique label which allows you to sell them online for a higher price than say, non-organic products.

These products do not have to be confined to a particular season or holiday. These are products that you can sell year-round. Best of all, there is always a demand for food.

Research the products sold by the wholesaler to make sure that you can make a decent profit by selling them.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are another great category of products that you can stock on your online store. These products are popular year-round and can be another great way to supplement your income during the post-holiday season.

Products such as vitamins, extracts, and herbs can provide some nice income for after the holidays.

Red, yellow and white vitamin supplements pour out of a green bottle.

A word of caution, however, dietary supplements do require a bit of research before you buy. Check out the product reviews as well as any negative press regarding the supplements you choose to stock.

With this category of products, customers are trusting that the supplements they buy from your store will improve their quality of life. If they do not or for some reason cause adverse effects, it could backfire and lead to a world of headaches.

That is not to say that this cannot still be a good business venture. Rather, do your research on these products before you sell them.

In the age of the fast food diet, Americans are upping their vitamin intake. This makes the vitamin and supplements industry quite profitable.

Sell Other Holiday Products

Wait, but what about the Christmas season? In fact, you can plan to sell products related to other holidays to help offset sales after the Christmas season. Holidays such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, and others are all excellent opportunities to make some extra cash.

Here a few holidays you can count on to generate some additional revenue for the new year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a great holiday that you can sell seasonal products online. Products that would be good to sell are red in color and pertain to the animal of the current year.

This particular holiday might require some additional research, especially if you are unfamiliar with Chinese culture. Take some time to research and you will find some great products to sell here in America.

Stocking your store with products that pertain to the Chinese new year could be a great way to add different seasonal income. This holiday typically falls in January or February, depending on the year.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when stuffed animals, assorted chocolates, and other romantic gifts are exchanged. Selling products for Valentine’s day can be profitable help generate revenue in the month of February.

A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found that 54.8% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day with the average person spending $146.84 on gifts.

With Americans spending more and more on this holiday every year, this is another holiday that you can prepare for. Stock candy, Valentine’s Day related clothing, and other products online and you can make some considerable profits.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day hat

American’s go bananas for St. Patrick’s Day. Especially among college-age millennials, these online shoppers are looking to buy green, Irish themed apparel, and accessories. In 2016 alone, Americans spent $4.4 billion on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Stock your online store with 50 shades of green and you’ll likely have some extra green in your wallet.


Bunnies, chocolates, easter eggs, and festive clothing. The average American spent $225.43 online for this holiday alone. With this holiday falling in March or April, this early spring holiday can be a great way to make some extra cash after the winter season.

Younger and older adults are more likely to be searching online for Easter supplies. Think items these parents and grandparents would be buying for their kids to help celebrate this spring holiday.

Independence Day

Red, white, and blue everything. An average of $73.42 per person was spent last year on food and picnic supplies. A good way to cash in on this patriotic holiday is to sell American themed clothing, table covers, cups, and plates. If it has stars and stripes, there’s a good chance that it will sell during this holiday.

Since Independence day falls in early July, stocking your store with patriotic products is a great way to generate some additional revenue during the summer.

While this holiday might not bring in as much cash as Christmas and Black Friday, it can be a good way to have additional income coming in as the summer is heating up.


This holiday continues to see increases in spending from American consumers. On average, Americans spend $86.13 on costumes, candy, decorations, and other spooky items.  Find some unique Halloween costumes and decorations and you can stand to make decent profits from this late October holiday.Halloween Pumpkins

Even if you only decide to sell products for one of the holidays discussed in this article, it could provide a way for you to generate additional income for when your electronics sales are down.

Health & Beauty Products

Health and beauty products are always in high demand. Everyone wants to look good. Why not sell some health and beauty products to generate revenue year round?

In 2016, health and beauty products generated an estimated revenue of $62.46 billion dollars in the United States alone. 

It’s a big industry no doubt. Both women and men purchase health and beauty products making this a good industry to get into. There are lots of niche markets that you can get into within this broad category of products.

Products such as lotions, soaps, makeup, teeth whiteners, etc. can all be sold on your online store year-round.

As with the supplements and vitamins category, it is always a good idea to research the products before you sell them on your store. Some products that are manufactured overseas contain ingredients that can irritate the skin or are outright illegal in the United States.

Before stocking them in your store, it is a good idea to look up the product reviews and even the ingredients if necessary. As with anything, the products you sell reflect your company. Make sure that the products are high quality and your customers will continue to do business with you.

Take this a step further and stock your store with organic and natural products, natural beauty products, and natural supplements and you can quickly attract a new group of shoppers to your online store.


Everybody wants to be up on the latest and greatest fashion trends. To that end, people want to have their own unique sense of fashion by wearing clothing that represents their image.

On average, households spend thousands of dollars annually on clothing for the family. Why not have a hand in this market as well?

Different colored clothing

If you have a graphic design background or know of any graphic designers, a great way to make money is to design custom shirts and sweatshirts. This way you can sell your design concepts to other companies or produce and sell the shirts on your own website. (If you are doing this, be sure to copyright your designs).

Even if you don’t know any graphic designers, a good place to find one is on the freelance website, Fiverr. This website connects you with artists who are willing to design products for you for low prices. This will allow you to sell unique apparel that can set you apart from the competition.

It could be a good idea to focus on a niche market for this product category.

Whether you are designing your own apparel or simply reselling clothing from a manufacturer, this can be a great way to supplement your income year-round.


You don’t have to be dead in the water after the Black Friday, Christmas, and Cyber Monday season. There are lots of great ways to make additional revenue during the slow season.

Whether you decide to sell supplements, holiday-themed clothing and accessories, health & beauty products, or clothing, you can surely find other ways to make money.

Some of these ideas might require you to set up another store, just to keep things separate from your electronics gig. You can even combine a few of the suggestions listed in this article to create an entirely new store. The possibilities are endless!

Take some time to think about what things you could sell online that could make up for the slow season. Be creative, do your research, and find other ways to supplement your income.

There is no reason for your revenue to drop off the face of the earth after the Christmas holiday season. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can create a business model that can propel you through the dry seasons and into a profitable lifestyle.


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