A Brief History of Organic Essential Oils: Wholesale Opportunities

This article discusses the earliest uses of essential oils. Essential oils have stood the test of time. Since the beginning of human history, they have become important components of medicinal practices, spiritual ceremonies, aromatherapy, and beauty practices. They have different extraction methods and a wide variety of benefits, which we covered in previous articles. The fascinating history of these oils, as well as the opportunity of reselling organic essential oils wholesale, is next in our collection of articles about these plant oils.

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Essential Oils in the Ancient World

Image Describing Essential Oil Use in Ancient Egypt

In most ancient cultures, people used plants and herbs for their aromatic scent and medicinal benefits. Whether they want to look more beautiful, smell better or meditate deeper, essential oils were there to help them. Three most prominent ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome used these oils widely.

Plant-Based Oils for Beauty Practices and Medicinal Purposes in the Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians often take credit for being the first culture to use plant-based oils for beauty care. It is not a surprise.  Nile River became the host for rich Egyptian culture. Its fertile lands allowed the development of advanced Egypt civilization, from its unification around 3100 B.C. to its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. During its 3000 years long history, Ancient Egypt became a civilization of many wonders. The use of essential oils is one of them.

Ancient Egyptians Used Essential Oils as Beauty Products

When you combine the words “ancient” and “beauty”, Cleopatra comes to mind. We know that she had extensive knowledge of natural cosmetics. To take it up a notch, some historians believe that she kept a book of essential oil recipes based on its mention in some Roman texts. Whether the book is actually real or not, it is highly possible that Cleopatra owed her mythical beauty to natural cosmetics. For further reading,  you may want to check out a novel titled, The Book of Lost Fragrances: A Novel of Suspense by M.J. Rose, which references to Cleopatra`s lost book of essential oils.

Essential Oils Used by Ancient Egyptians for Medicinal Purposes

Among the ruling classes and elites of the Ancient Egypt, essentials oils were used as a part of the daily life. Thanks to these oils` uses in aromatherapy and beauty practices,  they became an essential part of the Ancient Egyptian culture. Evidence such as the Ebers Papyrus proves that herbs and essential oils were used for medicinal purposes, as well. Although Ebers Papyrus dates back to 1550 B.C.E., it is a collection of diverse Egyptian medicinal texts dating back to even earlier times of the civilization. The papyrus is kept in the library of the University of Leipzig. It is one of the two oldest preserved general medical documents anywhere.

Aromatherapy and Medicinal Herbs in Ancient Greece

The Egyptians had a strong influence on the Ancient Greece. Often described as the birthplace of the Western civilization as we know it today, the Ancient Greece was very advanced in philosophy, art, medicine, and more. In those city-states, where ideas flowed freely and culture blossomed, you could probably smell the aromatic scents of essential oils in the air.

About 400s B.C.E, the Greek historian Herodotus and Pythagorean philosopher Democrates visited Egypt. With them, they brought back the wisdom of plants, oils, and scents. As the popularity of essential oils increased among the citizens of Ancient Greece, the medicinal features of herbs and oils became common knowledge. Unlike Egyptians, Greeks could make use of these plant-based oils at all classes of the society. The Greeks thought that they could honor the Gods using the aromatic scents of plant oils. They believed that anything extracted from plants held spiritual qualities.

Plant Oils Used by Ancient Greeks for Medicinal Purposes

Hippocrates, aka the father of modern medicine, studied and documented the medicinal effects of over 300 plants. He strongly believed in aromatherapy and the medicinal benefits of plant oils. He often emphasized the medicinal benefits of fumigation with aromatics and advised the use of fumigation in the city of Athens to fight plagues.

Between 50-70 AD, Pedanius Dioscorides wrote De Materia Medica (On Medical Material), a substantial compilation of herbs, and natural medicine. It resembles Ebers Papyrus. However, it comes much later and its much more detailed. Like the Egyptian papyrus, this Greek study shows the broad knowledge and interest in medicinal uses of the essential oils and herbs.

The Romans: Bathing in Essential Oil

Through history books or popular culture, you might be familiar with the extremities of the Romans, when it comes to pleasure. Famous for its baths, the Romans used plant oils extravagantly for their scents during their baths. They also widely used them for aromatherapy and massage. Like the Egyptians and unlike the Greeks, only upper classes in society could enjoy these oils.

Since the ancient times to the modern world, the essential oils have never lost its significance. They carry their importance and various benefits today. People appreciate them for their spiritual benefits. Along with a myriad of others things, people use essential oils for their spiritual benefits or simply to reduce stress.

Reselling Organic Essential Oils Wholesale

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