Vegan Food Trends: Best Products To Sell In 2020

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Vegan food is now more popular than ever. What started as a health-food niche, is now very much a part of the mainstream. Eating a plant-based diet continues to gain massive momentum in the U.S., and around the world. New products and foods crop up every year. And 2020 is no exception. There are great new products to sell on your website that vegan food lovers can’t wait to try out. From plant-based chicken to dairy-free chocolate, retailers have an excellent range of vegan items to sell that are trending in the new year.  Let’s look at the top eight vegan food trends for 2020.

1. Plant-based Chicken

With plant-based chicken sandwiches making their debut last year in major food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s no surprise that this vegan food item tops the list for this year’s vegan food trends. What’s most exciting about vegan chicken, is that it has found a place on fast food restaurant menus across America. Vegan fast food products are serving as a major gateway item for many meat-eaters who are curious about the vegan diet.

From vegan chicken patties to vegan chicken wings, you can expect a variety of vegan chicken products to hit the market this year. But what’s even better news, is the majority of these products will be aimed at vegans who cook at home. You can already find great recipes for vegan chicken dishes online. So this an excellent product to add to your vegan products in your online store.

2. Vegan Meat And Cheese

FOLLOW YOUR HEART Cheddar Cheese Alternative ShredsMIYOKOS CREAMERY Cream Cheese Vegan Unlox

However, in the vegan meat realm chicken isn’t the only one you can expect to make a big splash in 2020. Vegan meat such as vegan burgers and sausages are expected to make an even bigger splash in the new year, as consumer demands continue to increase in the quest for delicious vegan meat products. Tired of making multiple dishes on holidays to replace traditional meat items like ham and turkey, vegans are now seeking meat replacement products to serve as a centerpiece for special occasions and holiday celebrations.

The Artisan Celebration Roast is perfect for the vegan dining FIELD ROAST Artisan Vegan Celebration Roasttable. Made with rich sausage-style stuffing, roast grain meat, and butternut squash, it can easily serve as a delicious centerpiece. You can find it on the GreenDropShip website.

Vegan cheese is also in huge demand as a strong new trend in 2020. Considered the runaway vegan food of 2019, vegan cheese is expected to even make a bigger impact on the vegan food market as the demand for variety in vegan cheese products has increased dramatically. Major pizza chains like Pizza Hut and Dominos already serve vegan pizza with vegan cheese as the star attraction.

Vegan cheesemakers like Follow Your Heart and Miyokos Creamery already offer a good variety of vegan cheese products that your customers will love. You can also find their products on the GreendDropShip website.

3. Vegan Oat Products

Vegan oat milk has been enjoying popularity from vegans and non-vegans alike for some time. But now oats are finding their way into other products across the vegan spectrum. For the past year, Mexican food chain Taco Bell has been serving oat-based meat in their vegan tacos. The product tastes like traditional beef without real meat ingredients. The chain is slated to expand its oat meat offers across its menu. You can also expect to see oat-based meat items aimed directly at consumers, as vegan producers are ramping up their production of oat-based meat products to be offered in the grocery and retail realm.

Oat-based yogurt is another hot item among this year’s vegan food trends. New on the market, it is expected to impact yogurt sales as a major competitor. Oat-based yogurt is already in demand in Europe. The same is expected to happen once the product hits the market stateside this year.

4. Vegan Bakeries

While vegan bakeries aren’t new news, they’re definitely on the rise in a big way. That’s why many food pundits consider them to be a huge vegan food trend in 2020. No longer will vegan food lovers be delegated to the small vegan section of baked goods in a traditional bakery. Vegan bakeries overflowing with items like donuts, croissants, and fresh bread, will enjoy center stage in bakeries created just for them.

Dairy-free Chocolate

ENDANGERED SPECIES Natural Dark Chocolate Bar with Espresso BeansENDANGERED SPECIES Natural Dark Chocolate Bar with Forest Mint

If 2019 was the year of vegan ice cream, then 2020 is all about chocolate. Last year Nestle’s debuted vegan dark chocolate and Mars candy bars introduced the Galaxy bar. Both were a hit among vegan chocolate lovers, which have spurred production to make these kinds of products more available to consumers.

The Endangered Species company produces excellent vegan chocolate bars that are intensely chocolate, GMO-free and fair trade certified. The Natural Dark Chocolate Bar with Expresso Beans is delightful, and the Natural Dark Chocolate Bar with Forest Mint is incredible. You can find these products and other Endangered Species chocolate bars on the GreenDropShip website.

Biggest Innovation: Bean-Based Products

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs Nacho VibesHIPPEAS Chickpea Puffs White Cheddar

Beans have always been a basic food item for vegans. But beans are now taking on different forms being used as a base for different kinds of foods. Expect to see eggs made from mung beans. And items like cheese puffs from chickpeas. While the hugely popular Beyond Burger is made from pea-based ingredients, you can expect to have an even larger variety of bean-based products to sell to your consumers.

If you want to get a head start, items like Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs Nachos and Hippeas Chickpea White Cheddar Puffs can already be found on the GreenDropShip website.

5. Vegan Eggs

Vegan egg products are another exciting item to share with your customers for 2020. Soon scrambled, hard-boiled, and even quiche vegan products will be available to consumers looking for egg replacements. Companies, like Follow Your Heart, are slated to introduce vegan eggs this year. Also, other vegan food producers are offering egg products in the coming months.

Vegan egg patties are already in Canadian restaurants so it’s just a matter of time before they reach the U.S. Your customers will love vegan egg options. They will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to your vegan offerings in your online retail store.

6. Vegan French Food

Fact is, anything can be made vegan these days. That’s probably why vegan French food, another vegan food trend, is the new “IT” vegan cuisine for the new year. From vegan foie gras to beef bourguignon, you can expect to see vegan French food items hitting the market from vegan food producers in the coming months. One reason why vegan French food is making waves is due to restaurants across the nation already offering vegan French options on their menus. In Europe, Parisian restaurants have long embraced vegans, creating delicious offerings at several fine dining locations throughout the city of lights.

Now stateside, vegan French food is gaining in popularity as vegan restaurants and vegan food producers are creating several French food items for the mainstream market. Online retailers should be on the lookout for these great French offerings for their customers.

Selling vegan products online is now bursting with variety. Vegan food trends for 2020 adds even more great vegan selections for your customers to choose from. Sign up for GreenDropShip’s catalog and see our broad selection of great vegan food products for your business. Let us help you make your online store a success.