How To Sell Skincare Products From Home

Selling skincare products from home can be highly profitable

As an online retailer, you always have to be on the lookout for popular products that will sell well and satisfy consumer demand. Well, there is currently a huge boom in the skincare industry. As a result, many resellers are looking to sell skincare products from home in order to boost their profits and grow their e-commerce operations. Remember, your online store is only as good as the products you offer, but luckily skincare is a segment of the marketplace that just continues to grow.

So let’s take a look at how to sell skincare products from home, the size of the market, and which specific products are best added to your online store’s inventory.

Check Out These 8 Tips To Help You Sell Skincare Products

Selling skincare products from home can help boost your online store

It may seem like it’s difficult or complex to run an e-commerce business, but in reality, it’s quite simple! This is especially true if you are running a dropshipping store.

Dropshipping is a type of retail business model in which you, the online reseller, don’t actually handle storing, packing, or shipping any products. Instead, that responsibility falls to your dropshipping supplier! Usually, you have to pay this supplier some sort of membership fee and they’ll handle the logistics while you focus on running the store and marketing to customers.

Furthermore, that’s the beauty of the dropshipping model: there’s barely any risk for you! You only order as much inventory as you sell, so you never have to worry about unsold items or a store surplus. Plus, the overhead and operational costs are minimal, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of capital to get your beauty business up and running.

That being said, let’s take a moment to look over some tips you can follow to boost your online store and help you effectively sell skincare products from home:

1) Use social media.

Use Facebook to build brand awareness when you sell skincare products from home.







Social media has revolutionized the way people shop for goods and interact with one another. Interestingly enough, the surging demand for skincare products is driven partially by the rise of Instagrammers who focus on health and wellness promotion.

That being said, be sure you follow these tips to effectively use social media:

  1. Choose the platform that works best for you. Remember, you have multiple options, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Youtube.
  2. Create your profile in a way that accurately represents your brand. So, if you’re trying to sell skin care products, be sure you choose images that best exhibit your products.
  3. Always share with your audience. This is the whole point of social media; your customers will feel connected with you.
  4. Don’t buy fake followers! This never works in the long run, so be sure you build your following organically.
  5. Put up posts on a regular basis. Social media interaction works best if it’s consistent.
  6. Respond to your followers. Remember, social media is about connection, so make sure your followers feel seen and heard.

If you use your social media effectively, then consumers will feel a personal connection and will be more likely to visit your online store and spend their hard-earned cash. It’s important to remember that consumers don’t want to just buy from a company, they want to buy from another person. That means that you should share your story via social media and build an appealing personal brand.

2) Increase sales with cross-selling and product bundling.

While these are both common in virtually any retail operation, they are especially useful if you’re trying to sell skincare products from home. Why is that the case? Well, skincare is usually a multi-step process. For example, you can have a cleaner, a moisturizer, a toner, a face mask, and an astringent, and they ostensibly each serve a different purpose in the overall skincare regimen.

As a result, you can use cross-selling by recommending a cleaner to someone who is purchasing a face mask. Furthermore, you can also bundle products together so that your customers can put together an entire skincare regimen in a single visit. Essentially, you’re applying these strategies to get customers to spend more per transaction; this is one of the best methods for boosting sales and profits.

3) Boost your brand awareness.

How are consumers supposed to visit your e-commerce store if they don’t even know it exists? Remember, online retail is a crowded marketplace, so it’s important that you do everything you can to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Consider this fact: over 80% of consumers will seek out referrals from their friends or acquaintances before making a purchase. Furthermore, word-of-mouth marketing is also incredibly important – if consumers hear something positive about a company or store from someone they trust, then they are much more likely to patronize that store.

So, keeping that in mind, let’s go over some useful tips to boost your brand awareness:

  1. Reach out to influencers to display your products. Remember, Instagram is particularly useful for this!
  2. Do your research and optimize your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important step in getting your site to rank higher.
  3. Use the right marketing tools. You have Facebook Ads and Google Ads at your disposal as well as a newer tool known as Google AdSense.

Remember, people don’t buy products, they buy results. You can safely assume that the customers the skincare products are looking for a definite beneficial outcome: healthy skin. If y0u market your product effectively to them, then you will likely up your conversion rates. In other words, you’ll turn potential customers into actual customers.

4) Solicit customer feedback and reviews.

If you want to make a profit from selling skincare products at home, you'll need good customer reviews.

This is another form of word-of-mouth marketing and it’s absolutely critical for a successful operation. If you want to sell skincare products from home and make some serious coin, then you’re going to have to encourage customers to leave feedback or write a review.

Take a moment to consider the following statistics from Review Tracker’s 2018 analysis and survey of Online Reviews: a whopping 94% of consumers said that a negative online review has made them avoid a specific business while 80% of consumers state that they only really trust stores with ratings of 4.0, 4.5, or 5.0 stars. As you can see, online reviews are crucial. That being said, you may have to incentivize the customer to leave their feedback, perhaps by offering a modest discount on their next purchase. However, recent research indicates that nearly 70% of consumers will leave a review if you ask them, so it may not even be necessary to offer something in exchange.

5) Do your research and identify your target market.

Use Google Analytics to find and analyze your target audience.

This can also be referred to as identifying your target audience. Many online retailers don’t take the time to properly do this when they’re setting up their online beauty business. That’s unfortunate because it’s an important step in the overall process and will help your e-commerce store in the long run. First of all, you should use Google Analytics to identify the demographics, interests, and locations of your target audience.

Secondly, you can use Facebook Insights to determine who has visited the page you set up for your store and organize this information by age, gender, interests, country, city, and device. This highly effective tool was created by the developers at Facebook for Business, meaning that it’s custom-designed to be used with Facebook Ads.  Furthermore, this tactic is especially useful in optimizing how you spend your resources; for example, if you’re going to focus on selling anti-aging creams, then you’ll want to target a demographic that’s middle-aged or older.

6) Choose a niche or sub-niche.

Because dropshipping is so convenient and potentially profitable, the marketplace can get awfully crowded at times. So how do you get a leg up on the competition? By narrowing your target market down and picking a niche. The process of identifying and choosing a niche can be tricky, but it’s vital if you want your beauty business to be successful. This is because the right niche or sub-niche will have less competition and higher profit margins. In other words, this can be an invaluable method when trying to get your e-commerce store off the ground and running. That being said, there is no single surefire way to choose the right niche, although there are a number of tools you can use to find the right niche or sub-niche.

7) Pay close attention to your product descriptions.

The skincare products you're selling will need informative, easy-to-read product descriptions.

Obviously, the major difference between a brick-and-mortar store and a dropshipping operation is that the consumer can’t actually hold the product in their hand and examine it. As a result, good sales copy and informative content play a much bigger role in online retail. In other words, you need to make sure that you properly describe the beauty products and inform consumers how they will benefit from them. But you’ll need to strike the right balance: it should be friendly, appealing, and alluring while also being informative, substantial, accurate, and not overly technical.

This is especially true with skincare products since they are usually made up of complex chemicals that may come across as gibberish to your average consumer. However, you still need to make sure that they properly understand the health and wellness benefits of a particular product; that being said, you should always directly state how the consumer will benefit from using the product in question. It’s also a good idea to include photos of both the front and logo of the item as well as the ingredient list on the back of the packaging. This allows potential customers to do a little more research as they make their choice.

That being said, Greendropship is an excellent wholesale supplier that carries all of these types of products. In fact, we offer over 20,000 natural and organic products that are made in the USA.

The 10 Best-Selling Skincare Products You Can Sell From Home

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular products in Greendropship’s extensive inventory. It’s important to note that all of these products are excellent additions to your online store, especially considering that they’re Amazon bestsellers!

1) EVERY MAN JACK: Sensitive Razor Cartridges

EVERY MAN JACK: Sensitive Razor Cartridges 6 Blades, 4 each

Good shaving equipment is a vital part of a man’s skincare regimen. Otherwise, they can end up irritating their skin and even causing razor bumps or inflamed hair follicles. Remember, the concept of skincare includes a wide number of different products that have varying functions. Depending on how you want to set up your beauty business, you can choose to carry a large inventory or you can choose fewer products within well-defined niches or sub-niches.

That being said, these razor cartridges have been specially formulated for men with sensitive skin. If you’re looking to cross-sell or product-bundle, you can also offer your customers the opportunity to buy Every Man Jack’s Sensitive Skin Shave Gel to go along with these razors.

Furthermore, these cartridges are:

  • Easy-to-rinse
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free
  • Easy on the skin
  • Designed for an ultra-close shave

2) COCOKIND: Organic Chlorophyll Mask

COCOKIND: Organic Chlorophyll Mask, 2 oz

Cocokind has developed this customizable mask to help clear the complexion, detox the system, and reduce inflammation. It’s a revitalizing facial treatment is jam-packed with nutrients and goodies, including:

  • Chlorella – A type of freshwater algae that is rich in protein, amino acids, and vitamins.
  • Spirulina – Another type of algae that delivers beta carotene, chlorophyll, protein, and vitamin B to the skin.
  • Wheatgrass – This is a significant source of antioxidants and chlorophyll that help purify the skin.
  • Ylang-ylang oil – This is a type of essential oil that helps balance and soothe the skin.

This product is also:

  • 100% organic
  • Alcohol-free
  • GMO-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Gluten-free

3) GIOVANNI COSMETICS: Moisturizing Shave Cream

GIOVANNI: Moisturizing Shave Cream Sensitive Skin Men And Women Fragrance Free, 7 oz

This specially-formulated shaving product is custom-designed for sensitive skin. However, it’s unique in that it’s formulated for both men and women, making it a particularly versatile product.

Furthermore, it’s:

  • Fragrance-free in order to minimize irritation or inflammation of the skin during shaving.
  • Made with a soothing blend of Aloe Vera and nourishing Jojoba for maximum moisturizing.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
  • Clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists.

This product is also exceptionally popular and is one of Amazon’s top-selling skincare items.

4) GREEN GOO: Salve Tattoo Care Tin

GREEN GOO: Salve Tattoo Care Tin Large, 1.82 oz

Some consumers love getting tattoos, so why not offer them a skincare product to help them in the healing process? This specially-formulated salve moisturizes and soothes the skin after a tattoo. Not only does it help speed up the healing process, but it also locks in moisture to the partially damaged skin in order to give the tattoo a vibrant appearance. In other words, it’ll make the tattoo artwork “pop” and come alive!

This unique product:

  • Soothes, moisturizes, protects the skin
  • Nourishes irritated skin
  • Brightens tattoo colors
  • Solidifies lines in the tattoo artwork for greater definition
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Fights infection, scabbing, and fading

Although it may come as a surprise, this particular skincare product is a profitable top-seller on Amazon. This is likely due to the fact that tattoos are exploding in popularity, thereby prompting consumers to purchase products to help them preserve the tattoo artwork.

5) ANDALOU NATURALS: Clear Skin Get Started Kit

ANDALOU NATURALS: Clear Skin Get Started Kit, 5 pc

If you’re looking to sell skincare products from home, you should consider offering consumers “kits” that have multiple items. This is because skincare is usually a multi-step process that requires more than one type of product in order to do the job right.

Andalou Naturals offers this clear skin “starter kit” that contains the following 5 components:

  • Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel
  • Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner
  • Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Mask
  • Acai+Kombucha Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Argan Stem Cell Recovery Cream

These components will leave skin looking and feeling clear, vibrant, and energized. Furthermore, it’s specifically designed for oily or active skin; the willow cleans and purifies the pores gently while the argan stem cells soothe the skin and make it look clear, refreshed, and youthful. In fact, many consumers use this entire kit as an anti-aging cream, if necessary.

Because of the quality of the components and the excellent price point, this is another particularly popular product.

6) ACURE: Brightening Glow Lotion

ACURE: Brightening Glow Lotion, 8 fl oz

This ultra-moisturizing lotion is one of the top-selling skincare products on Amazon. Consumers love it and it’s consistently rated very highly, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to sell skincare products from home.

The company is fond of saying that this particular product will “brighten” your day (hence the name) with its refreshing and invigorating blend of citrus, sweet orange, cloves, and colloidal oatmeal. This special formulation leaves skin feeling “super soft and extra-energized”.

This excellent product is also:

  • 100% vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Made without mineral oil
  • Free of any petroleum product
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Cruelty-free

7) SEAWEED BATH COMPANY: Body Cream Detox Awaken

SEAWEED BATH COMPANY: Body Cream Detox Awaken, 1.5 oz

The Seaweed Bath Company develops products based on scientific research and the desire to offer personal care products that harness the vitality and restorative benefits of the sea. This firming detox cream combines seaweed, green coffee beans, and green tea extracts to minimize the appearance of cellulite. 

  • Organic, sustainably-harvested seaweed with over 65 vitamins and minerals 
  • Naturally detoxifies and promotes skin health and elasticity
  • Full of antioxidants that help detoxify and protect skin against damaging free radicals
  • Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier
  • 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free
  • Use daily for best results 
  • Ideal for customers wanting an emollient body cream that improves skin appearance 

8) WELEDA: Skin Food

WELEDA: Skin Food Light Small, 1 oz

Weleda – Skin Food is ideal for extra dry, rough, or damaged skin. It’s the natural choice for consumers looking for daily skincare for the face and body, especially if they suffer from chronically dry or cracked skin. Furthermore, this popular product harmonizes the skin structure and helps soothe and nourish your skin. It’s made with extracts of gentle viola tricolor, marigold, and chamomile in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax. 

Plus, this is another blockbuster skincare product: it’s the 4th best-selling body lotion on Amazon! Any online reseller trying to sell skincare products from home should strongly consider adding this product to their e-commerce store!

  • Free of synthetic fragrances
  • No artificial colors
  • Free of preservatives 
  • Does not contain any raw materials derived from mineral oils
  • Not tested on animals

You can also cross-sell or bundle this product with Weleda’s Ultra-Rich Original Skin Food, which is simply a thicker and oilier form of this moisturizer.

9) NATRALIA: Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

NATRALIA: Eczema And Psoriasis Cream, 2 Oz

Natralia Eczema and Psoriasis Cream is specially formulated to act as an alternative treatment to traditional hydrocortisone-based creams. Rather than containing steroids or cortisone, it instead has a unique blend of medicinal herbs and essential oils. For people suffering from inflammatory skin conditions, this product has proven to be extra effective at relieving rashes, irritation, and itching. Its soothing action can also reduce redness or swelling on the face, arms, hands, feet, neck, or back. Furthermore, Natralia as a company grew out of a father’s desire to treat his son’s skin condition with plant-based products. 

Because of this product’s excellent reviews, competitive price, and the high volume of sales, it’s been designated as an official Amazon’s Choice!

  • Contains licorice root extract to combat itchiness
  • Made with aloe vera to soothe irritated skin
  • Does not contain coal or pine tar
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, cortisone, steroids, and artificial fragrances

10) REVIVA LABS: Professional Strength Hyaluronic Acid Serum

REVIVA LABS: Professional Strength Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 1 oz

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is like a miracle chemical when it comes to retaining moisture. Furthermore, loss of moisture and sun damage will age and destroy skin faster than anything else. As a result, Reviva Labs offers this powerful and potent HA Serum that is excellent at reducing wrinkles and lines by plumping up the skin with natural and healthy moisture. 

Unlike other lotions, this serum does not just slather oil on top of dry skin. Instead, it promotes healthy skin by hanging on to every bit of water to keep skin young, healthy, and vibrant. Plus, according to professional cosmetologists or aestheticians, this product is the closest you can come to getting an actual HA injection from a dermatologist! 

Furthermore, this product is so popular with consumers that it’s been designated as an official Amazon’s Choice!

  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals
  • Effective for all skin types

Sell Skincare Products with Greendropship

If you want to sell skincare products from home, then Greendropship is the right supplier for you!

If you decide to sell skincare products from home, you’re going to need an excellent dropshipping supplier to work with you. Ultimately, this supplier should: 

  • Have an extensive inventory of high-quality skincare products.
  • Sales and support staff who really know their stuff.
  • Innovative tools to help you track sales and inventory.
  • Have an impeccable record for packing and shipping products to customers.
  • Reasonable membership fees.

Without a doubt, Greendropship is the right supplier! We meet every one of these criteria! Plus, we’re also very proud to offer over 20,000 natural and organic products that are made in the USA. Consumers increasingly want natural and organic products, so we’ve made a commitment to sourcing and carrying only the highest-quality items. 

If you want to get your online store up and running, don’t wait any longer and contact one of our friendly representatives today! Or, if you’d like, you could also check out our product catalog to see all the skincare products we carry!  

Marcin Ossowski is a writer based in Los Angeles, California. At GreenDropShip, he writes about e-commerce, lending his expertise to online retailers and entrepreneurs on how to best drive sales and market their online stores. In his downtime, Marcin spends a lot of time outdoors and is actively pursuing his passion for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and satire.