Mavuno Harvest at Natural Products Expo West 2018

Mavuno Harvest at Natural Products Expo West 2018

Traveling around the Natural Products Expo West 2018 is quite an experience. There are thousands of companies (3,213 to be exact) showcasing their products. As you can imagine, there is a lot to see and not enough time to take it all in. You may end up hopping from booth to booth and quickly forgetting the majority of people you meet. However, there are those select companies and people who stand out from the rest.

Mavuno Harvest is one of those companies that sells great, healthy products while making a positive impact.

Tamara Barton from Mavuno Harvest at Expo West 2018
Tamara Barton with Mavuno Harvest at Expo West 2018

First Impressions

Upon seeing Mavuno Harvest’s booth, I was immediately attracted to the design and branding. It’s very simple, but the bold colors of the packaging and the silhouette in the logo look very clean. I met Tamara Barton who was very kind in letting me take her photo and talk a little about the company with her.

After hearing more about their products and their story, it’s clear that Mavuno Harvest is dedicated to quality products in a way that provides opportunities for those who need it.

Supporting Farmers

Rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa are struggling to make ends meet. Farmers work hard and produce a lot of food, but they are not paid nearly enough for their efforts. When the season for their fruits are at its peak, prices are low, and they end up with a surplus that goes unsold. Farmers are unable to support themselves and their product is left to rot.

Sonde Dare Traore from Burkina Faso who farms organic mango
Sonde Dare Traore, a mango farmer from Burkina Faso

Luckily, Mavuno Harvest has been working towards a real solution to get that excess sold. They have opened a new market through drying the fruit.

How Mavuno Harvest gets Involved

After selling what they can of the initial harvest, farmers are typically left with about 2/3 of what they’ve produced for the season. Mavuno Harvest works with them by buying their remaining fruit, drying them at facilities in Uganda and Burkina Faso, and thus increasing the fruits’ shelf life.

With this process, farmers can sell 100% of what they grow. The value of the fruit has vastly increased. The communities in the surrounding areas are being given job opportunities so that they can grow. Mavuno Harvest also works closely with the farmers and their communities. They take part in building libraries, schools, and health centers.

The Products

Mavuno Harvest dried fruit products

The products themselves are all organic dried fruits. They make for great additives in granola, yogurt, and salads. Of course, you can enjoy them as is, too. Dried fruit is a great way to get all the benefits of fruit without worrying about it going bad before you get the chance to eat it. It’s also an easy way to consume more fruit and you can take it with you wherever!

If you want to learn more about Mavuno Harvest or purchase their fruits, check out their website!