MySuperFoods at Expo West 2018

MySuperFoods at Expo West 2018

MySuperPops is a children’s snack food from the company MySuperFoods. These nickel-sized popcorn chips are great for snacking, especially for handsy toddlers and mothers who want a simple, yet nutritious on-the-go solution.

Katie Jesionowski the cofounder of MySuperFoods at booth at Expo West

Meeting the Co-Founder

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie Jesionowski at Expo West 2018. She shared her story with me for a little bit as she generously handed me full-size samples of their popcorn chips. Katie is a mother of two girls, and like many mothers today, she cared greatly about what she was feeding her children. She diligently collected recipes to find the most nutrient-dense meals to support her girls, Claire and Rachel. While shopping in grocery stores, Katie found herself unsatisfied with the snack options for toddlers.

How it Began

Katie ended up taking the situation in her own hands. She wanted to create easily transportable foods that are not only tasty, but also packed with ingredients that her kids need. After a night of discussing solutions with her friend and co-founder, Silvia Gianni, they decided to start MySuperFoods together. If you were to ask her about it, though, Katie would say that she can’t take all the credit. It felt more like an idea that they both stumbled upon. The rest was history.

MySuperPops white cheddar, kettle, and honey BBQ popcorn chips

The Mission of MySuperFoods

Child poverty and hunger is a serious issue in our country. There’s an estimated 15 million children (21% of all children) living in households with incomes below the federal poverty line. When you look at the numbers and think about all the children who are affected, the statistics can be overwhelming.

More than simply supplying parents with food if they can afford it, MySuperFoods goes beyond typical business practices by donating as much as they can to end child hunger. If you check out their website, you can see that they have donated 115,000 meals to children in need.

Pack a Lunch, Give Back a Lunch

MySuperFoods has started their own campaign that anyone can take part in on social media. Take a picture of your packed lunch with a MySuperFoods snack included, tag them, and use #packalunch. They will then donate a meal to a child in need.


It’s a simple way to create a big impact. With over 115,000 meals given, it’s clear that MySuperFoods is serious about their mission. They are a relatively small company, but the fact that they dedicate resources to a cause like this shows that they are mindful and genuinely care. If you’re interested in taking part in this movement, check out their Twitter and Instagram pages.

Other Involvements

Along with their own campaign, they have also worked with and donated to other organizations that seek to end hunger. Among these organizations are Food Bank for New York City, Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Food Lifeline, Food Bank Santa Barbara County, and Alameda County Community Food Bank.

community food bank of New Jersey logofood bank for New York City logo

MySuperFoods can easily be found in New Jersey (where they are based), California, and New York, among other states. You can buy them at Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, and many other stores. Their long term goals include working with a food bank from every state they sell their products in.

A Great Company with Great Values

Seeing MySuperFoods and meeting with Katie Jesionowski was a fun experience. Additionally, being able to see the genuine people behind companies you purchase from is reassuring that you are buying the right products for your children. If you want to support their company, I highly recommend that you visit their website and get involved with their campaign to relieve hunger. They have a noble cause, a wonderful company, and supporting them will support generations to come.