Expo West 2018:] Revolutionary Peatos Dethrone the Cheetah

Masala Peatos by a record player

Expo West 2018: Peatos Boldly Launch 

My first-ever product sample at Anaheim’s Natural Products Expo West 2018, the world’s largest natural and organic product showcase, made a lasting impression.

 On the first day of Expo West 2018, when the registration attendants gave me a free tote bag to hold my samples, I was surprised to find a Peatos sample already in the bag. (Peatos are the new flagship snack from the recently rebranded World Peas).

Peatos from the Expo West 2018 sample bag.

The bold tiger made out of Peatos, on the front of the package,  immediately captured my attention. So did the punchy phrase on the back: “Tigers live longer than cheetahs.”

I instantly knew that these crunchy orange cheese snacks were meant as a healthier alternative, and direct, feisty competitor, to Cheetos. But would Peatos, which were officially debuting at this 2018 Expo, live up to the hype? I was ready to head over to their expo booth and find out. 

Entering the Tiger’s Tasty Den At Expo West 2018

Once I arrived at the Peatos Expo West booth, bright orange colors and a nostalgic feel surrounded me. There was a table where you could play Boggle and Connect Four, and even a working, spinning record player playing Jimmy Cliff.

Posted by World Peas on Monday, March 12, 2018

Masala Peatos by a record player at Expo West 2018.



To the right of that game table was a sample table with a hanging orange Peatos sign. Brand reps dressed similarly to flight attendants offered individual sample cups of the three flavors, as well as full bags of whichever flavors we named as our favorites. And of course, there was a giant tiger made out of Peatos, along with the ever-present phrase “Tigers live longer than cheetahs.” Just like the Peatos themselves, the 2018 Expo booth put a new twist on classics, in a fierce way.

Posted by World Peas on Monday, March 12, 2018


The Man Behind the Brand: Nick Desai

World Peas CEO Nik Desai

With the slogan of “Unjunk your snack,” World Peas CEO Nick Desai spent two years formulating Peatos as a better-for-you snack food with an equally bold, addictive taste that rivals the junk on most shelves. He aims to make Peatos accessible to all mainstream snackers, not just those who frequent health food stores. And he’s already going toe-to-toe with conventional snacks for shelf space, all while touting Peatos’ nutritional advantages.


Powered by Pulses

For the base of Peatos, Desai turned to flour made from pulses.

  • He loved that many large populations throughout the world use pulses as a vital protein source.
  • And pulses were an easy replacement for corn and potatoes, which are filled with empty calories. 

Orange pulses

But what are pulses? Here’s what I learned at Expo West:

  • Most people know them as the seeds of peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas.
  • Clearly, these pulses are on trend.
    • Food Network called them a “superfood.”
    • TODAY named pulses as one of the “hottest healthy food trends to try in 2018!”
  • Also, pulses are sustainable.
    • They produce a smaller carbon footprint, use less water than other protein sources, and support soil health.
  • In addition, pulses bring nutritional advantages.
    • Peatos contain 2 times the protein and 3 times the fiber of conventional cheese snacks, thanks to the pulses.
    • Plus, non-GMO pulses are relatively easy to find (in contrast with corn, a high-risk GMO food).

My Take at 2018’s Expo West: Goodbye Cheetah, Hello Tiger

As I found out while sampling Peatos at 2018’s Expo West, Peatos look almost identical to their competitor. They’re bright orange, yellow, or red-orange, but all colors are natural. The texture of Peatos was also just like the conventional cheese snack—extra-crunchy.

As for the taste? This tiger just knocked the cheetah out of the park. In fact, it might soon put “that corny cheetah on the endangered species list,” in the words of Desai!

Peatos Classic Cheese

  • The Classic Cheese flavor of Peatos brought just the right amount of natural cheese, without being overwhelming. Some of the cheese even stuck to my hand. They’re ten times better than their conventional competitor. 

Masala Peatos

  • The Masala flavor brought the warm, complex depth of various Indian spices. It immediately made me think of eating chicken curry, and it even had a bit of a floral taste. There was also a little bit of hummus flavor. I’ve never seen a masala-flavored snack before Peatos, and I’m thoroughly impressed!

Fiery Hot Peatos

  • And the Fiery Hot variety? It immediately hit back with a blast of hot chili sauce flavor. Fans of Takis, hot cheese curls, or any snacks packed with a turned-up kick, are about to find a new favorite.


  • The only flavor I couldn’t try yet was the new Chili Cheese. I’m so ready to find it for myself, though, because I love balanced chili flavor—and all the Peatos I could try absolutely delivered.

Even better? All flavors of Peatos are gluten-free and non-GMO, with no artificial colors or flavors. You’re sure to be hooked on both the taste and health advantages of this 2018 snack!


Author: Jessica.Huhn
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