Castor Oil Wholesale Opportunities to Dropship

castor oil wholesale products to sell online

Selling castor oil online can be a great way to make some additional cash to help offset your seasonal skin-care products like sunscreen and tanning oil. Here are some great ways to dropship wholesale castor oil online.chart-table

Instead of experiencing the standard after-season drops off, you can start focusing on how you can generate some additional revenue.

Since your store already focuses on selling natural skin-care products, selling castor oil online can be a great addition to your product lineup.

Dropship Castor Oil Wholesale

Sunscreen, tanning oil, and natural shea moisture products have been the hot sellers in your store during the summer season. Without fail, your online store has allowed you to put your two kids through college. natural suntan lotionHowever, you realized that the winter season has spelled lower returns than you have been hoping for.

Looking for something to help offset this dip in sales, you started looking for additional products to sell

Castor oil wholesale products can be a great way to boost your winter sales. This natural product can be used to improve skin and hair health in a  number of ways.

Improves Skin Health Naturally

Your customers will love how castor oil makes heir skin feel. This natural moisturizer will be a great addition to your natural skin care healthy with wholesale castor oil

Whether you want to make your owns moisturizer products or advertise the castor oil as a standalone product, this can be another natural product that can boost first-quarter sales. Since many of your customers already buy natural coconut oil for moisturizers, they will be open to using oil from another plant.

Castor oil is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This could be a great selling point when advertising this product online.  From dry skin to treating acne, this product is great for your customer’s skin.

Great for Hair Health and Color

As an added bonus, castor oil is great for hair too. This product naturally promotes hair growth and also strengthens the color naturally.Healthier-Hair-in-Four-Easy-Steps

This natural ingredient helps to lock in moisture so that your customer’s hair will stay soft and vibrant.

Since many of your customers are women, this can be a great selling point for this product. Whether you decide to make your own shampoos and conditioners or simply sell this ingredient, your customers will take notice.

Sell Natural Oils Onlinehome-health-castor-oil-cold-pressed-and-cold-processed-8-oz-front

Home Health makes offers cold-pressed castor oil in three sizes. This will give your customers more options to choose from, depending on their price range.Drop-ship-500x500

Since this product is extracted without using heat, this variety of castor oil is of a higher quality than conventionally extracted oils.

In addition to the Home Health products, Sunny Isle has a line of Jamaican black castor oil that you can sell. Selling product along with other brands of castor oil will give your customers more options to choose from. sunny-isle-jamaican-black-castor-oil-4-oz

There are many great brands of castor oil that you can dropship on your store. GreenDropShip has lots of affordable natural and organic products that you can resell for profit online.

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