Wholesale Passkesz Marshmallows for Businesses

Paskesz marshmallows have come to be known for their decadent sweet treats and traditional techniques derived from French recipes, all blended together with passion to produce an unparalleled confectionery experience. Handmade using only premium ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience!

Marshmallows have never been this exciting since Peeps first hit store shelves shaped like bunnies and covered in chocolate. Now available across Lancaster County are gourmet marshmallows in delicious flavors like cinnamon churro and mint chocolate chip that can be found at farmers’ markets, specialty stores or online.

While demand for unique marshmallows may be rising, several small businesses that produce them have faced tougher times due to the coronavirus pandemic and consumer spending cuts, and cashflow uncertainty. Oonagh and Jenny Simms launched The Marshmallowist as a start-up in 2011 which sells its marshmallows both retail at Harvey Nichols as well as direct to consumer (D2C) online, and recently experienced several stockists pulling their orders, leading to reduced revenues at their UK-based company.

Break your diet goals and treat yourself to a decadent bag of these homemade marshmallows! Each one is decorated to look like an adorable Shiba Inu pup filled with ribbons of gooey caramel; making these treats the perfect toppings for hot chocolate, cupcakes, and pancakes alike!

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