Business Opportunities: Dropshipping Wholesale Beverages

Dropshipping Wholesale Beverages

In this article, we will be learning about a few of the top wholesale beverage companies. Two of those top companies are PepsiCo, Inc. (US) and The Coca-Cola Company (US).

Beverages Industry Overview

The carbonated drinks segment dominates the United States soft drinks market. The continued growth can be attributed to their inexpensive price and easy availability. However, increasing health concerns among consumers are poised to hamper growth prospects. Soft drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that contain flavoring, sweetener, and water. The United States market for soft drinks accounts for about twenty-eight percent of the global market revenue.

These beverages are packed in cans or bottles and are readily available to consumers. Consumers continue to become health conscious and demand more drinks made from natural ingredients. Therefore, the manufacturing of low-fat soft drinks and other natural drinks has seen a rise. For caffeine-based drinks, the demand for on-the-go beverages continue to increase due to long working hours.

The global non-alcoholic beverage market is set to generate steady growth over the next few years. Beverage companies are trying to innovate their packaging to provide increased consumer convenience.

PepsiCo, Inc. (US)

PepsiCo, Inc. is the world’s second largest soft drinks company. They sell brands like Gatorade and Mountain Dew. The company is trying to shift its portfolio, in a healthier direction. As of 2018, Pepsi has been advertised on television more than any other beverage in the country! 

Today, Pepsi boasts twenty-two iconic brands with more than one billion in annual sales. A few of these brands include Lay’s, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Naked Juice, Doritos, and Sierra Mist. The company’s Frito-Lay and Quaker brands generate nearly half of total operating profits. By geography, about sixty percent of sales come from the United States. Pepsi is a global business with operations in more than 200 countries. However, North America still remains its most profitable region, accounting for approximately seventy percent of operating income. 

If a new consumer trend emerges, Pepsi has the financial firepower necessary to also develop new relevant products. Even if Pepsi is a little late to adapt to new consumer preferences, its diversified portfolio helps with this risk. For example, the snack market is over sixty-eight billion in the United States alone. Pepsi only plays in about fifteen percent of that category. Furthermore, the United States snack market is growing about four percent per year. Frito-Lay has seen its United States sales grow about three percent per year over the past three years.

The company’s market share in United States snacks has increased 0.5% in the last three years. In the non-alcoholic beverage market, it’s known as a vibrant and passionate brand. Pepsi is the leading company in the food & beverages industry. The convenience of purchasing, availability, low-price, taste are some things the customers expect.  

The Coca-Cola Company (US)

The Coca-Cola Company are best known for their soft drink, Coca-Cola. The product portfolio of Coca-Cola includes non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, bottled water, sports drinks, and energy drinks. 

In May 1886, Coca-Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. The name was a suggestion given by John Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson. Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine-rich kola nut. In 1887, another pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca-Cola from inventor John Pemberton for $2,300.

By the late 1890s, Coca-Cola was one of America’s most popular drinks, mainly due to successful marketing. Advertising was an important factor in John Pemberton and Asa Candler’s success. By the turn of the century, the drink was sold across the United States and Canada. Around the same time, the company began selling syrup to independent bottling companies licensed to sell the drink. Even today, the United States soft drink industry is organized on this principle. 

Coca-Cola always keeps things simple in the best way. All of their slogans revolve around the two terms “enjoy” and “happiness.” The company always follows the same branding strategy. They are everywhere and hence they have the world’s most renowned logo. Coca-Cola now operates in all but two countries worldwide with a portfolio of more than 3500 brands. The number of employees working with Coca-Cola is more than the population of many countries! Approximately 94% of the world population is aware of the red and white logo of Coca-Cola. 

The company’s most famous soft drink is undoubtedly Coca-Cola. However, a healthier option is Honest Tea. They will appeal to health-conscious consumers. 


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