Non GMO Coffee: Spotlight on Cafe Altura

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Non GMO Coffee: Pioneering Commitment from Cafe Altura

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Consumers want non-GMO coffee—coffee without genetically modified ingredients.

  • After all, they’re aware that GMOs harm the environment.
  • Genetically modified foods also pose health risks, due to the overuse of pesticides.

So, customers crave coffee with a non-GMO commitment right on the package.

  • This is still true even though genetically modified beans aren’t available for sale yet.
  • They are afraid that modified experimental beans could get approved for sale at any time.
  • Also, they know that some coffee chains mix in genetically modified additives.
  • So, they choose home-brew coffee that they know is non-GMO.

Organic and Fair Trade certifications both verify this commitment to avoiding GMOs.

  • After all, for a food to be Fair Trade or Certified Organic, it can’t contain any genetically modified ingredients.

And Cafe Altura Organic Coffee is an organic and Fair Trade pioneer, setting the standards for other non-GMO coffee brands!

Explore the slideshows to learn more about how Cafe Altura Organic Coffee has paved the way.


Cafe Altura: Setting Standards From the Start

Cafe Altura: Committed to Organic, Sustainable Non-GMO Beans

Sustainability’s at the heart of Cafe Altura’s organic,  fair trade, Non-GMO principles. Cafe Altura’s commitments to farmers and the environment are intertwined.

Interested in selling coffee that’s non-GMO?  Want to drop ship coffee from a pioneering organic company? Ready to sell Cafe Altura’s non-GMO beans? Learn more.

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