Organic Food for Restaurants: Where to Buy

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You’ve realized that as of late, everyone seems to be looking for organic meals.

Customers have been flocking to the new restaurant in town that offers organic entres. The restaurant flaunts the fact that their meals are organic, and customers are taking notice.

To keep up, your Italian restaurant has begun experimenting with different dishes. However, these new dishes haven’t been able to spice up your income.

Even though you’ve been in business for over seven years, it’s never too late to try something new.

It might be time to rethink the ingredients you are using. In short, you know that restaurants that showcase organic ingredients are booming. Why not use organic ingredients at your own restaurant?

You might be wondering where to buy organic food for restaurants. The good news is, GreenDropShip makes it easy to source organic and natural ingredients for your Italian restaurant.

Organic Food for Restaurants

Using organic ingredients will allow you to advertise organic and healthier meals. This will likely bring in new customers who care about the ingredients you use.

From 2006 to 2016, organic food sales in the United States have almost tripled to about $43 billion. This can be an easy way to take advantage of a growing food trend.

Essentially, the term, “organic” means that the ingredients were grown using organic farming practices. This means that no inorganic pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals were used to produce them. has many organic and natural ingredients that you can incorporate into your ethnic dishes. Whether you are in Texas or Virginia, GreenDropShip can ship organic ingredients right to your restaurant.

Here are a few examples of organic ingredients that can help bring your dishes and restaurant to life.

Organic Olive Oil

You’re an Italian restaurant. What this means, is that olive oil is an essential ingredient in many of your dishes.

Don’t skimp out on this fundamental component. Using organic olive oil will not only give your dishes a better flavor, it will allow you to highlight the fact that you use organic ingredients.

Use oils from brands such as Spectrum Naturals and Bella to give your dishes an organic appeal.

Use Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

If you want to take it a step further, use cold-pressed olive cold pressed olive oil

Recently, cold-pressed ingredients have been gaining popularity. If an ingredient is cold-pressed, that basically means that the ingredient was extracted without heat.

Heat changes the taste of ingredients so by using cold-pressed olive oil, your dishes will taste even better.

GreenDropShip also offers cold-pressed organic olive oil. Listing this ingredient in your meal descriptions will likely turn some heads.

This is a great way to give your restaurant a five-star appeal without having five-star expenses.

Give your Italian restaurant a gourmet appeal. Use organic olive oil in your dishes and your customers will thank you.

Organic Flour

Flour is a fundamental part of many staple Italian meals. Why not increase the appeal of your dishes by using organic flour?

Whether you are breading chicken or making desserts, make sure to use organic flour.Organic Flour Cooking

It’s difficult to increase your sales if you’re not experimenting. By offering organic options, customers will feel more comfortable eating at your restaurant. Using organic ingredients can be a great way to get your restaurant closer to the local limelight.

GreenDropShip makes it easy to buy organic flour brands like Hodgson Mill and Wheat Montana.

If you advertise your organic ingredients, it might bring you more customers.

Organic Cocoa Powder

Don’t skip out on the deserts. Using organic cocoa powder to make your chocolate deserts is a great way to bring your dessert menu up to speed.

Use Navitas Organics cocoa powder to flavor your sweet cocoa organic food for restaurants

Similar to cold-pressed olive oil, Navitas Organics mills their cocoa powder at very low temperatures. This ensures a greater and more authentic flavor for your deserts.

You can also use organic sugar from Sugar In the Raw to make your deserts even more enticing to your health-minded customers.

Not only are organic products better for your customers, they are better for the appeal of your restaurant.

In conclusion, take advantage of the increasing demand for organic food. If you offer organic dinner options, it might be a good idea to use offer organic deserts as well.

Balsamic Vinegar

BioNaturae and Fini are great brands of organic balsamic vinegar to use in your dishes.alessi-white-balsamic-vinegar-8.5-oz

Whether you are marinading organic chicken or creating your house salad dressing, chances are you use this ingredient.

If you were to use an organic balsamic vinaigrette, you would be able to have a greater appeal.

To give your dishes an even more unique appeal, try using white balsamic vinegar. This will set your restaurant apart from the competition.

Alessi has a great line of white balsamic vinegar that is sourced from Italy.

Being aged for four years, this organic ingredient will surely spice up your Italian establishment.

Use this in sauces, vegetables, and roasts to give your meals even more character.

A word of advice, give your dishes a better aroma and appeal. Your customers will likely take notice.

Sea Salt

You use salt in many of your dishes. Why not liven things up by using natural sea salt?

Using natural sea salt in your dishes allows you to list an ingredient that has a healthier appeal.sea salt bag

Many customers are looking for dishes that include natural and organic ingredients. Listing sea salt sets you apart from every restaurant that uses regular old salt.

Table salt is boring. If your sales aren’t where you want them, why not use more gourmet ingredients?

Especially considering that sea salt isn’t much more expensive than regular salt, it makes sense to use this ingredient in your dishes.

Brands like Alessi and Redmond offer sea salt of different quantities. This is great if you want to experiment without buying in bulk.

If you want to add a fusion flair to your Italian restaurant, use pink Himalayan salt to give your dishes an edge.

Organic Herbs and Spices

Bring new life to your dishes by using organic herbs.

Using organic spices and herbs can be a great way to make your dishes more appealing.

Brands like Spice Hunter and Simply Organic offer a wide selection of organic herbs and spices you can use in your cuisine.

Whether you are using oregano, rosemary, or thyme, organic herbs have a greater appeal than non-organic herbs.

If you are really trying to give your Italian restaurant a modern feel, use organic peppercorn grinder. 

Using whole peppercorns are more flavorful than ground and if it’s organic, your customers will appreciate it.

Using organic herbs and spices can be a great selling point that you can include in your meal descriptions.

To keep up with your competition, this can be a great way to give your restaurant a leg up on your competitors.


You don’t have to switch to completely organic ingredients overnight. Phase them into your dishes as you see fit. If you do, it can have great rewards for your business.

Take some time to experiment with different organic ingredients and see what your customers think. It might be worth asking them directly if they value organic ingredients.

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