Organic Wholesale Supplies Every Reseller Needs

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The Business Of Organic Wholesale Supplies

When you’re an online reseller diversity counts. It’s just smart business to offer a variety of organic wholesale supplies.  Doing so, will cover multiple needs for your customers.

The great news is organic wholesale supplies are in demand like never before. Whether it’s a small business or consumers shopping from home, there’s no better time to showcase wholesale supplies that are popular with shoppers.

You don’t have to do either or, when it comes to organic wholesale products. Offer an array of products from food and cosmetics to cleaning supplies. Here’s a secret: unlike conventional shoppers who are typically attached to specific brands, organic-driven consumers don’t shop that way.

Organic Shoppers: Knowing Your Customer Base

Organic shoppers, especially the new ones, are looking strictly for organic goods. In other words, they’re not as attached to brands like their conventional counterparts. They’re focused on organic. Not much else. Experienced organic shoppers are not that much different.

So you’ve already got a built in base of organic consumers who are simply looking for organic products. Another group of customers that are more than likely to purchase your products are health-minded people. Simply focusing on the healthy aspects of your products can easily make them full-time customers.

Wholesale Organic Products By The Numbers

The organic wholesale supplies business is booming. According to the Organic Trade Association, consumers are going crazy over organic food. Buying everything from produce to ice cream, Americans spent over $49 billion dollars on organic food items in 2017. Sales have climbed 6.4% every year since then.

For organic personal care, the news is just as exciting. According to Grand View Market Research, personal care items global sales are expected to reach $25 billion dollars by 2025. The demand for products that are free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances and other harmful additives has increased drastically in the last few years. Sunscreens and body lotions, to shampoos and facial masks, consumers clearly prefer organic.

The fact that North America is the biggest market for organic personal care products should make it fairly obvious that a smart reseller will showcase these products among their wholesale supplies.

Last but not least, resellers should also take notice of wholesale organic cleaning supplies. To look at the sales numbers of green cleaning products, consumers have gotten savvy about the harsh chemicals found in commercial items. Sales among organic cleaning products has grown from $5.8 billion in 2011, to over $8 billion in 2018, according to Transparency Market Research.

Carry The Products That Count

All of the products mentioned above should be essentials for an online reseller to have their site. There are huge markets out there for each of the three wholesale organic products outlined in this post.

Let’s recap:

  • Organic cleaning supplies
  • Organic food
  • Personal Care supplies

To make an impact with your online business you should carry these products. Consumers who are looking for organic goods will more than likely make multiple purchases at one time. They’ll also begin to rely on your website as a one stop shop for organic and green items.

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