Tea Wholesale Suppliers: Fusion Tea Options

Tea Wholesale Suppliers: Bring the Variety With These Green Tea Blends

Sometimes, consumers can’t decide between black, white, and green tea.


Green tea leaves

  • Green: Tea that’s not oxidized. Packed with antioxidants for potent health benefits.


black tea leaves pour out of clear container

  • Black: Fully oxidized tea with a full, strong, deep flavor. So, green tea’s opposite.


Darjeeling White Tea leaves

  • White: Precious, rare, and delicate. Harvested before the plant’s leaves fully mature. Dried, but not oxidized. Lighter in flavor than green tea.

With “fusions,” or blends of more than one kind of these teas, customers can enjoy the best of multiple worlds. So, make sure to add the teas to your online store! Source them from tea wholesale suppliers.

  • Some manufacturers blend green tea with white tea.
  • Others mix green tea with black tea. Opposites attract!
  • For even more diversity of flavor, some brands add fruit or spices to these blends.
  • These teas appeal to consumers’ thirst for flavor variety.
  • However, many brands don’t offer these teas at all. Most that do only offer a few options.
  • So, finding and adding these brands to your store puts you at an advantage!

Stash logo Tazo logo Celestial Seasonings logo

Stash, Tazo, and Celestial Seasonings offer blends of green tea plus black or white tea.

  • But with all these teas spread thinly across brands, it isn’t efficient to buy directly from the manufacturers (with higher prices and shipping costs).

Buy multiple brands at once via a wholesale distributor, and save.

  • Better yet, with a wholesale drop shipping supplier, you can ship directly to your buyer.
  • Also, you’ll only have to buy the tea when you sell it. You’ll thus eliminate the inventory risk.

Read on for a list of green tea fusions available for wholesale purchase. They bring the variety!

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Stash Fusion Green and White

Stash Fusion Green and White Tea

  • Rare Chinese white tea, harvested only a few days a year, mixes with premium Chinese, Japanese, and Indian green teas. A fusion in more ways than one!
  • Features Mutan White tea, made from da bai bush leaves and shui hsien (“water sprite”) tea plant buds.
  • This smooth, delicate, slightly sweet tea brews pale gold.

Celestial Seasonings Green and White Mandarin Orchard


Celestial Seasonings Green and White Mandarin Orchard Decaf Tea

  • The antioxidant boost of green tea, plus light, delicate white tea.
  • Bright mandarin orange tangos with exotic passion fruit for vibrant, exotic variety.
  • Decaffeinated, so it’s ready for any time of day.
  • Added Vitamin C (20% the daily value) supports everyday wellness.


Celestial Seasonings Green and White Antioxidant

Celestial Seasonings Green Antioxidant Tea

  • This authentic blend of green and white tea brings green tea’s antioxidant benefits with a smooth taste.
  • An excellent source of Vitamin A (20% the daily value) and Vitamin C (100% the daily value)!
  • Natural, sweet lemon and orange flavors might remind drinkers of “old-fashioned lemonade.”
  • So, it works well hot or iced.



Tazo Organic Peachy Green 

Tazo Organic Peachy Green tea

  • Darjeeling green and black teas harmonize with sweet peach and delicate cucumber notes.
  • This medium-caffeine Tazo tea delivers just the right amount of pick-me-up, without overwhelming.
  • The tea’s also USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO Project Verified.


Stash Chai Green and Black

Stash Chai Black and Green Tea

  • Assam spiced black and green teas bring the roots of chai with a twist.
  • Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, cinnamon oil and clove oil bring the spice.
  • “Aromatic, slightly sweet, strong, and penetrating,” this tea has “rich, full-bodied, lingering flavor notes.”
  • An anytime tea: brew it in the morning, at lunch, or to pair with an after-dinner treat.
  • Perfect to enjoy with milk and a bit of sugar (as chai is traditionally enjoyed).
  • In addition, a USDA Certified Organic tea blend.

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