Top 5 Dropshipping Hair Care Suppliers In The USA

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If you’re selling beauty and skincare products on your website, it makes sense to also offer hair care products. They essentially go hand in hand. So you’ll want to find out who the good dropshipping hair care suppliers are out there and how they can help expand your business.

Who Are The Best Dropshipping Hair Care Suppliers In The USA

Beauty Joint

While Beauty Joint offers a huge variety of beauty products from makeup and nail polish to skincare items, the supplier also offers a large selection of excellent hair care products for your dropshipping needs. Considered one of the biggest beauty wholesalers in the industry, they constantly introduce new hair care products and brands to their inventory.


Did you know Nordstrom has a dropshipping program? The major fine department store features a great dropshipping program for online retailers with a focus on personal care products for both men and women. These products include skincare, haircare, make-up, and nail care products.

Nordstrom offers a state-of-the-art dropshipping program that features an integrated platform to simplify the retailer’s experience. The set-up costs are minimal.  Best of all, as a retailer, you’ll have access to Nordstrom huge inventory and early notification of new products throughout each season.


GreenDropShip features a large inventory of natural hair care and skin care products. Brands include Earth Kiss and Kiss My Face among other natural and organic selections. So your choices for products are diverse and aimed at hair care for everyone. As a leading wholesaler in organic and natural products, our dropshipping services are exceptional. In addition to a state-of-the-art platform that provides up-to-date inventory data, we offer over 20,000 products for your dropshipping needs.


With Dropified, you can easily find dozens of dropshipping hair care suppliers in one place. A dropshipping app, you can find as many suppliers as you need from Dropified’s database. A major player in the dropshipping wholesaler industry, you’ll have no problems finding hair care products for e-commerce business.


Very similar to Dropified. Also, a drop shipping platform where a retailer can take advantage of several dropshipping hair care suppliers through Oberlo’s app. They also offer a huge inventory of products via hundreds of suppliers. Again, haircare products should be easy to dropship from this platform.

How To Choose The Right Hair Care Suppliers

Whatever dropshipper you decide to work with they should have a variety of quality products from good brands that you know your customers will trust. They most definitely should have a solid dropshipping program in place which includes stellar customer service and quick delivery.

The above are basic requirements before working with any dropshipper. However, in getting back to hair care products, you want to offer the kinds of products that will appeal to your customer base. That means analyzing and figuring out who shops on your website. You want to make sure you’re targeting your customers correctly. For instance, many of your customers could be over 40. This might mean that you feature hair care products on your e-commerce store that targets these individuals such as hair loss and items that support hair strength and health. All of this means that it’s a good idea to know your customer base and then look for dropshipping hair care suppliers that carry the kind of products that appeal to your buyers.

What Are The Top Hair Care Products

“Haircare products” is such a broad term. There are literally thousands of hair care products on the market right now with new items hitting the shelves every day. With this in mind, you as an online retailer want to sell products that are actually going to sell. The best way to approach that is to break down your hair care products by category. This helps in defining what products will move in terms of popularity and consumer demand. Here’s a shortlist of the top hair care products selling on the market. All of these items can be found on the website.


AVALON ORGANICS Thickening Shampoo Biotin B-Complex Therapy

Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo ranks high on both Amazon and Google. Not animal tested, the vegan shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes fine and thinning hair. Certified organic, the plant-based formula is made with organic botanicals and essential oils.


THE HONEST COMPANY Conditioner Orange Vanilla

Amazon bestsellers like Honest Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler will make an excellent addition to hair conditioner products you offer to your customers. A fantastic blend of argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract, it easily separates strands while providing ample nourishment.

Hair Oils

HERITAGE Castor Oil Hexane Free

Believe it or not, castor oil tops the bestselling lists of several major online beauty retailers as a great hair product for rejuvenation and nourishment. HERITAGE Castor Oil Hexane Free is exceptional for hair and skincare providing a natural solution for your beauty treatment needs.

Hair Spray

Giovanni Cosmetics L.A. Hold Styling Spritz

Giovanni Cosmetics L.A. Hold Styling Spritz enjoys mass positive reviews on Amazon, Google reviews and several major online retailers. The product is known for holding hair in place all day. It also retains style and adds shine.

It should be noted that the fastest-growing sectors in hair care products include organic and anti-dandruff. Organic hair care products have experienced a huge boom in the last several years according to Morder Research. Consumers concerned about chemical additives and the inclusion of toxic ingredients in their hair products have created a major demand for holistic and natural products that serve to nurture and strengthen their hair. As the market continues to grow, right now, it is an excellent time to offer hair care products to your customers. Sales in hair care products are expected to surpass $16.23 billion by 2024. The demand for quality hair care products grows by the day.

Check out these other fine hair care products you can find on GreenDropShip to sell online:

GreenDropShip features an excellent inventory of organic and natural hair care products for your selection. Sign up for our catalog today and find out how we can help make your online retail business a success.