Top US Manufacturers Who Dropship

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Ever thought about doing business with a manufacturer dropshipper for your online store? Manufacturers who dropship are companies that make their own products and offer dropshipping services to online retailers. For those of you not familiar with dropshipping, it is a method of retail fulfillment in which an online retailer does not keep product inventory. The dropshipping company manages the inventory and ships out all orders to customers. The retailer never actually sees any product.

The difference between manufacturers dropshippers and other types of dropshipping suppliers is that suppliers don’t produce their own products. When it comes to dropshipping, they are not in the majority. While there’s more than a handful, the presence of the manufacturer dropshipper has yet to consume the online retail marketplace. Here’s a list of top manufacturer dropshippers across the U.S:

Hemp/CBD Manufacturers 

US Hemp Wholesale

This Colorado-based manufacturer specializes in hemp dietary supplements and nutritional products.

Here is what they offer:

  • CBD tinctureshemp plant.
  • Concentrated Hemp Oil
  • Vaporizer Oils
  • CBD Edibles
  • Tinctures For Pets

As a manufacturer dropshipper, they offer custom private labeling to retailers who are interested in creating their own line of CBD products. They’ll manufacture the products and add your branding to them.

US Hemp Wholesale prides itself on making things easier for online retailers with the company’s fulfillment program. They warehouse, pack and ship out orders to customers. And they also have a customer service team to answer any questions from consumers. Products are third-party laboratory tested.

CBD For The People

CBD For The People, which is based in Orange County, California, also offers an extensive line of high-quality CBD products. The manufacturer dropshipper features CBD skincare items along with tinctures and edibles. Their main product line seems to be CBD cartridges which are 100% organic for maximum potency.

While CBD For The People offers dropshipping services, this information is not listed on their website. You must contact them directly.

Blue Sky Farms

This manufacturer dropshipper based out of Colorado offers CBD and hemp-based products. Their lines include:

  • Raw Honey With CBD
  • CBD Vape Juice And Pen
  • Hemp Flower And CBD Isolate
  • White Label Products For Individualized Branding
  • CBD Sublingual Oils And Nano Products
  • Herbal Teas Infused With CBD
  • CBD Creams, Oils, Balms, Salves And Rubs
  • CBD Pet Products

The company offers dropshipping services to retailers. They also state that dropshipping orders cost 20% above wholesale and shipping. A complete catalog of products can be found on their website.

Baby Clothes Manufacturers 


Bambini infant wear offers a full line of 100% cotton baby layette clothing and accessories. Classic styles are offered for infants including:

  • Onesies
  • T-shirts
  • Tank Top Shirts
  • Sleepwear
  • Playwear
  • Gowns
  • Blankets

The company also offers white label products for retailers who’d like to create their own brand. Bambini’s dropshipping program is free to retailers. They will fulfill all products shipping directly to customers.

However, retailers pay for regular USPS standard shipping fees. Orders take at least 2 business days to ship. A tracking number is included with each shipment. This is so retailers can store tracking info for records or any shipment issues that may arise.

Sparkle In Pink

Based in Arizona, Sparkle In Pink creates a huge range of children’s and baby clothing. Products range from dresses, pants ensembles, matching mom and baby outfits. They also feature clothing for older kids and even dad clothing items.  They maintain their own in-house staff of designers promising to offer the latest trends while keeping products affordable.

The company offers a dropshipping program to interested retailers. A fee is attached to each shipped order to customers. All dropship orders go out the next business day.

Women’s Clothing Manufacturers 

Ujena Swimwear

As one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of women’s swimwear in the world, Ujena offers literally allwoman in bikini. kinds of swimwear for women. Products range from a huge variety of bikini swimwear to bathing suits and multiple accessories. Additional products range from plus-size swimwear, mix & match swim items, and a big selection of dresses.

Its online partnership program (OPP) offers dropshipping services to online retailers. The company makes available multiple data feeds for products. These include excel format CSV feeds, text data feeds, and XML and data feed product videos. International dropshipping services are available. Also, retailers who exceed $10,000 in annual sales receive incentives. Same-day shipment is available for all products.

Allure Lingerie

Allure manufactures women’s intimate apparel. This includes lingerie and accessory products. Their lines of lingerie are collections of delicate underwear designs and brasserie for night-time dressing. The emphasis on Allure intimate apparel is “sexy.” From lace chemise items to baby doll pajama sets, Allure prides itself in featuring intimate apparel to arouse any imagination.

The company’s dropshipping policy offers no minimum on orders. There is a dropshipping fee of $5.00 per order. But is reduced to $1.00 if your website offers Allure products exclusively. Allure ships domestically only.

Supplement Manufacturers 


This supplements manufacturer based out of Atlanta, Georgia, offers an incredible range of supplement products. From vitamins and sports nutrition vitamin supplements. to weight-loss and amino acids, VitaLabs is a one-stop-shop for all things supplemental.

What’s great about their products is the company also offers private label services. This is for retailers interested in showcasing their own brand. Because of the wide range of products offered, this service would be quite useful for health & wellness retailers looking to develop unique branding.

The company also houses private label products for retailers in their warehouse as part of their dropshipping services. You can become a dropshipper with VitaLabs by simply creating an account. Most products ship within 2 business days of receipt. All shipping charges will be applied to the retailer’s shipping escrow in their account.

Skincare Manufacturers 

Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth creates a natural skincare product that focuses on anti-aging and troublesome skin disorders. The main ingredients of their items woman washing face. include coconut oil and tamanu oil. And both organic agents are promoting healing and good skin moisture. Products range from facial care and foot care to men’s skincare, moisturizers, and body scrubs.

The company’s dropshipping program requires approval. Once accepted, you pay all freight rates and shipping charges for orders. The company offers constant updates about products to retailers and any wholesale pricing changes.

Terra Firma Cosmetics

Terra Firma Cosmetics specializes in natural and organic skincare, hair care products and cosmetics for women. Featured products include their Hydra Silk Foundations which offer different tones for different skin colors. All products are made from organic ingredients.

The company which is based in Washington, emphasis natural health and beauty. It offers makeup guides and tips along with a monthly newsletter to customers and retailers. It also offers private label services in which retailers can brand their own products.

The dropshipping program delivers to customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands only.

Food Manufacturers

Deja Vegan

This company makes vegan snacks and treats. Products include quinoa chia chips in 7 flavors, as well as multi-flavored kombucha bars. Also, other kinds of delightful and healthy vegan snacks. Retailers can also find vegan crackers and vegan cookies from the company. Products are made from ingredients like organic coconut oil, fresh lemons, and carrots. Other ingredients include almonds, walnuts and cashews, and sprouted buckwheat groats. All products are non-GMO verified, plant-based, gluten-free and soy-free.

Their dropshipping program is simple. Products are shipped to customers once Deja Vegan has been notified by email of the order. There are no minimum order requirements and a tracking number is sent to retailers for each order received. Deja Vegan is a PETA  Business Partner and donates half of its profits to improve the lives of animals worldwide.

Hot Sauce Harry’s

Located in Florida, Hot Sauce Harry’s manufactures an extensive line of hot sauce, dry rubs, salsa, and seasonings. The company also offers a line of Grillingbbq sauce, grilling seasonings and marinades. Hot Sauce Harry’s features a private label program for online retailers who would like to develop their own brand. They even offer design tips and artwork examples to private label newbies ready to bring their products to the market.

Their dropshipping program charges $2.50 per order. There are no minimum order requirements. Orders are shipped 1 to 2 days after receipt. The company bills retailers for dropshipping orders every two weeks for shipping charges.

Working with a manufacturer dropshipper is a great option if you like their dropshipping service.  And of course, if you like their products. But to reiterate, when deciding to work with a manufacturer dropshipper versus a wholesaler, always keep your customers in mind. If the overall services offered work best for your customers, then it’s probably the way to go.

There is a good variety of manufacturer dropshippers.  Each of them offers its own unique dropshipping program so be sure to look at the details of each program when considering using a dropshipper for your online business. Part of the art of success in dropshipping is knowing your suppliers and knowing what to expect. The livelihood of your business depends on this.