Vegan Dropshippers Dropshipping Breakfast Opportunities

vegan dropshippers selling vegan cereal online

Your no stranger to dropshipping. Your natural cold and flu remedy store has been booming, especially because of the recent flu season.vegan logo in green

Now, you have begun searching the internet for ideas so that you can start your next business. Having stumbled upon an article talking about dropshipping vegan products, you became interested. Can vegan dropshippers really make money selling healthy food items online? The answer is yes.

With recent news headlines and studies about the negative health effects associated with eating animal products, consumers have begun looking online for alternatives.

As many vegans struggle with finding breakfast options hat work with their diets, selling vegan breakfast products can be a great second business opportunity.

Since many Americans today are looking for vegan food, they are willing to pay a little extra for it. This means that now, is as good a time as ever to get started dropshipping vegan breakfast products online.

Products Vegan Dropshippers Love

Even though you yourself are not vegan, you have friends who adhere to the diet. You have heard their gripes about not having time in the morning to prepare ingredients in order to make their vegan breakfast.

When you asked your friends if they would be open to eating pre-packed vegan breakfast foods, they responded positively.

With this affirmation, you began searching for vegan breakfast options that you could dropship on your store.

You might want to consider selling Amy’s Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap. With ingredients like organic tofu, hash browns, and vegetables, this product is sure to be a hit at your store. amys tofu scramble breakfast wrap

Best of all, this product is gluten-free, meaning, that customers who have celiacs disease can still enjoy these quick and delicious vegan breakfast wraps.

Since you can buy these great on-the-go meals at wholesale price, you can then sell them for a higher price on your store.

More Vegan Breakfast Productsvegan dropshippers selling vegan cereal online

Generally, it is a good idea to sell a diverse range of products in your store. Along with the vegan tofu wrap, you can sell great tasting cereals that don’t contain any animal products.

The brand Milk & Honey makes great tasting vegan breakfast options that you can make money selling.

Sell their Papaya Cashew Granola cereal on your store to give your customers even more options to choose from.

Many vegans include honey as an animal product, meaning that they do not eat any products that contain the sweet ingredient. Instead of using honey to sweeten this vegan cereal, Milk & Honey uses agave nectar. This means that this product is completely vegan. Your customers will be able to enjoy this quick and delicious product without feeling guilty.

Vegan Pancakes

For your vegan shoppers who miss the taste of pancakes or waffles, you can sell Hodgson Mill Buckwheat Pancake Mix. Your customers won’t have to worry about any added lactose or milk spoiling their vegan diets. This is a great product for vegans who are looking for a healthier pancake mix. vegan breakfast products to sell online like vegan pancakes

In addition to not having any milk-based ingredients, this pancake mix is also free of artificial sweeteners. Although high-fructose corn syrup and the like are vegan, many vegans avoid them anyway because of the controversy surrounding them.

Selling vegan breakfast products online can be a great business idea. Combined with the income you are already generating from your cold and flu remedy store, you can be better prepared to retire early from your job as a CPA.

At, we have thousands of natural and organic products that you can sell on your store!

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