Vegan Wholesale Products Every Party Needs

Eating at home is a growing trend in 2022

You have an online vegan food store that has been seeing steady growth. However, you know that you can make it better.

You already sell fresh vegan pastries, snacks, and have even begun experimenting with dinner options. Since your line of dinner options is going to take some time to get started, why not look for additional products that you can sell in your online store?online vegan store shopping cart icon vegan wholesale

Selling vegan wholesale products online can be a great way to make money year round. With these plant-based dinner options, you can improve your online vegan food store in summer and winter.

Vegan Wholesale Burgers

Non-meat eaters are always looking for more dinner options to choose from. Cutting up fresh veggies every night can wear people down. Since many of your customers live a busy lifestyle, they are looking for something quick that they can make. The trick is finding good tasting food that doesn’t break their vegan ambitions.grilling hamburgers on the grill in the summer

Field Roast makes a great tasting line of vegan burgers thatVegan Wholesale Burgers are sure to get the party started. As the days get warmer, more and more Americans will be grilling outside. Vegans are no different.

According to a recent study, 63% of Americans grill hamburgers. Grilling veggies can be boring. While there are other veggie burgers on the market, many end up tasting bland and more or less the same.

These flavor-packed burgers use natural vegan ingredients and fresh spices to create these thick, authentic burgers. Regardless of the occasion, your customers will love being able to grill burgers outside. This summer, you can boost your sales with these vegetable-based burgers.

For the Winter Parties

Field Roast also makes great products for your customers winter time feasts as well.field-roast-artisan-vegan-celebration-roast-16-oz-front

Thanksgiving and Christmas can often be difficult times for vegans. Since ham is a staple of many family feasts, vegans often have to go to great lengths to prepare food that often times ends up tasting bland. Flavor aside, recreating meat texture can be difficult. That’s where the Field Roast Vegan Celebration Roast comes in.grain blend for vegan meat

Whether your customers are celebrating Thanksgiving or having a date over, this be a hot selling product on your website.

The sausage-style stuffing is made from grain ingredients and has a convincing taste and texture. In combination with fresh cut butternut squash, mushrooms, and granny smith apples, the stuffing tastes like the real deal. The balanced blend of rosemary, thyme, and sage tie the stuffing together.sage leaves used in vegan wholesale products

For the actual “meat”, their proprietary blend of grain-based ingredients create a convincing meat texture. The “meat” is then seasoned with sage, garlic, and lemon juice. With carefully selected spices, this roast comes to life and is packed with flavor.

Customers can use this for the whole family or cut it into thin slices for the sandwiches they take to work. Regardless of the occasion, your customers will find a reason to celebrate with this vegan meat entre.

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