Wholesale Shea Moisture Products: Dropshipping Business Ideas

Are you looking for wholesale shea moisture products? Keep reading.mens razors lined up

Lately, you and your husband have been talking about potential business ideas. You’ve always talked about how great it would be to start your own online business. With your husband’s recent bonus, you have some extra capital to get the gears moving.

Wondering what products you should sell, you began to think about the products that you both use.

After some discussion, you both concluded that men’s health care could be the niche you are looking for. This inspired you to begin searching for wholesale shea moisture products.

By selling natural men’s health care accessories, you have the advantage of selling unique products that are healthier than many products that are carried in stores. Since your husband has experience building websites, this won’t be too difficult to accomplish.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Moisturizer of Our Ancestors

Shea butter has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The natural moisturizer has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years, dating as far back as ancient Egypt.shea butter tree

This miracle moisturizer is extracted from the African shea tree and has a number of health benefits. In addition to moisturizing skin, this ingredient also reduces inflammation and protects skin from sun damage.

Recently, this west African ingredient has been used in combination with other natural ingredients to create products that naturally moisturize. From dry skin to eczema, this ingredient is great for your customers’ skin.

It’s no wonder why shea butter has been getting a lot of attention. Especially as consumers push back against products that contain unhealthy ingredients, you can expect this industry to continue to grow.

Wholesale Shea Moisture Products

Since you are thinking about starting an online men’s health care product store, products that contain shea butter are a great place to start.

shea moisture shave cream wholesale shea moisture products

Shea Moisture makes great men’s shaving accessories that you can dropship on your website. Their unique Shave Butter Creme African Black Soap is perfect for men who care about the products they use.

This shave creme is a great alternative from many big-name brands that use sketchy ingredients.

Fortunately, Shea Moisture Shave Butter uses natural ingredients like African Black Soap. Shea Butter, and Willow Bark Extract. What this means, is that your customers will prefer these products over most of the big-name brands.

Great Business Ideas

As customers increasingly demand healthier products, you can expect the market to continue to grow. According to a recent study, the global natural and organic beauty product industry was valued at approximately $11.06B in 2016.

While that figure is impressive outright, global sales of natural and organic beauty products are expected to grow to a jaw-dropping $21.78B by 2024.

What this means for you and your husband, is that you both can capitalize on the projected growth of this market.

Controversial Ingredients

Unfortunately, many of the shaving butter products on the market today contain controversial ingredients such as Triethanolamine, Isopentane, and Polytetrafluoroethylene.

synthetic ingredients that are bad for skin

These ingredients have been linked to dry skin, hormone disruption, and even cancer.

Many men are aware of this and actively search for healthier products. In short, men who do a bit of research about these products will look for healthier alternatives.

You can highlight the fact that the products you sell on your online store contain ingredients your customers are familiar with and pronounce. Unlike many shaving products on the market today, you will have the advantage of selling while this industry is still growing.

Sell Men’s Shaving Productswholesale shea moisture products bulldog skincare for men shave gel original

If you are looking for even more natural men’s shaving products to sell online, you might want to consider selling products made by Bulldog Skincare. Their Men’s Shave Gel uses only high-quality natural ingredients to deliver a clean and painless shave.

This product uses 8 essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan, meaning that this product is a much healthier alternative to many big-name brands.

Essentially, what this means is that your customers will be able to shave without having to worry about what they are putting on their face. This is great for your customers, and your bank account.

Natural Shave Gelalba bot natural shave foam

Giving your customers different options to choose from is always a good idea. You might want to sell a foaming shave gel on your website as well.

Alba Botanicals Very Emollient Natural Foam Shave is another great product that works well with your other products. Not all men like shave gels. Some of your customers want shave foam instead.

With natural ingredients like aloe vera, peppermint, green tea, and mint, your customers will feel the difference. Since this product does not contain any soap, this is a great alternative from the other shave gels that do have soapy ingredients.

Many men struggle with finding shave products that do not dry out their skin. Alba Botanicals Shave Foam hydrates while giving your customers a close, clean shave.


Selling men’s shaving accessories online can be a great niche to dropship. By selling multiple different products, you can increase the chances of customers actually purchasing items from your store.

Not only will you have more money in your bank account, but you will have the satisfaction of selling products that are actually good for your customers.

Especially considering the fact that you don’t keep your own inventory, this is a great second business to start.

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