Dropshipping Supplements: Wholesale Ideas that Actually Work

basket of fruit with wholesale dropshipping supplements

Your 15 years working at a marketing firm have given you valuable skills.

Now that your company has been bought out, you had the thought to take your marketing skills and start your own business. Since your background includes online marketing, you aren’t worried about getting things started. As an added bonus, you even have a friend to help you design your website.

With more coworkers getting sick, you have been taking vitamin C supplements to stay healthy. This sparked the idea of dropshipping supplements online.blowing nose during flu season

After doing some research, you found that vitamin C is the third most sold vitamin supplement in the United States.

You already have an idea of how you want to market your products during the next flu season. All you need are some wholesale dropshipping ideas to get things started.

Dropshipping Supplements for Flu Seasonnature's way vitamin C capsuls for selling vitamins online

Vitamin C capsules are great items to dropship for your online cold and flu store.

Nature’s Way Vitamin C Capsules are products that you can sell for the flu and cold seasons. These 250 count containers will help keep your customers healthy while they help to make you wealthy.

You can buy these bulk vitamins at wholesale price, allowing you to sell them on your store for a higher profit.

For children and adults, ChildLife Essentials has a line of liquid vitamin c that will be a hot seller during the flu seasons. childlife essentals liquid vitamin c wholesale dropshipping vitamins

Since it comes in a great tasting orange flavor, parents will buy this for their children. Since vitamin C is known for its many health benefits, customers can use these products on a daily basis to maintain a healthy immune system.

This easy to dispense liquid is great for parents who want to make sure that their children are staying healthy. Many children have difficulty swallowing vitamin C pills. Since this product is a liquid, children are more likely to use this product.

Emergen-C Wholesale Vitaminsermergen c super orange bulk vitamin c tablets

Perhaps one of the most famous brands of vitamin C supplements, Emergen-C has easy to use packets that you can sell on your store. These fizzy orange favor packets are great for adults and children alike.

Your customers will be able to stay healthy this flu season while you use your marketing skills to become your own boss.

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