Guide to Dropshipping New-Age Products

Dropshipping new-age products is a great niche for your online store

If you want to run a successful dropshipping store, then chances are you’ll have to carry products that appeal to a wide range of consumers. You could also choose a particular niche to target a very specific group of potential customers. Ultimately, it’s up to you and how you want to run your online store. That being said, dropshipping new-age products could be potentially profitable.

Although, there is no formalized definition of “new-age”, it mostly refers to people who are highly spiritual and are looking for products that tap into their holistic lifestyles. For example, new-age consumers will prefer products that are natural and organic, so keep that in mind when setting up your dropshipping store. So, let’s take a look at some new-age products that you could offer in your e-commerce store. 

Before we jump right into the specifics of dropshipping new-age products, let’s just quickly go over the basics of dropshipping. This is a retail fulfillment model in which the online store does not actually keep the products in stock. Instead, the online reseller works with a dropshipping supplier that handles the storing, packing, and shipping of the products to the customers. 

How Do I Find the Right New-Age Products Supplier? 

Dropshipping new-age products is a great idea for a profitable niche.

This is arguably the most important step in the entire process. However, once you find the right supplier, then the rest of your operation should run fairly smoothly. That being said, you should always look for the following criteria when choosing a supplier. 

1. Staff who really know their stuff

You’ll need to work with a supplier that really understands the industry and who know how to help you succeed in the competitive world of dropshipping. Furthermore, if this supplier has a focus on the type of products they sell, then they’ll probably have staff who know that marketplace inside and out. 

2. An inventory of high-quality and premium products

If you want to start dropshipping new-age products, make sure your supplier has an extensive inventory to meet customer demand.

Dropshipping new-age products means you will be catering to a customer base who has very discerning tastes. As a result, you have to be certain that you’re offering them the best possible products. 

Furthermore, selling these types of products will ensure that: 

  • You’ll turn one-time visitors into regular customers. 
  • There will be more customer referrals due to better reviews and positive feedback.
  • Fewer customers will return products because they’re unsatisfied with the quality. 
  • Getting positive reviews is absolutely crucial! Usually, a new online store will have to spend some amount of capital on advertising, most frequently via Facebook or Google Ads,but the process of developing a good relationship with customers means that positive word-of-mouth will bolster a lot of traffic to your store.

For example, according to Review Tracker’s 2018 analysis of Online Reviews, 94% of consumers have said that a bad review online caused them to avoid patronizing an online store. As you can see, trying to get those good reviews is a big deal! It’ll make a huge difference in your sales and bottom line. 

3. Service representatives to help you 24/7/365

Running an online store is tough, so you need a supplier who can always help you.

Retail never sleeps, especially online! That’s one of the great things about running an online store, but if you want to start dropshipping new-age products, then rest assured that there will be issues that come up. That being said, you’ll need a supplier who is always ready and available to help you troubleshoot and solve whatever issues may arise. If retail never sleeps, neither should your supplier’s help department!

4. Innovative tools to help you succeed

The best suppliers will have the right tools for you to make your online store thrive. These can include: 

  • Detailed, thorough, and accurate product descriptions on their website.
  • Real-time tracking and data feeds that help you manage what and how much you’re selling. 
  • An easy-to-use online catalog that shows the kinds of products that you could add to your online store. 
  • Customizable data feeds. 
  • An order history that you can easily search through. 

Keep in mind that a fancy-looking website does not necessarily mean that they will give you these highly effective innovations. You just need to make sure that you have access to these kinds of tools; remember, any edge you can get in the dropshipping game will help you succeed. 

5. Efficient, quick, and convenient packing and shipping. 

You need a dropshipping supplier who can store, pack, and ship items effectively and quickly.

In terms of dropshipping, this is a big one! Honestly, the reason most consumers shop from home is because of the ease and convenience. In order to maintain their satisfaction with your online store’s performance, you have to be certain that your supplier will pack and ship the goods efficiently and quickly. 

For example, if a supplier takes longer than 24 to 48 hours to get this done, then it’s likely that your customers will be dissatisfied with the shipping times. Online retail is competitive, and you can’t lose your edge due to a supplier that moves too slow. Luckily for you, dropshipping new-age products doesn’t usually entail lots of fragile or perishable items, but you still need to get those packages out quickly and efficiently. Your business depends on it! 

Why Is Greendropship the Right Supplier?

Greendropship is a dropshipping supplier with all the right characteristics to help your online store succeed.

That being said, Greendropship is a slam dunk on each of these criteria. We offer over 20,000 high-quality natural and organic products that are made in the USA as well as excellent shipping and all the tools you’d need to track your sales. Additionally, our extensive inventory of natural and organic items is excellent for any online reseller looking to start dropshipping new-age products. So, let’s take a moment to look at some of these excellent products that we offer!

The 10 Best New-Age Products for Dropshipping

The new-age lifestyle is very concerned with spirituality and mindfulness, especially in the products they buy

Unlike other religious movements, new-age philosophy has no central governing body, holy text, rituals, membership, or rigidly defined set of beliefs and rules. However, that’s why so many people find this way of living so appealing! Rather than being strict and dogmatic, the new-age lifestyle is open, decentralized, free-flowing and open to individual interpretation. It’s fundamentally a shared set of values with an emphasis on spirituality and mindfulness. 

Despite having no formal dogma, you can still identify many of these new-age values. For one, animal products are usually avoided out of compassion for the animals and concern for the environment. Many new-age adherents prefer natural and organic products for this very reason! Plus, the new-age lifestyle emphasizes a spiritual connection to the natural world and a holistic way of living.

So, what does your average new-age consumer look like? Well, they will most likely be:

  • Vegan or vegetarian
  • An environmentalist
  • Very compassionate
  • Highly spiritual and open-minded
  • Influenced by Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Into yoga and meditation
  • Concerned about additives in their food
  • Somewhat dependent on vitamins and supplements to meet their nutritional needs
  • Focused on a positive connection between mind, body, and spirit
  • Someone who prefers a holistic approach to life

That being said, let’s check out this selection of items that you can find in Greendropship’s extensive inventory! We’re certain you’ll find something that your customers will love!

1) EVERYONE: Aromatherapy Diffuser

Dropshipping new-age products means you will have to carry a lot of aromatherapy items

Aromatherapy is a huge deal in the new-age community! Remember, people who live this lifestyle approach their health in a holistic way and are usually big proponents of alternative medicine.

So, what is aromatherapy? Well, you take essential oils (which are extracts of various plants) and use their natural fragrances for overall health and wellness. As you can see, you just break down the word: it’s a form of “therapy” by using the “aroma” of a given plant. Furthermore, you use a machine called a diffuser to spread these essential oil fragrances so that you can enjoy their health benefits. 

That being said, EVERYONE is a company that specializes in essential oils and aromatherapy for first-timers and experts alike. For example, the Aromatherapy Diffuser uses ultrasonic diffusion to scent any room in your home or office with your favorite essential oils. Furthermore, this essential piece of equipment is made with BPA-free plastic and works with 100% pure essential oils. Remember, this is important for your average new-age consumer!

  • 4 light options: warm white, rotating spectrum, your favorite color, or no light
  • No-Heat Diffusion means no wasted oils and greater activity
  • Whisper-quiet operation makes it perfect for bedtime and nurseries
  • Ultra-compact designs – its dimensions are 2.75” x 5” tall! 
  • It has an Auto Shut-Off function for when it runs out of water
  • Enough power to run continuously for 2 hours or intermittently for 6 hours

2) AURA CACIA: Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

A diffuser is a great addition if you're dropshipping new-age products

For dedicated new-age consumers, their commitment to aromatherapy never stops. This is true even if they’re just running errands, buying organic produce, or on their way to a yoga class! With this portable diffuser, the customer can stay mobile while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. Furthermore, it’s so easy to use: just plug this diffuser into the regular 12V round lighter socket of your car. Then, once activated, it uses minimal heat to vaporize the essential oils and fill the car with the beneficial aroma. Depending on what kind of essential oil or blend you use, it can be soothing, invigorating, calming, or energizing.

For example, AURA CACIA suggests the following recipe for long car trips: 

  • Peppermint – 3 drops
  • Grapefruit – 3 drops

This invigorating blend will awaken the senses and keep you alert for a long trip. Plus, you can also create your own blends (Greendropship carries a huge selection of essential oils) or use other pre-mixed blends that are used for specific purposes. 

Now you can get rid of that synthetic air freshener and replace it with a diffuser that uses only 100% natural essential oils. 

3) EVERYONE: Aromatherapy Blend Pure Essential Oil CALM

Essential Oils are a valuable addition if you want to start dropshipping new-age products

Some new-age consumers prefer pre-made essential oil blends while others prefer to make the blends themselves. That being said, this blend has unbelievable relaxing and soothing properties, hence its name: Calm. It is a synergistic combination of the following essential oils:

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Cedarwood

EVERYONE created this new-age product to help you slow down and find peace. It’s great to use in a bath or any time you’re feeling wound up and stressed out, so it’s suggested that you diffuse this oil in any space where tension can run high.

Furthermore, Everyone essential oils are ready to use right out of the box – they come with a glass dropper and a few suggestions for how you can use them.

Essential oils can inspire creativity, lift your spirits, and change the vibe in any space. Whether diffused in an Aromatherapy Diffuser, blended into a lotion or body oil, or mixed with water for a refreshing room spray, essential oils deliver concentrated feel-good in every drop.

4) AURA CACIA: Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-On Sensual Sacral

Aura Cacia offers this roll-on to deliver essential oils to your new-age customers

The new-age Philosophy incorporates beliefs from many different parts of the world, including the ancient Hindu idea of chakras. These are focal points in the body that can be targeted for therapeutic reasons or just to boost overall health and wellness. That being said, AURA CACIA has developed a way of delivering aromatherapy to these chakras via a roll-on product so you don’t have to use a diffuser. 

The company states that you can renew balance with this musky blend of organic essential oils featuring strengthening sandalwood and uplifting orange. Furthermore, their suggested uses include: 

  • Roll essential oil on to your pulse points. 
  • Inhale. 
  • Nurture your sacral chakra; apply on sacrum and lower abdomen. 
  • Pleasing aroma for daily use as a perfume. 

Furthermore, this invigorating product contains: 

  • Sunflower oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Sweet orange oil
  • Cardamom seed oil
  • Neroli oil
  • Ylang ylang oil

5) AURA CACIA: Aromatherapy Mineral Bath Euphoric Ylang Ylang

Essential oils and aromatherapy are crucial for a new-age dropshipping store

Remember, aromatherapy is a big deal in New-Age beliefs. Luckily for you, Greendropship offers an incredibly wide and thorough range of products used for aromatherapy. 

For example, this mineral bath uses a blend of these 3 vital essential oils: 

  • Ylang ylang 
  • Bergamot
  • Ginger

This Euphoric Ylang Ylang formula evokes a deep languid calm that melts away any cares or woes. It’s basically an at-home spa treatment that sensualizes the senses, warms the body, and uplifts the spirit. 

Plus, it’s:

  • Tested and verified for purity
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free of any synthetic ingredients
  • Paraben and petroleum-free
  • Safe for spas and whirlpools

6) OLBAS OIL: Aromatherapy Inhalant and Massage Oil

Aromatherapy is a crucial part of the New-Age lifestyle

This is another aromatherapy product that is used for colds, aches, and pains. Remember, New-Age adherents use a holistic approach to health and wellness, one that focuses heavily on the medicinal qualities of plants. 

As an aromatic inhalant, this completely natural essential oil formula delivers invigorating and soothing sensations to the nasal and bronchial areas. OLBAS OIL can be dropped onto a handkerchief or into warm water for inhalation during the day. At night, a drop on of OLBAS OIL on a tissue tucked inside a pillowcase can help stimulate and enhance your breathing passages so that you get a good night’s sleep.

It’s also great for massages! OLBAS OIL tends to stimulate circulation at the surface of the skin. It opens up the pores and provides a comfortable warm and cool feeling in the muscles and joints. Plus, massaging with this oil helps loosen muscles and make them supple, while inhaling its vapors may help support endurance and performance.

  • Powerful vapors enhance breathing passages
  • You only need a few drops
  • Soothing relief for tired muscles

7) ORGANIC INDIA: Moringa Powder Herbal Supplement 

Herbal Supplements are a great addition to a new-age dropshipping store

Aromatherapy isn’t the only component of a New-Age lifestyle; adherents to this way of life are also big on plant-based nutrition. They especially avoid diets that rely heavily on processed foods or animal products. 

Native to India, Moringa has been used worldwide to combat malnutrition. It is a nutritionally complex whole food naturally abundant in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Daily use of Organic Moringa Leaf Powder can help to restore your imbalances, add concentrated superfood nutrition to your diet, and help you consume the recommended 6-10 servings of vegetables per day!

  • Made with Certified Organic Herbs
  • Vegan – Vegetarian – Gluten Free
  • NON-GMO Project Verified
  • Kosher and Halal Certified

8) TRIPLE LEAF: Relaxing Herbal Tea

Relaxing herbal tea is an excellent product for new-age dropshipping

Herbs are a big part of a New-Age lifestyle! That being said, TRIPLE LEAF Relaxing Tea is a highly potent blend of herbs that helps promote healthy relaxation and restful sleep. This delicious caffeine-free herbal tea includes:

  • Valerian
  • Passionflower
  • Skullcap
  • Chamomile
  • Catnip

These are all powerful herbs with a long history of use to help promote calmness and help decrease feelings of anxiety, stress, and tension. Furthermore, these soothing herbs help support the body’s natural ability to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Your customers will find that a cup of this tea before bedtime helps promote a quick, peaceful and restful sleep, and waking up feeling relaxed, refreshed and alert. 

9) NATURADE: VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake

Veganism is very popular within the new-age lifestyle, so make sure you offer dietary supplements for vegans

Most people with new-age ideals tend to avoid animal products, especially when it comes to food. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but by and large, this lifestyle avoids those items. As a result, it can sometimes be a challenge for a strict vegan to get all the vital nutrients they need.

As a result, companies like NATURADE offer dietary supplements that have been specifically developed for vegans. For example, this amazing product includes:

  • Complete protein blend – Contains 5 different non-GMO, plant-based proteins that provide all the essential amino acids
  • Whole food complex – Includes 9 different healthy fruits and vegetables that are chock-full of antioxidants to supercharge overall wellness.
  • 22 vitamins and minerals – Your body needs a lot of different nutrients, and this product includes every single one you could possibly need!

Plus, let’s not forget that the new-age lifestyle is concerned with additives to the food, so the product description on your online store should let them know that this product has no:

  • Artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives
  • MSG, soy, or gluten
  • Egg, dairy, or yeast

10) SPECTRUM ESSENTIAL: Vegan Ultra Omega-3, EPA+DHA with Vitamin D

If you want to start dropshipping new-age products, make sure you carry supplements designed for vegans

Well, that product name certainly is a mouthful! However, in this case, that’s actually a good thing. Don’t forget that vegans can sometimes face the challenge of not getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals, so they frequently have to supplement their regular diet. If they can find a product that contains a bunch of these necessary supplements in a single serving, that’s even better!

That being said, SPECTRUM ESSENTIAL has designed this product specifically for vegans. So, have no fear, the SPECTRUM ESSENTIAL Vegan Ultra omega-3 EPA & DHA Capsules are here! Plus, this supplement is 100% vegan. For example, the vital fatty acid known as omega-3 is usually found in fish oil, but this new-age product has derived its supply of omega-3 from a plant source: marine-algae. As you can see, there’s nothing fishy about this seaweed-based product! In fact, the form of omega-3 you find in this product comes in 2 crucial forms: EPA and DHA.

Plus, this vegan supplement also has 250% of your daily reference intake (DRI) of vitamin D. In other words, a single serving of this super powerful product has 2.5 times the amount of vitamin D you need daily. This is really helpful for strict vegans, as they can sometimes struggle with getting the amount of vitamin D that they need.

Furthermore, each serving has a ton of antioxidants due to the added rosemary extract. Finally, it’s got a natural lemon flavor that makes it easy and pleasant to take your daily supplement!

Start Dropshipping New-Age Products with Greendropship

As you can see, the extensive inventory that Greendropship has to offer will be an invaluable addition to your online store. With over 20,000 natural and organic products made in the USA, we offer just about everything that goes with the New-Age lifestyle. From aromatherapy to herbal supplements, we have everything you could possibly need to turn those one-time visitors into regular customers! Sign up for our product catalog to browse our products now!

Marcin Ossowski is a writer based in Los Angeles, California. At GreenDropShip, he writes about e-commerce, lending his expertise to online retailers and entrepreneurs on how to best drive sales and market their online stores. In his downtime, Marcin spends a lot of time outdoors and is actively pursuing his passion for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and satire.