Guide to Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Every Hair Type

locks of hair dyed different colors

Guide to Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Every Hair Type

Whether you have straight, curly, dry, oily, or damaged hair, there are wholesale natural hair products for all of your hair care needs. You may need to go through some trial and error to find the products that work the best for your hair type. If you need some ideas on where to begin, here is a comprehensive guide of natural products that are made for specific hair types and issues.

Hair Type Shampoo Conditioner Styling

Giovanni Cosmetics 2Chic ultra sleek shampooGiovanni Cosmetics

2Chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo

Yes To carrots nourishing conditioner

Yes To

Carrots Conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics ultimate hair straightening elixir

Giovanni Cosmetics

Straightening Elixir

Wavy/Curly Nature's Gate revitalizing shampoo jojoba and sacred lotus

Nature’s Gate

Revitalizing Shampoo

Jason pure natural conditioner aloe vera


Aloe Vera Conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics foam styling mousse

Giovanni Cosmetics

2Chic Foam Styling Mousse

Thin Avalon Organics therapy line thickening shampoo

Avalon Organics

Therapy Thickening Shampoo

Jason thin to thick extra volume conditioner


Thin to Thick Conditioner

Andalou Naturals age defying hair spray

Andalou Naturals

Age-Defying Hair Spray

Flat Nature's Gate ginger and basil volumizing shampoo

Nature’s Gate

Volumizing Shampoo

Everyone volume sulfate free conditioner


Volume Conditioner

Alba Botanica hair spray medium hold

Alba Botanica

Medium Hold Hair Spray

Dyed Alba Botanica Hawaiian shampoo colorific plumeria

Alba Botanica

Colorific Plumeria Shampoo

Nature's Gate color protecting conditioner

Nature’s Gate

Color Protecting Conditioner

ShiKai color reflect hair spray


Color Reflect Hair Spray

Dry Andalou Naturals moisture rich shampoo argan and sweet orange

Andalou Naturals

Argan Oil & Shea Shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics direct leave-in conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics

Direct Leave-In Conditioner

Lily of the Desert styling spray

Lily of the Desert

Styling Spray

Oily Giovanni Cosmetics golden wheat deep cleanse shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics

Golden Wheat Shampoo

Desert Essence conditioner for oily hair lemon tea tree

Desert Essence

Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics powder dry shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics

Powder Power Dry Shampoo

Frizzy Desert Essence coconut shampoo for dry hair

Desert Essence

Coconut Shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics 2Chic Avocado and Olive Oil conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics

Avocado & Olive Oil Conditioner

Alba Botanica anti frizz serum gardenia

Alba Botanica

Hawaiian Anti-Frizz Serum

Damaged Mill Creek keratin shampoo repair formula

Mill Creek

Keratin Shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics ultra repair conditioner

Giovanni Cosmetics

2Chic Repairing Conditioner

Mill Creek extra body styling gel

Mill Creek

Extra Body Styling Gel

Dandruff Jason dandruff relief treatment shampoo


Dandruff Relief Shampoo

Avalon Organics anti-dandruff conditioner itch & flake therapy

Avalon Organics

Anti-Dandruff Conditioner

Desert Essence jojoba oil

Desert Essence

Organic Jojoba Oil

Power of Organic

All of the products in this guide use natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals. They make for great alternatives to your typical store-bought hair care. When you use these you know that you are making a better choice, because the essential oils and plant extracts in their formulas will nourish your hair.

Products for Every Hair Type

Each item was chosen carefully for the effects they have on their respective hair type. Straight hair does well with “smoothing” and “sleek” products, while curly hair benefits from ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera. It’s important to find the perfect formula for your hair type so that you can care for your specific needs rather than trying to fight them.

different hair styles

If your hair is dyed, it is clearly vital that you use a product that will not strip away the color. The same goes for every other type of hair. You want products to help keep the things you like about your hair and balance out the things you don’t.

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