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a man looking for health products to sell online

a man who smells bad because he didn't buy every man jack men's deodorant naturalLately, you’ve been feeling topped out in your career. Instead of getting the raise you were expecting, your company gave you a small, one-time bonus. This is hardly what you were expecting to make. Your hopes of taking a vacation to the Carribean at the end of the year won’t happen on this bonus alone.

Disheartened by the news, you began searching for ways to make some extra money. When you came across an article explaining drop shipping, you decided to start researching this a little more.

You started looking for health products to sell. After all, you run marathons every year. Why not sell natural health products that are actually good for customers. This way, you can make some extra money by selling health products online.

Having majored in marketing, attracting new customers won’t be too difficult. Here are some ideas to get started.

Health Products To Sell

These days, more customers are looking for natural products. This is largely due to the fact that men are more aware of the ingredients used in the products they buy.a man buying healthy cedar wood antiperspirant online

Many of the products in stores contain controversial and even dangerous ingredients. In 2015, sales of natural products in the United States reached $42.1B.

This means that more and more Americans are looking to buy natural products. Especially since many deodorants use synthetic ingredients that clog pores, many men turn online to find alternatives. Some harmful ingredients commonly found in deodorants include:

Many men’s deodorants include aluminum compounds that clog sweat glands. Your body is supposed to sweat. Stopping means that your body is not able to expel toxins. Not to mention the fact that aluminum compounds have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, most of the men’s deodorant products on the market are pretty nasty.

Wholesale Natural Men’s Deodorantevery man jack wholesale mens deodorant natural

You can take advantage of the fact that many big name deodorants contain unsafe ingredients. This is because many customers will be shopping online in hopes of finding alternatives.

One such alternative that you can drop ship on your store is Every Man Jack. This brand has gained a reputation for being naturally effective at preventing offensive body odors.

It is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. With a robust cedarwood scent, this product is truly a man’s deodorant.

Your customers will love the way this deodorant smells. Even better, they’ll feel confident using it knowing that there aren’t any questionable chemicals in the product.

Every Man Jack Deodorant Wholesale

Your customers will love the way the Every Man Jack Cedarwood natural deodorant smells. Why not carry more great smelling natural healthcare products from this brand?

Since you don’t have to worry about keeping your own inventory, it makes sense to stock more items. This way, your customers will have more options to choose from when they are shopping on your men’s natural healthcare store. every man jack citrus bulk deodorant

Every Man Jack also makes a fresh smelling Citrus deodorant that your customers will love. Cotton extract and witch hazel absorb wetness while lichen extract helps fight odors. Citrus Essential Oils give customers a fresh and clean smell throughout the day.

The more the merrier. It’s always a good idea to carry different scents of products. The Every Man Jack Signature Mint deodorant is sure to be another hot seller in your store.

Men are always looking for healthcare products that are effective and give them a unique scent. This product will give your customers superior protection as well as a warm aroma.

More Bulk Mens Deodoranthonestly phresh deodorant for-men Health Products To Sell

In addition to Every Man Jack, there are many other natural deodorant products that you can sell in your store.

Honestly Phresh is another great brand of natural men’s deodorant that you can carry in your online store. Their Bold Wild Oak scented stick will give your customers the natural odor protection they are looking for.

This product doesn’t contain harmful, synthetic ingredients. This means that your customers will be relieved to find this great smelling natural alternative.

The name says it all. Buyers will stay fresh, without the use of dishonest, synthetic chemicals. Your customers will have 24-hour odor protection while you save up for that vacation.

Aluminum Free Men’s Deodorant

With the right health products to sell, you can make a steady stream of monthly income dropshipping. After all, you can’t expect your salary to increase. You have to cease the opportunities for yourself.

Another great product that will get you closer to your goal is GeoDeo. Their naturally-derived deodorant features volcanic minerals, Icelandic algae, enzymes, bamboo, aloe and Vitamin E.

What’s even better, is that some of these natural ingredients are certified organic. This is great for men who care about buying products that have organic ingredients. geodeo natural aluminum free deodorant

This product eliminates bad odors without the use of harmful chemicals. Essentially, this product is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, and parabens.

This is also great for men who are physically active. Its invisible solid technology makes this product great for men who play sports or work out at the gym.

With a fresh ocean scent, men will feel confident wearing this deodorant at work and at the gym.

Natural Deodorant For Men

You might want to include some bigger natural brands on your website too. Tom’s of Maine is a maverick in the world of natural health products.toms of Maine men's natural deodorant

Using natural ingredients, this product will keep men feeling fresh and clean. The Mountain Spring scent doesn’t have any synthetic chemicals.

Tom’s of Maine is a brand that is also sold in some larger brick and mortar stores. However, since you can buy these natural deodorants at wholesale price, you can take advantage of men who are looking online for natural deodorant products.

Since 1970, this company has been making natural health and wellness products that don’t use any harmful chemicals. Customers will be more likely to trust long-standing brands.

Tom’s of Maine will make an excellent addition to the other natural deodorant for men that you sell in your store.

Natural Deodorant Body Bars

Tom’s of Maine makes another interesting natural deodorant item that you can add to your store. This is a perfect item to bundle with the natural deodorant sticks you also stock.

Sell their natural deodorant Beauty Bar to give your customers even more options to choose from. With natural odor-fighting botanicals like sage and lemongrass, your customers will have a greater sense of confidence.tom's of maine natural body soap for men that you can buy wholesale in bulk

This product is unique in that it deodorizes while you use it in the shower. This soap is milled four times, meaning that is ultra refined.  Natural ingredients like palm and coconut help to provide a rich and soapy lather that washes off easily.

Odor and dry skin are no match for this natural men’s soap. Without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients, this dual action bar refreshes skin without drying it out. While this product is a little different from the others, it will still make a great addition to the other natural deodorants you sell online.

Bulk Men’s Moisture Products
alba botanica natural mens deodorant

Alba Botanica makes a great invisible solid deodorant that is great for men who have sensitive skin. With natural ingredients like aloe vera and baking soda, this product is easy on the skin while eliminating nasty odors.

Like Every Man Jack, Alba Botanicals is a fairly reputable brand that you can sell in your store. This natural brand has been serving customers since 1979. What this means, is that your customers will be more likely to trust this long-standing brand.

With active ingredients like baking soda and lichen, your customers will have comfortable, long-lasting odor protection. Selling this product can be a great way to capitalize on natural product buying trends.

Sell Natural Men’s Body Products

To sell even more men’s health products, you might want to stock bundle packs. Products like the 4 piece Every Man Jack total body care set.

With the set, your customers get Cedarwood scented deodorant, body wash, body bar, and lip balm. Even better, the four-piece set comes in a deluxe canvas bag.

every man jack total body kit

Selling bundle packs is a great way to get shoppers to spend more money in your online store. Similarly, you can bundle different products together yourself and sell signature collections.

Just buy some nice travel bags and find products that would work well together. Group items based on smell and be sure to have a diverse range of product functionality.

This allows you to get creative, all while making enough money to save for a nice vacation.

Organic Men’s Deodorant Wholesale

For the men who care about the environment as much as they do their personal health, organic deodorant might be worth selling.nourish organic mens deodorant

Nourish is one of the few deodorant brands for men whose products are USDA certified organic. Essentially, this means that all ingredients in the product were created without the use of inorganic chemicals.

This fresh and dry deodorant is perfect for men who want to be as healthy as possible. This great smelling almond vanilla deodorant is perfect for men who are looking for something a little different.

In addition to being aluminum free, this natural men’s healthcare product doesn’t contain any talc. Talc has been linked to cancer as well as other health issues.

Your customers will appreciate this organic product not only because it smells great, but because it is a much safer alternative. The fact that this item is organic means that customers will be willing to pay more for it.

Bulk Propylene Glycol Free Deodorant 

Since propylene glycol is such a controversial ingredient in the cosmetics industry, you might want to highlight the fact that the products you sell don’t use the chemical.desert essence natural deodorant for men in bulk

Another such item that you can sell is the Desert Essence Tropical Breeze men’s deodorant. In addition to being propylene glycol free, this odor fighter is non-GMO and aluminum-free.

Customers will get long-lasting protection with the added bonus of smelling great.  Natural bacteria beating ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel help keep men’s body odor at bay. Likewise, grapefruit and aloe vera make this product great for men who have sensitive skin.

Because you can buy these natural health products at wholesale prices, you can sell it for a profit in your store.

Marketing Natural Men’s Deodorant

Even though you took some college marketing courses, here are some tips that you can use to better market these products to your customers.

Out of fear of smelling bad, men often times go for a deodorant that flaunts the greatest amount of protection. No guy wants their deodorant to fail them. Reassure them that the products you sell will keep them fresh all day long. social media marketing graphic for dropshipping

In addition, you will be selling deodorant that is much healthier than brands sold in most stores. This can be a huge selling point that you can capitalize on. Exclusivity is an advantage that your e-commerce website will have.

You can think of clever Instagram and Facebook advertisements that highlight flaws of big-name deodorant brands to help attract even more customers to your site. You can get really creative with this.

At the end of the day, you just want to start a side hustle to help generate enough money to take a vacation. You don’t have to obsess over this, just get creative!


Selling natural deodorant online can be a great way to make extra money. Especially since you cannot rely on your employer increasing your salary, it’s up to you to earn the extra money. After all, you are hoping to take a vacation to the Caribbean this summer.a couple with drinks celebrating about selling men's healthcare products online

Selling natural deodorant products like Every Man Jack, Honestly Phresh, GeoDeo, Alba Botanica, Desert Essence, and Tom’s of Maine can be a great way to generate extra revenue.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about keeping any inventory. With GreenDropShip, we make it easy to sell natural and organic products online. Selling natural shea moisturizers online can help you generate some steady monthly income.

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