Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Exfoliant

Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Exfoliant

Exfoliating products are becoming more popular as people see the appeal of a rough wash to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities. However, some washes on the market use tiny plastic beads to accomplish this, which can be bad for your skin and are damaging to bodies of water and the creatures living in them when you wash it down the drain.

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If you’re looking for new products to sell and have come across exfoliating washes, you should dropship organic skin care. By choosing organic over artificial alternatives, you can cater to the ever-growing market of natural products.

Take a look at these effective exfoliants all by natural brands.

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals pearl exfoliator

You might worry that using an exfoliating product on your face could dry out your skin. However, with the right formula it should improve texture and add moisture. This wash works to hydrate skin, tone it, and gently sweep away dead skin cells. The actual exfoliant part of the product comes from natural minerals, which means there are no plastic microbeads.

With rose stem cells and pomegranate seed oil, it makes for a great natural alternative to other exfoliants on the market. Andalou Naturals has a whole line of “1000 Roses” products that has the clarifying power of roses.

Giovanni Cosmetics

Giovanni Cosmetics detox exfoliant

Another great ingredient that serves as a natural exfoliator is charcoal. You’ll see a lot of new products using this since it’s become quite popular. This scrub by Giovanni Cosmetics uses a combination of charcoal and volcanic ash for an exotic way to thoroughly clean pores and remove toxins.

This line of “D:tox System” products is meant for you to use on your whole body for an all-over smoothing effect.

Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica exfoliating towelettes

For a different method of exfoliating your face, you can use towelettes like these from Alba Botanica. There are two sides to the wipes. You can remove makeup and cleanse your face with one side. With the rougher side you can exfoliate and tone your skin.

It makes for a great product when you want to quickly go through your skin routine without having to skip any important steps like exfoliating.

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