Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Lip Balm

Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Lip Balm

Organic products are gaining traction in every category from food, to health, to skin care. Consumers want to see that their everyday items are natural and free of chemicals or harmful ingredients. For online sellers, this creates an opportunity to dropship organic skin care.

If you’re looking for new products to sell, check out some of these lip products by organic brands. Customers love to see that what they are buying is safe and environmentally-friendly.


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People prefer simple products with the fewest ingredients. Some balms use petroleum, which cannot hydrate your lips and ingesting it can cause lung problems.

This USDA-certified organic lip balm by Cocokind has only two items on its ingredients list: virgin coconut oil and yellow beeswax. You know that it’s safe to use and will actually fulfill its purpose of moisturizing your lips. They also have a few options other than the original like mint, citrus, and cinnamon, which use organic extracts to lightly scent them.

Kiss My Face

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If you want more variety in your chap sticks, here are some more organic options that all have fruity scents. Additionally, these are all petroleum-free and made with beeswax. They’re not as simple as Cocokind’s, because they have some extra ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and natural oils to further hydrate your lips.

Kiss My Face also makes a sports balm with SPF 30 if you’re looking to protect your lips from sun rays.

Alba Botanica

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Your primary concern about your lips might not be hydration. For those with thinner lips who want a quick way to plump them up without Botox or a suction method, a product like this one by Alba Botanica can come in handy. They use ingredients like cinnamon and ginger that naturally stimulate your lips without any harmful chemicals. It’s tinted, so you can wear it alone or as a base before lipstick.

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