Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Tanning Products

Opportunities to Dropship Organic Skin Care: Tanning Products

As consumers, when we want something we want it now. When it comes to getting tan in the summer, it can be a chore that takes a lot of time and dedication. For this reason many people resort to tanning salons. However, people are becoming more concerned about the long-term effects of UV exposure.

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Fortunately, there are many products that can speed up the process and make your skin glowing in time for warmer weather. This presents an opportunity for online sellers to dropship organic skin care.

Consumers want a quicker and safer way of achieving a sun-kissed look without risking skin damage. You can offer that to them by adding these natural products to your inventory.

Alba Botanica

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For people who want to look tan without sunbathing, there are products like this one. You just apply this lotion evenly to wherever you want to be tanner, and it will gradually bring out a darker color. Some people have issues with these types of products because they can streak or give you an unnatural shade. This one does not leave streaks and the color is subtle and natural-looking.

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The best thing about this particular product by Alba Botanica is that it has no artificial colors, preservatives, or harsh sulfates. It is safe for everyone to use and is a much better alternative to other lotions like it and to exposing yourself to UV rays.

Nature’s Gate

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Nature’s Gate has a similar lotion that will give your skin a subtle glow. This one can also replace your daily moisturizer, because it contains vitamin E, rosehip, and algae extract. If you want to look a little darker, you can use it continuously to build your color each day until you have your desired look.

Andalou Naturals

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In Andalou Naturals’ 1000 Roses product line, they have a “color + correct” serum. Although this will not make significant changes to your overall color, it is a tinted moisturizer that can help even your skin tone and give your skin a nice glow.

This products is vegan, cruelty-free, and it contains ingredients that will protect your skin from burning.

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