Organic Essential Oils: Wholesale Marketing Strategies

Organic Essential Oils: Wholesale Marketing Strategies

Essential oils have become popular ingredients for many products, including soaps, lotions, perfumes, shampoos, and many more. They make for an effective alternative to synthetic fragrances. Consumers can rest assured that their favorite smell in their body care products is coming from a natural source rather than a mixture of unknown chemicals. Essential oils have such strong scents; it makes sense that manufacturers are starting to lean towards them for creating beauty products. Now you can buy organic essential oils wholesale.

Not only do essential oils make for great scents, but they also have healing properties. Throughout history, people have used them for all types of treatments. Tapping into this side of essential oils can draw new customers who are looking for more natural ways of healing.

There is great marketing potential in selling organic essential oils. Wholesale products made with essential oils are sure to sell well.

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Why Essential Oils?

For the most part, manufacturers use essential oils in luxury skin care and body products. These products aren’t needed to survive, but having them can be an indicator of status or worth.

However, when you add essential oils to the formula, suddenly they are more than just over-priced shampoos or hand soaps. They become a bit more useful depending on what essential oil you use. Customers are now buying these products because they claim to be “natural,” “calming,” or “revitalizing.” Essential oils can add purpose to everyday beauty products.

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Natural Alternatives

More and more, consumers are turning away from products with mile-long ingredient lists of unpronounceable  chemicals. They are more interested in simple products that are naturally-derived. It feels safer for the customer when they know what it is they’re using on their bodies.

The point of many beauty products is that they can make you smell nice. Unfortunately, for a lot of products that means that they contain a chemical cocktail of questionable ingredients. Essential oils have become the preferred alternative to those kinds of products. You can get the same impact without worrying because you can know exactly what you’re using.

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Possible Allergens

Essential oils are also useful for people who are prone to allergies. Consumers cannot know exactly what is in a product if it lists “fragrance” in its ingredients. Chemicals that the FDA calls fragrance are often skin irritants and can cause rashes for some people. Choosing products with organic essential oils rather than chemicals to act as a fragrance can help customers stay away from allergens.

Healing Qualities

As people become more distrusting of modern medicine, the more they turn to natural remedies. You can find a lot of information on how essential oils can heal ailments such as infections, digestion issues, cuts, burns, and even mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Studies show that lavender can help with depression. It seems odd that a plant extract could have such a powerful effect, but it is true that people given placebos did not benefit as those did when given supplements containing lavender oil. The almost magical quality of such oils is alluring for people who are not getting the results they want with their prescribed medicine.

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This is not to say that essential oils can or should replace pharmaceutical medications. They shouldn’t. However, there is no risk to trying essential oils because they do not have any extreme side effects as some medications do. Having a supplemental substance in addition to what the doctor prescribes can give people a sense of autonomy and hope.

Using Essential Oils to Your Advantage

Essential oils and products that are made with them can be fantastic additions to any online store. The reputation of the oils alone is enough to interest people. Marketing them as natural and as healing substances can further your sales potential.

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Offering beauty products with essential oils as natural ingredients to replace traditional chemical ingredients can open a new market of consumers. The trend of essential oils does not seem to be going away anytime soon, and being a part of it is a great opportunity.

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